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RECAPS – 12/31-1/4

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Caroline maintained her cool and justified why she felt the need to expose Bill’s manipulations. Bill was irate that Caroline had betrayed his trust and threatened that she would pay for what she’d done. Hope questioned Liam about whether or not the truth about their relationship being revealed changed anything between them. Katie began to wonder if Bill was developing a drinking problem that was impairing his judgment. An unfortunate accident sent Caroline to the emergency room and all fingers pointed at Bill for the blame. When Liam told Steffy that he’d met with Hope, she pleaded with him not to go down that negative path again. Alison arrived at the hospital at Bill’s request and provided him with “assistance” to get him through the rough day. Rick rushed to Caroline’ bedside as soon as he heard the news of her accident. Bill tried to clear his name of any fault with his family concerning Caroline’s accident, but suspicion still hovered over him. Furious that Caroline’s life was in danger, Rick restrained himself while confronting Bill about being the responsible party. Hope threatened Bill to stay away as she attempted to win Liam back. Hope’s heart was broken by Liam response to her impassioned plea for them to reunite. Karen and Danielle arrived at the hospital as soon as they heard about Caroline’s accident and were angry when Bill’s name was mentioned as the cause.

THIS WEEK: Bill anxiously prepares himself to reap the consequences of his actions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Will confronted Nick about his “gay boy” comment, saying he would not allow his child to be raised by a bigot. Nick assured Will he was not anti-gay, but he also urged Will to back away so Nick and Gabi could raise the baby as their own. John discovered Brady and Kristen making love and Brady defended his decision to become involved with Kristen. Alone with Kristen, John learned that she had manipulated the entire situation to lure Brady into her bed and drive a wedge between John and his son. Brady believed Kristen over John when his father tried to tell Brady the truth. Marlena was guilt-ridden about setting up John to see Brady with Kristen. Later, John and Marlena tried to make Brady see the truth. Brady was offended by the insults hurled at Kristen and he got into a fistfight when John. At the hospital, John admitted to Marlena that she’d been right all along about Kristen. Eric agreed to conduct Gabi and Nick’s marriage. Sami was confused about her feelings for Rafe and EJ. On New Year’s Eve, Rafe kissed Sami at midnight and they were both affected by the moment. Nicole delayed EJ from getting to Sami for the midnight kiss, but later, Rafe watched EJ plant one on Sami as well. While EJ and Rafe were both confident that they’d wind up with Sami, she was unsure with whom she belonged. Chad was invited into Jennifer and Abigail’s home on New Year’s Eve.

THIS WEEK: Kayla and Caroline receive shocking news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . New Year’s Eve promised to begin a new chapter in the lives of several characters, while threatening to end several others altogether. Michael delivered Starr to the hospital to have her head checked out after sustaining an injury when she crossed with Connie. Dante put out an APB for Connie. Olivia was dogged by visions. Maxie found out that she was the reason Ellie ended her relationship with Spinelli. Milo helped Spinelli arrange a romantic New Year’s Eve celebration on the roof of the hospital. Emma informed Sabrina of her dislike for Britt. Connie went barreling down the road in her car. Connie slammed on the brakes. After the crash, Starr and Michael, checked on Kristina and Trey. They rushed to help Connie and Johnny. Starr discovered Connie hanging onto the edge of the same cliff where Cole and Hope died. Connie remembered that there was a girl in the road. Maxie stumbled onto the roof where drunk Spinelli assumed the worst when it came to Ellie. Maxie, also upset, wanted to go home. When they arrived, Lulu and Dante were waiting. Both Maxie and Spinelli were emotional and bereft. Carly and Todd had an intense New Year’s Eve kiss. They left the Haunted Star and went to Todd’s room. Carly grabbed him and there was a hot moment. They vowed that they’ve moved on from Blair and Johnny, and then finally make love. Todd and Carly discussed their relationship. Patrick and Sabrina’s fraught moment was broken by a phone call from Britt. While Patrick went to get cash for Sabrina, Britt arrived. Patrick was surprised and Sabrina left without saying goodbye. As the others went to the hospital, Connie considered fleeing to avoid charges for her abduction of Johnny. Starr finally had the opportunity to confront Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Olivia’s hallucinations are on target when it comes to Connie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . On New Year’s Eve, Nick brought Avery to his new club, The Underground, where they counted down the New Year together and shared a romantic kiss. Nikki and Victor celebrated with Michael and Lauren. Victor promised to win his company back in the New Year. Later, Victor and Nikki danced and shared a New Year’s Eve kiss. Michael and Lauren wondered why Fen had become so jealous of Jamie. Meanwhile at the Tackhouse, Jamie told Summer that he was leaving town and that she should go with him. Fen arrived and saw Jamie and Summer hugging. Fen shocked Jamie and said that Summer was really Brittni, the girl who started harassing him online. At the athletic club, Jack ordered a drink at the bar as a beautiful redhead named Stephanie sat down next to him. An intoxicated Jack kissed Stephanie as they rang in the New Year. The next morning, Jack woke up with a horrible hangover and saw Stephanie passed out on the floor. Adam asked Chelsea for one night together to prove how much he loved her. When Chelsea asked Adam to leave Genoa City with her, he agreed. Adam told Chelsea they could move abroad. Before they could finish discussing options, Adam received a call from Jack and left to help him. When Jack refused to go to rehab, Adam threatened to go to the press with details about Jack’s addiction. Later, Adam told Chelsea they couldn’t leave town because he might have to run Newman Enterprises during Jack’s absence. Jack told Phyllis that he realized he’d hit bottom. When Phyllis suggested that he go to rehab, Jack said that he wants to keep his problem private and hire a counselor. Jack told Billy that his heart attack was a cover story. Jack asked Billy to take over at Newman while he was gone and to work with Adam. Later, Jack told Victor that he was going away for a while to get some rest and that Adam would be running the company in his absence. Alex admitted to Noah that Adriana stole half a million dollars. Chloe told Kevin she was ready for their stakeout to find the stolen money. When Kevin tried to talk her out of it, Chloe reminded Kevin that the money didn’t belong to Noah either. Noah returned home and was shocked to find the money gone. Chloe returned with the duffel bag full of cash. Later, Noah got a text from Adriana saying she was in town and would see him soon. Victor told Victoria that the situation with Jack presented an opportunity for them to get the company back. Victor told her he missed her and that if she wrote off Newman she might as well write him off too.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis tells Jack that he has to put business out of his mind if he wants to get better.

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