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RECAPS – 1/7-11

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Bill was blindsided by pointed fingers and wild accusations regarding his drinking. Marcus confronted Justin about what really went down in Italy with Bill and Deacon. As Hope was venting about her relationship woes, Dayzee recalled a conversation that she previously had with Marcus that shed light on her situation. Furious at what Dayzee had told her, Hope set out to confront the person who wronged her. Bill was put on the spot in front of a room full of people to answer to the allegations that Hope had hurled at him. Hope was stunned to learn how many people knew the truth about Bill’s deceptions. Liam caught Steffy up on Caroline’s fall, Rick’s lie, and what happened at the hospital. Steffy bluntly asked Liam if the future of their relationship had changed since he knew the truth. Hope spilled the beans to Liam about all of the conniving that Bill had done to sabotage their Italian wedding. She was hoping that the revelation of the truth would make way for them to be together again. Brooke was surprisingly more understanding than the other women in Bill’s life as he felt remorse for all he had done. Knowing that Liam was being told the truth, Bill anxiously prepared himself to reap the consequences of his actions. Liam was stunned by the over-the-top display of remorse and regret by Bill while confronting him about his transgressions. Bill agreed to stop trying to control his son’s personal life as long as Liam didn’t cut him out of it. Little did Liam know that Bill’s manipulations weren’t quite over yet. Now that the truth about Italy had been revealed, Hope and Steffy argued about which of them deserved a future with Liam.

THIS WEEK: Brooke asks Liam to make a final decision between Hope and Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . When Gabi wanted to ask Will to be godfather to the baby, Nick blew a gasket and said it would never happen. Sonny surprised Will by offering a key to the apartment. Sami blasted Kristen and Brady about their relationship. Brady finally said the words that Kristen longed to hear. Marlena tried to explain why she’d known about Kristen and Brady but kept it from John. Fuming and suspicious, John decided to check into a hotel. Kayla and Caroline received shocking news. Chloe showed up on Daniel’s doorstep just as he was getting ready to go out with Jennifer. Kate and Chloe got into a major argument culminating with Chloe saying Kate would never see Parker again. Jennifer was injured while on her way to go out with Daniel and had to go to the hospital. Chloe reconnected with Nicole. Cameron realized that Nick could not be the father of Gabi’s child. Gabi demanded her doctor keep quiet about the baby’s paternity, but someone overheard the truth. Eric leads the wedding rehearsal, unaware that someone was waiting in the shadows with knowledge of Will being the father of Gabi’s baby.

THIS WEEK: Rafe warns Sami to get away from his little sister.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . While Starr reeled over the news about Johnny having been the real killer of her family, Johnny revealed to Carly and Dante that Todd was every bit as much of a criminal as he was. Starr walked in and learned that Todd knew all this time that Johnny killed Cole and Hope. Dante arrested Johnny and Todd, taking them to a shared jail cell. Sonny had a drunken fantasy about Kate coming back. Meanwhile Connie reacted to the sight of Trey. Kristina demanded Connie be thrown out, and Steve and Liz wanted both of them out. Kristina called Alexis, who was in bed with Shawn, to let her know she was at the hospital. Starr, Sonny, Connie, Kristina, Alexis and Shawn were gathered outside the cubicle when Steve came out to share an update about Trey’s condition. Trey’s friends and family gathered to address his condition. Connie was more receptive to Sonny’s offer of comfort after he prevailed upon Dante to hold off on arresting her. Todd tried to smother Johnny in his sleep. Elsewhere, Sam received a visit from Carly, there to tell her nemesis that she was right about Todd. The conversation turned to Jason. Sam was wondering whether Carly was right about Jason when she received another visitor. Back in the jail cell, Todd got his own visitor: Carly. Ellie awakened from surgery and asked for Spinelli. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Maxie contend with the fallout from their one-night stand. Under the misapprehension that Ellie chose to stay away, Spinelli was led to wonder if it was a sign that he should reconnect with Maxie. Later, Maxie calls Dante, requesting that he and Lulu meet her – there was something she must tell them. Sabrina encountered Patrick, who felt the need to talk about last night. John McBain revealed to Sam that Faison admitted to shooting Jason and kicking his body in the river. Sam, in denial, thought that Faison could be holding him as a hostage. Luke bribed a guard and recouped his cell phone. He called Anna. She confirmed that Luke was right about Duke. Duke was with Anna when they learned about Robert’s condition. Duke realized that Anna was still freaked out that Faison had Duke’s face. Maxie was on the cusp of telling Dante and Lulu the truth when Luke called Lulu. Lulu heard what sounded like a gunshot and the call ended. They acknowledged that Maxie had something to say. Carly confronted Todd about the baby-switch. Spinelli revealed that he was with Maxie on NYE. Patrick, with Sabrina, started to address her crush on him. Britt was there to hear about their almost-kiss.

THIS WEEK: Johnny alerts Diane to Todd’s plan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . After Adam assured Chelsea that they’d leave town after he got the right people in place at Newman Enterprises, he booked two first class plane tickets. Meanwhile, Billy told Victoria that he’d accepted Jack’s offer to work at Newman Enterprises as they discuss how to get Adam out of the company. Billy assured her that nothing would go wrong as long as they stuck together. Nick searched online for information on Dylan McAvoy. When Avery found Nick with Dylan’s dog tags, she admitted that Dylan was the man with whom she had an affair. Later, Avery helped Nick deal with last minute red tape at The Underground. Nick thanked Avery for her help. Noah realized he forgot it was Cassie’s birthday as Faith, Nick and Sharon arrived to see him. When Noah explained that he wants to remember Cassie in his own way, Nick sensed that his urgency to leave had something to do with Adriana. When Alex confronted Adriana, she denied taking the drug money but Alex was reluctant to believe her. Adriana begged Noah to help her. At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Chloe that they needed to launder the stolen cash. Chloe hid the bag of money as Michael arrived. When Michael spotted some of the stolen money on the floor, Chloe lied and said that she withdrew that money from her bank account to stall the foreclosure. Chloe worried that Alex knew they had the stolen money. Meanwhile, Lauren received a text from Michael that he’d be late to meet her at the Athletic Club. At the bar, Carmine held up a bottle and asks her if she’d like some champagne. Carmine told her it’s on the house as they discuss Fen’s troublesome behavior. Nikki overheard Victor tell the investigator he is going to expose Jack when he returned to town. The investigator exited as Victor told Nikki he was going to tell the press Jack was hooked on painkillers.

THIS WEEK: Billy and Adam are impressed when Sharon offers feedback on some of the projects they’ve been debating.

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