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RECAPS – 1/14-18

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Thomas and Rick brought their best designs to the catwalk to compete for the position of president of Forrester Creations. With the truth out in the open, Hope told Liam that there was nothing stopping them from spending the rest of their lives together. To prove how confident she felt about a reunion with her one true love, Hope took steps to get Steffy out of Liam’s life. Steffy learned vital information that would forever change the future of her and Liam’s relationship. Steffy’s world crumbled all around her when she witnessed Hope and Liam in the midst of a passionate encounter. Thomas and Rick separately pled their cases to Eric as to why they should win the fashion challenge. After much consideration, Eric named the new president of Forrester Creations. Taylor learned of a secret that Steffy was keeping and promises to keep it to herself. When Hope told her mother about the day that she spent with Liam, Brooke warned her daughter not to get her hopes up. Taking Steffy’s welfare into consideration, Taylor contemplated revealing her daughter’s secret. Eric declared to Rick that he missed Stephanie, but must move on with his life. Katie became suspicious of the extremely generous gift that Bill gave her. Brooke paid a visit to Liam to ask him to make a final decision between Hope and Steffy. Bill found out the hard way that Katie has put an end to his drinking even though he hadn’t agreed to it. Pam went out of her way to be there for Eric during his grieving, but she learned that she was doing more harm than good.

THIS WEEK: Liam faces a tough decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . At Nick and Gabi’s wedding, Chad interrupted and announced that Will was the father of Gabi’s baby, not Nick. Rafe accused Chad of lying and Sami believed that Gabi had been trying to hurt Will. Sami and Rafe were furious at each other as they defended each other’s family. Lucas demanded answers from Will. Nick overheard incriminating information about Will’s past. Nick told Gabi he believed they could still get what they wanted. Marlena confi ded to Hope that her marriage to John was in trouble because of Kristen. Brady reconnected with Chloe and informed her that he was involved with Kristen. Kate was unable to convince Chloe to give her time with Parker, prompting Kate to plot against Chloe. Kate let Jennifer know some dark information about Chloe that Daniel should know about. Hope suggested Marlena wear a wire to get Kristen on tape revealing her true intentions for seducing Brady. Kristen was too smart for Marlena, anticipating that Marlena was trying to record her. John was disappointed in Marlena and decided to leave town for some time alone to contemplate their marriage and his future. Sami turned to EJ when she and Rafe remained at loggerheads over Gabi and Will. Sonny was shocked that Will had lied to him about the baby and their relationship was strained. Will confessed that he loved Sonny, but both men realized that love might not be enough for them to make it together. Nicole and Chloe clashed. Abigail rejected Chad and was comforted by Cameron.

THIS WEEK: Rafe and Sami continue to clash.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . While Sam was waiting for Monica, she ran into McBain. She realized that he was right about Jason and that she needed to go about putting him to rest. Monica and Sam planned a service for him. John had a moment with Daniel during which he missed Liam. Sonny was upset when he discovered AJ and Connie kissing. Sonny warned AJ to stay away from Connie. A sloshed Carly berated AJ for kissing Connie. Todd had his fate into his own hands and tried to injure himself in an attempt to escape. While everyone waited for Connie to be found, Alexis decided to file a court order, asking a judge to give Kristina the ability to do make a decision about Trey. Michael was surprised and disappointed when Tracy told him that she beat out AJ for control of ELQ. Monica was incensed when she found Lucy moving in. Lucy told her that Tracy offered her a place to live. When Tracy returned home, Lucy strong-armed her into cooking dinner. When Tracy served her the only thing she could find in the freezer from Cook’s last shopping trip in earth. She went off in search of food and ended up at Kelly’s where she was horrified at what she saw. Johnny alerted Diane to Todd’s plan to escape. Todd was brought to GH for treatment as a result of the beating he took from Johnny. Todd caught Felix’s eye. Todd used Felix to help in his escape, Felix and Sabrina were aghast to learn surprising news about Lucy. AJ delivered an inebriated Carly to her destination: Todd’s hotel room. AJ intuited the reason was this: She was angrier with herself for falling for Todd and Johnny than she was with either of them. AJ put her to bed. Sonny and Connie got a little closer. Lucy’s actions meant trouble for John McBain. Carly woke up in Todd’s bed and feared that Todd was released from jail and she’d slept with him. When AJ left, Carly broke down and was alone with her misery only awhile when Felix found her to ask for the use of the Metro Court Ballroom for the Nurses Ball. Diane told Todd his attempted escape had been added to the list of charges against him and claimed he was lucky no one but her knew he’d withheld for months the proof that Jason was Sam’s baby’s father. Sam confronted Todd. John woke to find Sam at his bedside. Anna caught John up on her return to Port Charles with Duke, confessing that she’d found it hard to look at him without thinking of Faison. Tracy gloated to Monica. Tracy rushed off to speak with Lucy. AJ returned home and shared with Monica his own upset about losing out to Tracy, but found reason to be hopeful. Sabrina and Felix shared concerns about the future of the Nurses Ball.

THIS WEEK: AJ has surprising plans for Duke.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . When Tucker told Devon about a job opening in one of his music divisions, Devon turned him down and said he liked working with his real family. Tucker let Devon know if he ever changed his mind he go come to him. Devon met with Katherine and told her about Tucker’s offer. Adriana stopped by the tack house as Noah got ready to go to the club opening. Noah tried to make Adriana understand she couldn’t go to the opening or be seen with him. At The Underground, Avery assured Nick and Noah that the club would be a success as they opened the doors to their guests. Victoria congratulated Nick as they talked about Adam and Chelsea leaving town. Tyler offered to buy Roxanne and Lily a drink as he asked about Cane’s location. Later, Tyler gave Nick his card and let him know that with the right ad campaign he could help promote the club. Noah laid into Adriana about showing up when he asked her not to and she pulled him into a kiss. At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis tried to assure Jack that things would get better as he went through withdrawal. Jack admitted that he wished he’d never let things reach this point and wondered what Victor would say if he could see him. Nick called Phyllis and told her that Summer was sick. When, Phyllis went home to see Summer, Nick told her that her that their divorce had been finalized. Meanwhile, Jack continued to go through withdrawal as he searched online for information about Stephanie. Jack feared that Victor was going to expose everything. Later, Phyllis returned to the cabin and Jack reluctantly told her that he wanted to make things right. Victor and Victoria discussed their plans to regain control of Newman Enterprises. When Victor saw Chelsea, he realized that Adam hadn’t left town. Victoria told Chelsea to convince Adam to move to Paris. Meanwhile, Adam informed Billy that he and Chelsea delayed their plans to leave town. Billy and Adam would have to work together for the good of the company. When Sharon arrived, Billy told her that her position was probationary and that she’d have to prove herself. Billy and Adam were impressed when Sharon offered feedback on some of the projects they’d been debating.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea tells Adam he can’t have both her and Newman Enterprises.

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