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RECAPS – 1/21-25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Bill and Katie shared a much-needed evening together alone in Brooke’s cabin. Having noticed Brooke’s car parked outside of Bill’s house, Taylor criticized Brooke about getting involved with her brother-in-law. Katie fumed when she realizes that Bill had been sneaking alcohol behind her back. A mysterious woman from Dayzee’s past confronted her. Maya told a stunned Dayzee that she wanted her to return what she left behind. Brooke became upset with Bill for allowing the most recent upset with Katie. Taylor walked in on Hope and Liam’s private evening. Later, Taylor informed Brooke that she would not allow Steffy to be bullied by Hope the way that she had been bullied by Brooke. Katie issued Bill an apology and expressed her concern at the distance that she felt was growing between them. Dayzee confided the complicated history that she shares with Maya to Hope. Taylor questioned why Stephanie wanted Brooke by her side at the time of her death. Dayzee was weighed down by the worry that her past may be coming back to haunt her. Dayzee went to great lengths to hide her secret from Marcus.

THIS WEEK: Bill is torn between Katie and Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Nick urged Gabi to marry him immediately at city hall. Eric ordered Kristen and Brady to resign from the church board. Kristen reported her progress to Stefano and he wanted her to end her relationship with Brady, but she had other ideas. John said goodbye to Marlena as he left town to re-think his life and their marriage. Sami and Rafe were at odds over Gabi and Will’s child. Sonny was still hurt that Will kept it secret that he was the father of Gabi’s unborn, but accepted Will’s apology. Chloe tried in vain to break up Daniel and Jennifer’s relationship. Abigail confided in Gabi about her insecurities regarding Cameron and the secret Abigail was keeping from him. Will decided that he wanted to be part of his child’s life. Nick was miffed about Will’s interference in his romance with Gabi. Chloe vowed to take down Jennifer. Chad apologized to Cameron. Sami nearly made love to EJ, but he pulled back.

THIS WEEK: Billie tells Kate she’s quitting Mad World.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Maxie was shocked to discover she was pregnant and at first assumed she hadn’t miscarried, after all, but Britt assures her this was not an implanted embryo. Maxie considered using it to win Spinelli back. Spinelli and Ellie looked forward to renewing their relationship, but before they could move forward, Spinelli wanted to be completely honest. Luke showed up and Anna started to fill him on the events in Switzerland. Anna and Sonny ended up discussing their romantic lives. Connie found Olivia at the penthouse and assumed Sonny left her there as her jailor. She was affected to learn that Sonny actually wanted Olivia there as a friend. Luke discovered that the real Duke had returned and he declared himself to be Duke’s rival for Anna’s affection. Luke, in Duke’s presence, made a pitch for Anna to come back and work out their problems. Meanwhile Maxie covered to Dante, Lulu, Steve, and Olivia what she’d been discussing with Britt. Olivia had another hallucination of Maxie with a wolfish dog baby. While they were discussing it just, Spinelli walked by. Patrick and Emma saw Sabrina at Kelly’s and Patrick had to explain that Sabrina wouldn’t be babysitting any more. Thinking he was at fault for scaring her away on New Year’s Eve, he covered, saying Sabrina was too busy. Patrick told Emma that she could go out with Patrick and Britt. Emma announced she didn’t like Britt and didn’t want her to be her new mommy. Connie thanked Sonny for being so kind to her during the ordeal of Trey’s death. AJ and Michael brainstormed their next move for control of ELQ, as did Tracy and Ned. Todd informed Johnny of his plan to get out of his latest predicament. McBain urged Sam to let justice run its course. Patrick questioned Elizabeth about the distance Sabrina was keeping. Britt plotted to win over Emma. Carly donated use of the Metro Court to the Nurses Ball. Epiphany held a grudge against Felix. Michael guilted Johnny into admitting that his father left him with information about Tracy and her dealings with the mob. Michael appealed to him on an emotional level, asking him to provide the proof. AJ went to Carly to warn her that he told Michael that Carly tried to get him to drink.

THIS WEEK: Patrick is alarmed when Emma is missing.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Adam told Chelsea that he wanted them to move to Paris but first needed to find someone capable to replace him at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea told Adam he couldn’t have both her and Newman Enterprises. Later, Sharon found Adam in Victor’s office and reminded him that Newman Enterprises would never love him back. When Sharon asked Noah about Adriana, he opened up but didn’t go into details about the stolen money. He struggled to make sense of his feelings. At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Chloe reveled in their newfound fortune. Meanwhile, Adriana dodged Alex’s questions and maintained that she didn’t know where the stolen money was. Later, Adriana watched as a suspicious Alex questioned Chloe and Kevin. When Kevin told Chloe that the girl Alex had been looking for was asking questions about the stolen money, Chloe thought they should turn her in. At the Athletic Club, Congressman Wheeler told Jack that he wanted to keep his daughter’s death story out of the press. Michael told Jack that he wasn’t responsible for Stephanie’s death and that he wouldn’t be pursuing the case. Victor demanded that Jack convince Adam to walk away from the company or he would reveal that a hooker died in Jack’s house. Jack informed Victor that he already met with Michael and that charges wouldn’t be filed. At the hospital, Lauren didn’t think that Fen had anything to do with what happened to Jamie but Michael was not unconvinced. Fen overheard Paul telling his parents that he found a camera on the rooftop that had a picture of Jamie with Lauren’s stolen trinket box. Michael realized that Fen was on the rooftop where Jamie fell. Phyllis got into a heated argument with Christine. Later, Christine told Paul that she planned to go through with the civil suit against Phyllis. Meanwhile, Phyllis told Jack that they needed to take things slow since she was still going through a divorce and he was focusing on his recovery. Phyllis ran into Avery and they got into a heated discussion. Phyllis admitted that she hated that Nick and Avery were together. Avery asked Phyllis to forgive her. Later, Phyllis signed the divorce papers and decided to ask Jack to be her guest at Nick’s opening. At The Underground, Victor tried to lure Nick back to Newman Enterprises. Later, Nick told Avery that he was more certain than ever that opening the club was a good idea. Later, Avery told Nick that she ran into Phyllis and she regretted hurting her sister so much by being with him. At Jabot, Devon and Tyler teased Neil and Leslie about their relationship. Lily complimented Tyler’s work for the opening of The Underground. Devon informed everyone that Jack had stepped down from Newman Enterprises.

THIS WEEK: Tucker tells Katherine that he’s leaving Genoa City.

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