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RECAPS – 1/28-2-1

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Eric sympathized with Taylor when she explained how hurt she was that Stephanie chose to have Brooke by her side at the time of her death. Hope took advantage of Steffy being away to spend time alone with Liam. Meanwhile, Liam was having a difficult time remaining loyal to Steffy during her absence. Bill watched Katie and Brooke’s interaction together and was clearly torn by his feelings for both of them. Brooke was taken aback when Hope confronted her about whether or not something happened between her and Bill. Bill confided in Justin about how his thoughts and feelings were not solely for Katie, but for Brooke as well. Pam and Donna became suspicious as to why Taylor had been coming around Eric lately and being overtly pleasant. Newly appointed president, Rick, went out of his way to ruffle Thomas’ feathers. Taylor was heartbroken that Thomas decided to leave LA to work in Paris at Forrester International. Brooke encouraged Thomas that his relocation would be a positive measure for him and his career. Dayzee had a near miss at a Farmer’s Market when Marcus and Maya almost ran into each other. Pam suggested to Eric that she might be taking an interest in him romantically. Taylor was appreciative of Eric when devised a plan to get Thomas to stay in LA. A stranger arrived at Forrester Creations looking for Marcus. Marcus excitedly introduced his adoptive brother, Carter, to Dayzee and the rest of his family. Steffy was on a flight home from Paris and spilled her life story and plans for her future to a stranger sitting beside her. Hope was less than worried about Steffy’s return as she was certain that Liam would make the right decision about who he wanted to be with. Taylor remained mum about Steffy’s pregnancy as she and Brooke argued over whom Liam would choose. Liam was enigmatic when Brooke pleaded with him to leave Steffy and choose a life with Hope.

THIS WEEK: Taylor tells Liam he’s made a monumental mistake by letting Steffy go.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Nick learned about Lucas having gone to prison for Will and planned to use the information to keep Will out of the baby’s life. Nicole blasted Kristen for causing the rift between Brady and his family. Brady broke up their fight and defended Kristen. Daniel saw through Chloe’s manipulation, realizing she was using Parker to try and get closer to Daniel again. Hope advised Jennifer to fight fire with fire when if Chloe was moving in on Daniel. Marlena confronted Kristen about Brady and asked how long she planned to torture Brady. Jennifer went to Daniel’s and found Chloe there wearing only Daniel’s shirt. Nicole planted Brady’s Titan files on Kristen’s computer. Nicole was nearly caught in the act. Jen was rattled by Chloe’s stunt. Billie told Kate she was leaving Mad World. Brady found his secret Titan files on Kristen’s computer and was suspicious. Jennifer and Daniel agreed to go out of town for a romantic night. Marlena confessed to Brady that she’d tried to entrap Kristen. Brady realized that Kristen lied about the torn note. Rafe asked Gabi to delay her wedding to Nick and she agreed. Nick continued to do research to destroy Will. Hope refused to answer Rafe’s questions about Bo’s extended absence. After fighting with Kristen about the torn note, Brady apologized for doubting her and they made love. Rafe let EJ know that he and Sami were ready to reunite before the craziness at Gabi and Nick’s wedding. Sami blasted Gabi for wanting to keep Will away from the baby. Nick intervened and later told Rafe about Sami’s attack on Gabi.

THIS WEEK: John confronts Stefano in Europe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . AJ and Michael confronted Tracy with the proof that she used mob money to finance ELQ. AJ offered Tracy a deal. Patrick was alarmed that Emma had gone missing on Britt’s watch. Anna arrived and puts her own fears aside as she took over Emma’s search, issuing an AMBER alert. Sabrina and Elizabeth were persuaded by Felix to try to spice up their romantic lives. They headed to the Haunted Star, where they encountered Max and Milo with Spinelli, who needed cheering up. Meanwhile, Lulu overheard Spinelli tell Max and Milo about having slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve. For her part, when Maxie learned that Spinelli and Ellie were through, she came close to telling Spinelli everything. Kristina, impelled by grief and anger, lashed out at Connie, blaming her for Trey’s death. She took a bat to Connie’s possessions. Patrick, Britt, Anna and Mac launched the search for Emma. Sabrina stood up to Britt who told her she’d regret it. Sabrina said no, if Britt hurt Emma, she’d be the one to regret it. Connie questioned Tracy’s desire to destroy ELQ. Connie ended up crying in Tracy’s arms with grief over Trey. Tracy went to see AJ and enigmatically wished him luck. Duke appeared at ELQ and AJ hired him. Later, Duke crossed with Anna and told her he got a job. Leaving her a little conflicted, Michael and AJ celebrated their supposed conquest at ELQ and then Michael went to see Starr, and they discussed Kristina’s desire to get back at Connie, and also the successful ELQ takeover. Michael was worried Tracy wouldn’t just roll over. Kristina was booked for assault. Alexis pressed Sonny to convince Connie not to press charges. Alexis was devastated to watch her daughter taken to jail.

THIS WEEK: Heather may have the answer to Todd and Lucy’s problems.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Chelsea told Sharon that Newman Enterprises and Adam’s need for Victor’s approval would always come first with him. Later, when Chelsea told Adam that she’d moved out of their house, Adam told her that he still wanted to work things out. Chelsea said she hoped he won’t make the divorce difficult. When Victoria tried to convince Adam to give back the company, Adam refuses and says that he knew Victor would never change how he treated him. As Jack and Billy discussed Jabot’s new fashion line, Billy worried that Jack was going too fast and might end up having a relapse. Billy told Jack to promise him he wouldn’t take on too much. Jack visited Nikki and they discussed overcoming addiction. Jack thanked her for standing up to Victor for him. Nikki told Victor that Jack realized he went after Newman for all the wrong reasons. Leslie saw Congressman Wheeler at the Athletic Club and hurried to leave. Leslie informed Tyler that Wheeler was in town and Tyler suggested that he probably wouldn’t recognize them. Later, Leslie met Neil and told him that she didn’t want to live in the past as they shared a kiss. Meanwhile, Congressman Wheeler asked Victor to get Avery to drop the case she was working on for the Innocence Foundation. Michael told Lauren that he didn’t want Fen to be guilty, but they couldn’t ignore the evidence. Lauren left in anger. At the Athletic Club, Carmine provided a welcome distraction for Lauren as he told her about his family. Michael appeared and apologized to Lauren. Adriana asked Noah to help her investigate Kevin and Chloe and the missing money.

THIS WEEK: Lauren and Michael argue over Jamie’s accusations against Fen.

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