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RECAPS – 2/4-2/8

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Liam and Steffy’s reunion following her return from Paris was short-lived when she presented him with an ultimatum. Knowing that Steffy had returned home, Hope sat impatiently by the phone as she awaited Liam’s decision of whether or not he was going to stay with Steffy. Bill and Katie’s intimate evening together was overshadowed by the talk of Liam’s relationship woes. After a candid conversation with Eric, Taylor began to feel that her family finally had good things in store on the horizon. Hope was taken aback by Thomas’ cold reception of her and his admission about his latest feelings about her. Taylor’s years of built-up anger and resentment were unleashed during a conversation with Brooke about their daughters. She later sought comfort in the arms of Eric following her quarrel with Brooke. Steffy was caught off-guard when Liam made a decision about their relationship. Liam informed Bill and Katie that he’d asked Steffy to move out of his house so that he could have space to think about his relationships. Steffy turned to Taylor for comfort after having her heart ripped out of chest by Liam the night before. Taylor urged Steffy to tell Liam about the pregnancy. Brooke encouraged Hope to remain optimistic that Liam would call with word that he had chosen her over Steffy. Bill attempted to give Liam all of the reasons why Steffy was a much better match for him than Hope. Katie told Hope what Bill was doing, but Hope remained confident that Liam would not be swayed by his father.

THIS WEEK: Maya pressures Dayzee to tell her where her child is.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Chloe interrupted Daniel and Jennifer’s romantic evening by telling Daniel that Parker wouldn’t stop crying. Though suspicious, Daniel rushed home. He arrives at the mansion to find the boy was fine. Daniel grilled Chloe but she was saved when Parker called Daniel “Daddy” for the first time. Jennifer warned Chloe she was on to her and she wouldn’t give up Daniel without a fight. Marlena’s words inspired Kristen to take her revenge to the next level as she decided to jilt Brady at their wedding the same way John left her. However, when she hinted marriage to Brady, he laughed in her face. John confronted Stefano in Europe. Nick plotted to keep Will away from his baby girl. EJ and Sami made love! Brady and Sami ended up in a huge fight when he learned she and EJ reunited. Brady was shocked his sister was throwing it all away with Rafe for EJ! Brady told Kristen it was too soon for them to consider marriage. Kristen pretended to understand. Later, Kristen suggested that she and Brady get married without letting John and Marlena know! Rafe learned that Sami and EJ spent the night together. Caroline tried to talk some sense to Rafe, but he couldn’t go back to Sami because off what she’d done to Gabi. Later, Gabi advised Rafe not to give up on Sami. Gabi questioned Nick about his scar. He claimed it was nothing, but later, when Jennifer brought up his attack in prison, Nick had a harrowing memory of his prison time. Cameron and Abigail had a nice breakfast date. Rafe and Sami had a bitter fight when he forced her to admit she slept with EJ. Their argument extended to the situation with Will and Gabi, and Sami warned that Will might want partial custody of the baby. Rafe conveyed that info to a worried Gabi as Nick eavesdropped. Sami urged Will to demand a paternity test from Gabi. Earlier, Julie accidentally blabbed to Gabi that Nick was nearly murdered in prison. After Julie left, Gabi asked Nick if his scar was from his stabbing. Nick privately recalled getting stabbed but avoided giving Gabi a direct answer. Will gave Sonny back the key to the apartment, admitting he was willing to give up his own child in order to hold onto Sonny. Hope questioned Nicole about the stolen Titan files.

THIS WEEK: Stefano calls Marlena to taunt her but they soon realize they may actually be hoping for the same thing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . In the PCPD, as John told Sam about Rafe having been arrested for his mother’s murder, Sam filled in John about Lucy’s claim about Rafe’s father. At the same time, Rafe told Anna that he saw John kill his mother. TJ, meanwhile convinced Molly to go to the police station to tell them what she knew about Rafe. Anna took Rafe to a cell where he made an accusation about his mother’s murderer, to Sam’s shock. At the crime scene we saw someone staring at the spot where the body dropped. Meanwhile, at Ferncliff as Todd ranted to Lucy that his plan to be found not guilty due to insanity failed, Lucy vented that she can’t stand being stuck here in the bin when Caleb was about to decimate Port Charles. Heather interrupted them and suggested an escape plan. Kevin arrived as Lucy was sneaking off. Previously, Mac and Felicia were surprised to see Kevin had arrived. Bitter Britt, after her breakup with Patrick, came dangerously close to telling Lulu that Maxie was carrying Spinelli’s child. Lulu, misunderstanding, confronted Britt about not telling her that Spinelli and Maxie slept together shortly after the IVF. After Lulu left, Maxie offered to try to mend things between Britt and Patrick if Britt would keep her secret. When Elizabeth learned of the Patrick/Britt had split, she pressed Sabrina to tell Patrick about her real feelings. Elizabeth told Patrick that Sabrina had something to tell him. Kevin thwarted Todd, Heather and Lucy’s escape plan. Kevin said he was there to help Lucy. Heather knocked Kevin unconscious. Lucy demanded they take Kevin with them. Britt issued an ultimatum to Maxie. Elsewhere, Sabrina was on the verge of confessing her feelings to Patrick when interrupted by Olivia, whose vision has led her to believe Sabrina wanted Steve for herself. Sabrina swore she never had a crush on Steve. Two couples, Dante and Lulu and Starr and Michael, capped their evenings with romance. McBain has his hands full with the murder and coordinating the search for the Ferncliff escapees. He was concerned about Sam, who was there before attending Kristina’s arraignment. The mystery deepened. After Sam left to go home to Danny, John visited Rafe in jail, asking him to help him figure out who really killed Rafe’s mother. Todd had a plan about how to maintain his freedom. Lucy was horrified to learn about the murder and fears for Rafe’s safety.

THIS WEEK: Britt’s plan for revenge on Sabrina has a fatal outcome.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Alex told Noah he would arrest him for obstruction of justice if he withheld evidence. Adriana came out of hiding as Noah gave her the money and told her to leave town. At the Athletic Club, Alex confronted Adriana as she prepared to skip town. Meanwhile, Chloe was shocked to hear of Kevin’s risky ideas to obtain money. When Congressman Wheeler tried to get Avery to tell him about a case she was working on, Avery tried to tell him that she was unable to share information with a third party. Wheeler reminded her that he testified in the original case. Meanwhile at Jabot, Neil and Leslie flirt as they discussed going to the club opening. After Neil left, Leslie was startled to run into Congressman Wheeler. Later, Leslie pulled Tyler aside to tell him about her encounter with Wheeler, and that he recognized her. Tyler said he wasn’t worried about Wheeler as much as he was worried about the case Avery was working on for the Innocence Foundation. Sharon convinced Adam to accompany her to the opening of The Underground. At the club, Nick introduced Dylan (who had been going by the name Mac) to Victoria. Avery arrived and shared a kiss with Nick as Dylan watches. Avery was thrown when she saw the stone on the bar that Dylan had left behind. Avery searched the club and was shocked when she came face to face with Dylan. Dylan started to explain, but Nick interrupted and happily introduced Avery to Mac, his new bartender. An emotional Avery reminded Dylan that he left her. As he tried to explain, Leslie interrupted to ask about Avery’s case. As the guests left, Nick thanked Avery and kissed her. Dylan watched as a shaken Avery left with Nick. Cane talked up Chelsea’s designs to Neil, but Neil told him that he should have consulted with him before approaching Chelsea about her designs.

THIS WEEK: Abby returns to Genoa City.

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