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RECAPS – 2/11-15

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL .Dayzee explained more to Marcus and Carter about the circumstances surrounding her association with Maya. Carter explained the severity and the possible legal ramifications of Dayzee’s current situation. Taylor turned to Eric for comfort as her anxiety regarding her family seemingly being bullied by Brooke’s family increased. Steffy sincerely pleaded with Hope to give Liam the space that he needed to make a proper decision between the two of them. Unaware of all that had transpired since she last spoke with Dayzee, Maya emotionally demanded answers. As a means to stall Maya from learning the truth, Marcus introduced himself and Carter to Maya. Pam and Donna were concerned when they began to suspect that something romantic might be developing between Eric and Taylor. Eric opened up to Taylor about intimate details regarding his and Stephanie’s relationship. Liam assured Hope that he did not want to mislead her into thinking that he had chosen her over Steffy. Feeling that the issue was preventing Liam from asking her to move back in, Hope asked Rick to please apologize to him. Maya had false hope when Dayzee called to meet with her regarding the situation between them. Fearing that the longer the secret was kept, the more trouble it would cause, Taylor attempted to persuade Steffy to tell Liam about her pregnancy. Love was in the air as Marcus and Dayzee spent their very first Valentine’s Day as a family. Eric received a surprise when he paid an unannounced visit to Taylor’s home in hopes of spending a private evening alone with her. Worried that her mother was lonely, Hope attempted to convince Brooke to find a new man in her life. Bill and Katie’s attempted romantic evening was derailed by their parental duties.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Hope learn about Steffy’s pregnancy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Kristen faked being drunk, hoping to appear vulnerable so Brady would want to marry her. Daniel and Chloe bonded over Parker’s medical crisis. Chloe informed Daniel that Jennifer had lied to her about Daniel’s whereabouts. Eric saw Nicole her dressed up in a sexy outfit and warned her that she would be welcomed back to the church. Sami confided to Marlena she’d fallen in love with EJ again. Later, Sami discovered that EJ had a diamond ring in his pocket. Stefano called Marlena to and said they might be hoping for the same thing. Sami waited expectantly for EJ to propose, but instead of a ring, he showed her a sample bottle of nail polish for their next campaign. Jealous over Sami and EJ, Rafe drank too much and wound up in an unexpected situation! Nicole couldn’t bring herself to leave the rectory, so she cancelled her plans for a wild night out. Jennifer told Daniel she was not sorry about misleading Chloe, resulting in there having a heated argument. Later, Jennifer apology message to Daniel was destroyed when Chloe intercepted the note. Jennifer went to apologize to Daniel in person, but found Chloe in Daniel’s apartment. Brady told Kristen he wouldn’t marry her because he felt culpable for Arianna and Madison’s death. Gabi nearly caught Nick listening to Will and Lucas’ taped conversation. Gabi was worried about Will wanting the paternity test. Will and Lucas speculated about who was sending the threatening text. On Valentine’s day, Kristen was affected by Brady’s pain. Will received a touching Valentine’s gift from Sonny. Gabi and Nick celebrated Valentine’s with a romantic interlude. Later, Gabi ran into Will, who believed Sonny wanted to get back together. With Maggie’s blessing, Victor had a nice visit with his old love, Caroline.

THIS WEEK: Nick plots against Will.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Rafe escaped. Anna showed Dante the footage of “McBain” letting Rafe out of the cell. Dante received a call about the downed police officer. Sabrina told Dante about seeing “McBain” at the crime scene. Luke had heard that Anna was held at gunpoint and then found her on the pier. She was upset about McBain and feared she’d lost her instincts. Luke kissed her. TJ and Molly argued again about her wanting to help Rafe. TJ convinced Molly to be a bit more cautious about Rafe. Molly finally agreed to help Rafe and we see Caleb watching the house. Britt summoned Maxie to get started helping her destroy Sabrina. Patrick almost heard what they were talking about. Maxie was suspicious of Britt, but continued doing as Britt asked because of her secret. Sabrina was horrified to find the used drug vial on the floor. She told Patrick she administered the wrong medicine. Tracy/Luke and AJ/Duke/Michael have simultaneous epiphanies about the key to saving ELQ. Laura returned to Port Charles. John returned to the police station to find himself implicated in Rafe’s escape and a fellow officer’s murder. Rafe hid in Molly’s room and was nearly caught when Kristina wanted some sister time with Molly. Kristina talked about her community service options, one of which would put her at Pentonville, where Johnny was about to be incarcerated. Meanwhile,

TJ told Shawn about the tension with Molly over Rafe. After his sentencing, Johnny called Starr. Although he knew it wouldn’t change what happened, he gave her a gift. Mac expressed to Lulu his concern that Frisco wanted Felicia back. At the same time, Frisco expressed that very thought to Felicia. Mac arrived with an invitation for her to join him at the Valentine’s celebration at the Haunted Star. McBain told Sam that there’s video footage of a man who looked exactly like him taking Rafe from jail. They were both reeling from all of this. Sam asked where John was when everything went down. Caleb was spotted by Heather on the docks. Todd and Heather discovered that they’ve both contacted the same boat captain for transport. Heather left to run an errand. When Molly tried to rouse Rafe, he grabbed her, thinking she was McBain. Heather disguised herself in a nurse’s uniform, looking for the baby. Lucy apologized to Anna for holding her at gunpoint. Alexis arrived to help defend her. Lucy and McBain were face-toface. Sabrina was horrified that she gave Patrick the wrong medication and inadvertently killed a patient. Patrick advised Sabrina to wait for the autopsy report. Olivia and Steve realized that her vision of Heather predicted her escape from Ferncliff. Olivia wondered if that meant her vision of Steve in the shower with Sabrina would come to pass. Todd tried to scam Heather out of her ride. Molly was forced to conceal Rafe’s presence to Kristina. At the police station, John begged Lucy to work with him to catch Caleb.

THIS WEEK: AJ makes a surprising offer to Tracy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jack thanked Adam for everything he had done to help him and warned him that when things were quiet with Victor it usually meant he was up to something. Meanwhile, Avery confided in Sharon about her past with Dylan. When Sharon asked Avery if she loved Dylan or Nick, Avery said she couldn’t choose. At The Underground, Dylan tried to explain himself to Nick. When Dylan left, Nick told Avery that Dylan was still in love with her. Avery told Nick she had to go out of town for her Innocence Foundation case. Sharon ran into Dylan and realized he was the man Avery was telling her about. Later, Sharon tried to fight her attraction to Adam as the two of them worked together. Mason hesitated to go along with Victor’s plan for him to replace Sharon’s medication with fakes. Victor offered Mason a bonus. Later, Victor took a call from Nikki’s doctor. Nikki met Victoria for lunch to discuss the wedding. Victoria sensed that Nikki was keeping something from her. Adam and Sharon had an unpleasant run in with Nikki and Victoria. When Sharon told Adam that she didn’t trust Nikki or Victor, Adam said he would always protect her. Abby returned to Genoa City. Kyle said he’d asked Abby to come back to town because Jack needed his family. Jack told Phyllis he asked Neil to be his sponsor. Jack and Phyllis agreed that they were both happy to be back in each other’s lives. Billy picked up on the sexual tension between Phyllis and Jack during a Jabot meeting. Phyllis contemplated Jack’s invitation to dinner. Abby surprised Jack and told him she wanted to work at Jabot. When Fen returned from his night in jail, Lauren told Michael he failed his son and he failed as a father. Lauren stormed out after fighting with Michael. Lauren chatted with Carmine while he worked and ignored a call from Michael. Later, Abby stormed off after Carmine turned away her advances. Summer chastised Jamie for being the reason Fen was in jail. Kevin agreed to talk with Michael to help Fen. Lauren accused Michael of ruining Fen’s future.

THIS WEEK: Nikki admits her diagnosis to Jack.

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