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RECAPS – 2/18-22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . With the help of Madison and Father Fontana, Brooke prepared to surprise Liam and Hope with an impromptu wedding. Hope shot Oliver down when he opened up to her about the feelings that he still has for her. Liam confessed to Rick about why it has been so difficult for him to make a decision between Hope and Steffy. Taylor accompanied Steffy to her very first appointment with the obstetrician. Liam felt pressured and began to regret the promise that he made to Steffy about making a decision within a day. Still feeling rejected following his declaration of feelings, Oliver offered Hope his wishes for her to have a happy future with Liam. Steffy was overjoyed when she heard her baby for the first time through an ultrasound. Brooke encouraged Father Fontana to have a talk with Liam about following his heart and marrying Hope again. Hope and Liam were stunned by Brooke’s surprise as she told them not to miss an opportunity to restart their lives together. Steffy and Taylor rushed to stop Liam from making the mistake of marrying Hope before knowing about the pregnancy. Eric attempted to convince Rick that he and Thomas needed to learn to collaborate with each other as President and Vice President of Forrester Creations. Liam, Hope, and Brooke were all blown away by the sudden revelation that Steffy was pregnant. Brooke’s first instinct was that Steffy was lying in order to stop Liam from marrying Hope. Steffy explained to Liam about when she found out that she was with child, and why she’d kept it a secret for so long. Caroline showed a less than flattering side of herself by her disappointment with the surprise location of her date with Rick.

THIS WEEK: Liam struggles to come to terms with becoming a father.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Chloe purposely got herself tossed out of the Kiriakis mansion by trying Victor’s patience. She was thrilled when Daniel agreed to let her move into his place, and she later cheerfully shared the news with a stunned Jennifer. Nicole and Lucas got into a bitter fight, and later, Eric wondered if Nicole still had feelings for her ex. Kristen had second thoughts about using Brady but Stefano advised her to stick with her original plan. Later, Brady told Kristen he thought they should move in together. Rafe and Kate asked Nick to delay the wedding until the baby was born, but he refused. Nick was haunted by traumatic memories of his time in prison. At the same time, one of his old prison mates started to count the days until his release. Nicole, unable to deal with her feelings for Eric, decided to leave town! Eric found himself in a life-threatening situation. A heated confrontation with Marlena propelled Kristen to shake off her doubts and stay on course with her devious plot. To that end, she accepted Brady’s invitation to move into together. Marlena received a disappointing call from John. Jennifer lashed out at Daniel after learning he allowed Chloe to move into his place. He clarified that he would be getting a hotel room, but Jennifer was too angry to see how that made a difference. A junkie held Eric at gunpoint and demanded money from the church safe. Nicole walked into the tense situation and her life was in jeopardy. Eric saved her but was seriously injured in the process. Fearing an unconscious Eric was not going to make it, an emotional Nicole blurted that she loved him. Julie gave Sami a stern warning about her behavior. Sami then stormed off to confront Gabi, and Rafe chewed her out for attacking his sister. Gabi suddenly cries out in pain because of the baby! The gloves came off when Jennifer confronted Chloe about her ulterior motives regarding Daniel. Chloe warned Jennifer that Daniel would choose her in the end. Later, Jennifer and Daniel finally reconciled but she had a request that left him speechless. A mortified Abigail realized Cameron had most likely figured out her secret. Suffering from stomach pains, Gabi was rushed to the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Will fears he’ll have no choice but to give in to Nick’s demands.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . On Valentine’s Day in Port Charles, Tracy renewed her pressure on Luke to hunt down the presumed Quartermaine heir so she could take over the company again. Meanwhile Luke went to the party at the Haunted Star and was looking out nostalgically from the deck, when he saw someone on the pier. Connie came upon Olivia and Steve thinking about the death by water of Heather. Dante surprised Lulu by bringing Sonny to the party. Starr asked Michael to give Sonny the benefit of the doubt when Connie arrived and heard Sonny defend her. Frisco appeared at Maxie’s to try to get her to give him a chance. She agreed to leave the apartment with him, if only to avoid Spinelli and Ellie celebrating Valentine’s Day. Frisco suggested the Haunted Star knowing Felicia would be there. Lulu encouraged Mac to stake his claim. Lulu and Dante dealt with Sonny, and happily greeted Maxie with “their” baby. Felix tried to cheer up Sabrina, who believed that she gave the dead cop the wrong medicine and killed him. He got her to go to the party, but everyone she saw there remind her of having killed the cop. Sabrina wanted to confess her responsibility to Steve. Maxie overheard Felix and Sabrina talking about Sabrina’s guilt over the dead cop. Felix pulled her into a dance, as Maxie, feeling horrible that she’d made Sabrina believe she killed someone, told Frisco she did something horrible. Lulu found a wrapped gift behind the bar, thinking it was her surprise from Dante. Connie reacted badly to Sonny’s kiss, accusing him of using her again. Lulu and Dante went home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Frisco coaxed Maxie to tell him what she that was so terrible. Sabrina’s was horrified to discover that Britt had written a letter of complaint about her to Monica. Patrick comforted her and gave her Emma’s Valentine for her. Starr and Michael wanted try out one of the staterooms – but discovered Connie and Sonny already there. When the club emptied, Michael and Starr dance. Olivia and Steve went home and found their door ajar. Spinelli and Ellie shared a bittersweet Valentine’s Day. He helped her out of her wheelchair so they could “dance” with her feet on top of his. Todd and Rafe were together in a jail cell opposite John’s. Todd maligned John for the murder and mayhem he’s wrought – and claiming that a look-alike did those things. John finally leveled with Todd, reminded him that not too long ago, the same thing happened to Todd.

THIS WEEK: Kate lashes out at Sonny after making a horrifying discovery.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Cane helped Lily and Tyler after her car hit a patch of ice. When they went home, Cane and Lily get into an argument when he questioned her loyalty. Lily said they have been through so much and survived it and that she was committed to their family and their marriage. She pulled him into a kiss and they celebrated their anniversary. Leslie grew nervous when she spotted Congressman Wheeler enter the club during her date with Neil. Later, Victor asked Leslie how she knew Wheeler and why he’d called her Valerie. Leslie shared her concerns with Tyler about people finding out who they really were. Wheeler told Leslie and Tyler they needed to come forward and tell the appeals judge that Avery’s client was a danger and shouldn’t be released. When Phyllis asked Summer if she bullied Jamie, Summer confessed and reveals that she did it in an attempt to hurt Ronan. They had a heart to heart and Phyllis told Summer that nothing would change the way she felt about her. During the snowstorm, Victoria and Billy got into a paint fight as they redecorated their living room. Nikki admitted her diagnosis to Jack. When Nikki revealed to Jack that no one knew about her illness except for him, Jack asked why she hadn’t told Victor. Adam and Sharon exchanged Valentine’s and reminisced about New Orleans. Chelsea arrived and told Adam she had something important to share with him, just as Sharon came down the stairs. Sharon left shortly after having a tense conversation with Adam. Meanwhile, Dylan showed up at Avery’s and wanted to know if they have a chance to be together. The power went out. Dylan brought in a batteryoperated radio from his car and they reminisced about times they’d spent together.

THIS WEEK: Michael offers Christine his job as District Attorney.

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