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RECAPS – 2/25-3/1

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Rick’s time volunteering at Dayzee’s earned him more than just good karma when a young lady piqued his interest. Steffy admitted that she announced her pregnancy when she did in order to prevent Liam from marrying Hope again. Liam declared to Hope that he thought that their relationship, and any chance of them being married, was cursed. Taylor queried Brooke on why she still was a believer in marriage when all of her own have failed. Brooke accused Taylor of having ulterior motives by striking up a relationship with Eric. Taylor got the pleasure of informing Bill that they were would be grandparents to Liam and Steffy’s baby. Steffy lets Liam off the hook by telling him that she didn’t want to be his second choice. She explained that they could raise their child as best friends instead of as a couple. Hope found comfort in Brooke as she felt defeated by Steffy. Liam made a final decision about with whom he was going to pursue a relationship. Steffy called Liam out on whether he was having second thoughts about his decision. Thomas suspected that feelings were brewing between his mother and Eric when she received a dinner date invitation. Bill attempted to cheer Brooke up by suggesting that she approach Eric about her having a more significant position at Forrester Creations. Clearly smitten by Taylor, Eric hoped that Stephanie would approve of his decision to move on with his life and whom he’d be moving on with. Feeling that they definitely had Stephanie’s approval, Eric and Taylor agreed to move on with their lives together. Liam and Steffy basked in their reunited relationship and the idea of growing a family together. Bill made a grand gesture to Liam and Steffy with his excitement regarding the pending addition to the family.

THIS WEEK: Taylor moves in with Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Nick warned Sami to stay away from Gabi, offering her a thinly veiled threat. Sonny and Will finally reunited and Will shared a secret with his lover. Kristen manipulated Brady into agreeing to move into the DiMera mansion with her. However, Brady later overheard her gloating about her success to Stefano. Marlena suspected Nicole had feelings for Eric and subtly warned her. An unnerved Nicole decides to Salem. Later, at the church, the junkie returned and tried to strangle Eric for the money he left behind! Kristen was shaken when Brady caught her in a lie. Brady wondered if everyone was right about her. Kristen had a genuine anxiety attack as started to open up to Brady about her complicated relationship with her father. Stefano bragged to John that Kristen and Brady were moving into the mansion together – and soon he’d be joining them. John called his pilot to immediately fly him back to Salem. Nick demanded Will give up his parental rights to the baby. When Will balked, Nick threatened to go to the authorities about Will’s criminal past if he didn’t cooperate! Brady was taken with Kristen’s emotional confession about her time away from Salem and agreed to move into the mansion. Marlena was horrified by Brady’s decision. Nicole witnesses a close moment between secret lovers. Eric contacted Abe about a new project. After much debate, Daniel turned down Jennifer’s ultimatum about cutting direct ties to Chloe. Abigail and Chloe got into a heated argument. Chloe lashed out at Abigail, asserting that her support of Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship was a stab in the back to Jack. Abigail lost it and they got into a physical altercation just as a horrified Daniel and Jennifer arrived. Will told Lucas that Nick learned about him shooting EJ and was prepared to use it against Will if he didn’t give up his rights to the baby.

THIS WEEK: Will fears he’ll have no choice but to give in to Nick’s demands.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Anna deducted that McBain and the other escapees were at PCU. McBain, Lucy and Rafe prepared for final battle with Caleb on Spoon Island. Sam and Danny were Caleb’s prisoners in Wyndemere. Anna discovered that the escapees were armed and feared a bloody battle. Kate made the horrifying realization that Connie caused Trey’s death. Kate, reeling, lashed out at Sonny for making love to Connie after all the things she’d done. Michael comforted Starr, who mourned Cole and Hope on the first anniversary of their deaths. Despite their losses, they’re glad to have found each other. Michael and Starr were unaware that they were being followed by a mysterious, figure who’d been watching them all along. On the anniversary of Robin’s death, Patrick attended a support meeting for his drug problem. Sabrina learned her future in medicine was in limbo. In the hospital chapel, Patrick happened on Sabrina lighting a candle for the deceased police officer. Patrick learned a little about Sabrina’s childhood and the events the brought her to Port Charles. Steve confessed to Elizabeth his concern that Olivia’s vision about his stabbing might come true. Olivia received a visitor in the form of Heather. McBain, Lucy and Rafe discovered that Caleb had taken Sam, but left Daniel behind. John prepared to search for Sam. Lucy insisted on accompanying him. Rafe stayed behind and found himself and Daniel face-to-face with Heather again. Caleb promised Sam they’d be a family. Previously, Liz playfully “stabbed” Steve, assuring him that she’d fulfilled Olivia’s premonition. Steve asked her to be his best “man” at the wedding. AJ arrived from his shrink appointment and told Liz that the doctor connected his panic attacks to PTSD. Kate was at the roadside, wanting to explore where Connie killed her son. Sonny was on her heels, refusing to leave her alone. TJ was upset with Molly for her having helped Rafe escape from jail. She thanked him for the Valentine’s gift and hoped he didn’t break up with her because of Rafe. John walked in on a fanged Caleb. Lucy, having hit her head trying to get to him, had a visitation from Alison who urged her to gather her strength and destroy Caleb in order to protect Alison’s son. Heather found Danny with Rafe and believed it was a case of divine intervention.

THIS WEEK: Sonny confesses to Carly that he slept with Connie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . When Phyllis admitted that she worried about getting back into a relationship with Jack, he turned on the charm to reassure her. After a conversation with Nick, Summer told Kyle her dad thought he was too old for her. Kyle said that age didn’t matters since they were just friends. Paul told Jamie he was proud of him for turning his life around. Michael tried to apologize to Lauren and Fen. Later, Lauren stunned Michael when she said that she was moving out. Carmine realized that Lauren took a room at the club. When Abby asked Carmine if something was going on between him and Lauren, he denied it. Later, Abby flirted with Alex in front of Carmine. When Nikki told Nick and Victoria that she was sick, they assured her that the family would help her through this. Victor told Nikki that the new ranch house would be ready soon. Meanwhile, Victoria arrived home to find a romantic setup that Billy had created for them. At Crimson Lights, Dylan told Phyllis that he came to town to see Avery. Later, Phyllis called Avery a hypocrite and they got into a heated argument. Jack reassured Phyllis that he trusted her and was grateful that she stood by him when he was at his lowest point. Jack told her he wanted to take care of her, and later, they made love. Nick and Sharon argued about her relationship with Adam. Meanwhile, Dylan continued to work on Sharon’s house as they get to know each other. Dylan told Sharon that his father had been sick. Nick was surprised to hear that Faith asked Sharon and Dylan to take her on a hike. Chelsea, Gloria and Chloe pitched their fashion designs to Neil, Lily, Cane and Jack. Neil was impressed with their pitch and hired them. Chelsea and Tyler noticed the tension between Lily and Cane. Later, Tyler told Leslie that they might need to come clean about their past. Leslie asked Avery for information about her Innocence Foundation case. Congressman Wheeler overheard Avery clearing her calendar and asked her if there was a new development in the Innocence Foundation case.

THIS WEEK: Cane comes home and finds Lily and Tyler working together.

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