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RECAPS – 3/4 – 3/8

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Following a memorable evening together, Eric made an impromptu and sincere proposition to Taylor. Steffy and Thomas worried about Taylor after she failed to come home the night before. Brooke confessed to Bill about her suspicion that Taylor had an ulterior motive in having a relationship with Eric. Impressed with Carter’s ideas for Forrester Creations, Rick offered him an opportunity to do some work for the company. Rick was distracted with thoughts of Maya. Taylor had Forrester employees move her belongings into Eric’s house. The flirting and chemistry between Rick and Maya quickly came to a halt when Caroline arrives to spend time with her boyfriend. Bill was frustrated that Katie was too preoccupied with Will to spend romantic time with him. Brooke accused Taylor of using Eric to try push the Logan family out of Forrester Creations. When learning that Taylor had moved in with Eric, Bill reignited his attempt to persuade Brooke to do all that she could take over Forrester Creations. He presented her a few outrageous ideas of how to go about it. Maya recruited Rick into helping her with an important task. Steffy confessed to Taylor her fear that Liam only chose to be with her because of the pregnancy. Now that he had moved on with his life with Steffy, Hope asked Liam for a significant and heartfelt favor. Bill was disappointed when his attempt to have a private afternoon with Katie was rejected because she didn’t want to leave Will. Katie gave Bill her blessing to help Brooke advance at Forrester Creations, but was not so thrilled about how they were going to go about it. Liam relayed his intentions to Steffy about what he would like to do before their baby arrives. Brooke was stunned when Hope told her about the request that she had made of Liam.

THIS WEEK: Taylor feels that she has the upper hand over Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Sonny told Will he suspected the real reason Nick was keeping him from his child was because Will’s gay. Nick told Gabi he wanted to step up their plans to get married. Rafe thanked Kate for being supportive of his sister, and the two made love. Later, Kate questioned the status of their relationship. Daniel was rocked that Jennifer insisted that their relationship was doomed if he continued to have contact with Chloe. Chloe asked Nancy to move to Salem and help her win Daniel back. Nancy agreed, but then contacted Daniel to say she wanted to convince her daughter to get over him. Abigail composed herself after seeing Cameron nearly naked then confided in him that she had a terrible fight with Chloe. Cameron comforted her with a kiss. Sami and EJ made love then she told him she wanted Nick gone. Nick opened up to Gabi about his painful years in prison. Eric and Hope met an inmate named Vargas and Eric invited him into the outreach program. Eric was unaware of Vargas’ connection to Nick. Sonny convinced Will that Nick is homophobic. Will confronted Nick and his cousin admitted he was anti-gay. Kristen asked Chad to live at the mansion with her, Brady and Stefano. Kate asked Sonny to confide in her so she could help. Gabi expressed concern about Nick’s prison memories, but assured her that he was focusing on their happy future. EJ and Sami plotted to get rid of Nick and were turned on sexually by the discussion. Vargas looked forward to making Nick pay once he was out of prison. Nicole nearly confided her feelings for Eric to Chloe, but they she realized her friend was really just pumping her for info on how to get Jennifer away from Daniel. Brady informed Victor and Maggie he was moving into the DiMera mansion.

THIS WEEK: John rebuffs Marlena’s attempts to reconcile.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — McBain, Lucy and Rafe wait to learn if they’re going to be prosecuted for the laws they’ve broken. The press assails them on live TV while Sam appears and hails them as heroes. Anna offered her resignation. Molly, having seen the events on TV, rushed to the PCPD. McBain, with Sam, noted that Rafe was reeling. Sabrina was destroyed when she discovered she wouldn’t be graduating with the other nurses. Felix went to find out the reason for Sabrina’s plight. Patrick confronted Britt, thinking she was behind this somehow. Sabrina overheard his ardent defense of her. The Memphis police arrested Steve for the murder of a patient. Kristina questioned Molly about her feelings for Rafe. Todd was in the PCPD to meet with his lawyer, while Heather was being transferred to a higher security hospital for the criminally insane. He heard her beg to call Steve to apologize. Todd learned that Heather was trying to atone for her crimes, and that she had gotten Todd off for the escape from Ferncliff. Todd was grateful but knew it wouldn’t matter. Heather advised Todd about Carly. Carly arrived at Sonny’s on an errand and he told her what had happened with Connie/Kate. She admitted she was still confused about Todd. Sonny confessed that he slept with Connie. They argued about each other’s terrible taste in mates. Olivia showed up at Steve’s apartment in her wedding dress. Kate apologized to Sonny for refusing to take responsibility for their problems. Sonny urged Kate to begin therapy anew in the hope of truly integrating. Luke confronted Scott about the eerie Ice Princess replica. Laura was left wondering if Anna was cheating on Luke. Tracy turned up the heat on cash-strapped Spinelli to procure the relish’s secret recipe. Duke, flush with Tracy’s cash, took Anna out on a date. Frisco pressured Felicia to meet him at the Metro Court. Mac sounded out Kevin about his future with Lucy. Tracy informed Lucy of AJ’s coup, though she planned to resume control. Laura reeled from having seen Anna and Duke kiss at the Metro Court. Laura was determined to tell her ex-husband about Anna’s transgression. Meanwhile at the Quartermaines, Tracy gloated to Luke about pulling one over on Lavery. Soon, Laura arrived. Alexis, Molly, and McBain waited by Rafe’s side for updates about his placement in the system. Molly attempted to convince Alexis to take in Rafe. Meanwhile, TJ was disappointed that Molly decided to spend her first free night waiting with Rafe at the station and not celebrating with him. Shawn assured him that was not the case.

THIS WEEK: Carly kisses AJ.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nick tried to convince Avery not to go to Milwaukee to work on her case. Sharon called to say that Faith had gone missing while she hiking with Dylan. Nick reassured Sharon. Dylan found Faith passed out in the snow. Dylan brought Faith safely back to the tack house. Michael told Fen that he resigned as D.A. Meanwhile at the Athletic Club, Lauren fantasized about making love with Carmine. Later, Carmine poured her a drink at the bar and entertained her with card tricks. When Lauren regretted getting involved with Carmine, he assured her that it would stay their secret. Later, Lauren asked Phyllis for advice. Michael confided in Paul that even though divorce hadn’t been mentioned, Lauren still refused to return home. Paul assured him that Lauren loved him and they could survive this. Abby pressed Carmine for the name of his mystery woman. Later, Abby and Alex bonded over drinks and made a date. Cane encouraged Chelsea to stay in town and focus on the new fashion division. Tyler overheard their discussion as Cane convinced Chelsea to take advantage of the Jabot opportunity. Tyler went to Cane and Lily’s house with a budget for Lily to sign and found that she was preparing a romantic evening for her husband. Cane went home and found Lily working with Tyler. When Tyler left, Lily and Cane get into a fight. Billy warned Phyllis not to hurt Jack again. Phyllis told Jack she understood Billy’s concerns about their future. Meanwhile, Kyle fended off Abby’s warnings about Summer and explained they were just friends. Summer asked Jack for an internship at Jabot. Kyle doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Jack wanted to guide her like a big brother. Later, Abby told Phyllis and Jack about Summer’s crush on Kyle. Jack assigned Summer to intern for Neil.

THIS WEEK: Victor has an assignment for Abby.

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