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RECAPS – 6/4 – 6/8

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Antonio shows up at the hospital in the nick of time, and both he and Jessica are immediately prepped for the O.R. As she is wheeled away for surgery, she and Nash express their love for each other. Nash gets the okay from Michael to watch the operation from the observation gallery. An explosion rocks the hospital and traps Nash in the operating room with Antonio, whose was in mid-surgery when the blast went off. Although shaken by the explosion, Paige tends to Jessica, who comes to in the E.R. Viki has to break the news to Jessica that Nash and Antonio were hurt in the crisis.

THIS WEEK: Blair promises her daughter that she’ll find Todd and bring him home. David shares his suspicions with Dorian.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Greenlee leaves Kendall speechless when she says she wants Zach behind bars for deliberately causing the blackout that robbed her of a chance to have Ryan’s baby. Greenlee warns Kendall that Zach will unintentionally break her heart yet again. With her own fertility clinic experience fresh in her memory, Annie is outraged by Zach’s actions and is furious that everyone is accepting his behavior that impacted so many lives. Kendall worries that Zach will protect his own by having Greenlee eliminated, but he assures her it won’t go that far. Later, however, he meets with a nefarious-looking guy and orders him to fix his “problem” ASAP.

THIS WEEK: Kendall worries that somehow she’s hurting her baby. Adam fears that Colby will get hurt.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Liz can’t stop Lucky from arresting Jason as a distressed Lucky insists he has to do his job. Lucky takes Jason to the PCPD and later returns home, where he gets a frosty reception from Liz. Jason learns from Coop that Ric has some very damaging evidence against him that could have him locked up for a good long time. Jane visits Jerry and asks him to leave town and stay gone. Jerry is packing to leave when a couple of thugs show up, hold him at gunpoint and accuse him of a double-cross. Jerry makes a quick move, smashes a window and jumps out. Carly shifts her focus to getting Jason out of jail, but he won’t allow her to interfere and make things worse. Carly meets up with Jax and explains that Jason and Sonny didn’t kill Jerry.

THIS WEEK: Sonny goes to Jason with Amelia’s story. Spinelli finds out Scott’s keeping Laura at Shadybrook under the name Laura Baldwin.

GUIDING LIGHT – When Harley worries that Natalia may still want Gus, Harley begins to fish into Natalia’s past. Natalia calls Remy needing a lawyer, but Gus overhears and says he’ll be her lawyer. When she asks him to back off, Gus gives Natalia Mel’s number. Gus asks Harley to find out what’s wrong with Natalia. Harley offers to help, but Natalia ends up having to convince Harley she’s over Gus. Daisy tells Ashlee she should tell Coop that she likes him, but Ashlee’s mortified by the idea. Nat tries to get Rafe to tell her how he got hurt, when Daisy sees her and wonders if she came to see her. Nat covers, but Harley catches Nat with Daisy and fires her. Later, Daisy drops a note through the vent to Rafe. Remy is furious to learn that Harley fired Nat, and almost tells Harley about Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Reva drops everything she’s doing to go help him and Sarah. Reva snoops around the hospital looking for information.


Craig arrives having invited Holden and Lily to witness his marriage proposal to Meg. Lucinda tells Lily about the plan for Meg to marry Craig and get WorldWide back. Holden is upset when Lily tells him the plan. Paul storms over to Craig as he proposes to Meg, saying she can’t marry Craig. Alone, Paul pleads for Meg not to marry Craig. While Lucinda and Craig crash over Worldwide, Meg wants Paul to say he’ll wait for her. Later, Meg tells Craig she has explained things to Paul, she says she’ll marry him. Craig insists his marriage to Meg is his chance at redemption and asks Margo to be his “best person.” Meanwhile, Emma tells Meg not to marry unless she’s in love.

THIS WEEK: Cheri tells Lance all about Dusty and Emily. Cleo encourages Will not to let Gwen’s dream die.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Sharon returns to the Abbott house from an overnight trip, and is surprised to see Phyllis. Later, Sharon confronts Jack about Phyllis spending the night at his house. Jack responds that he invited Phyllis to stay so she would not alone as she mourns for Nick. Amber meets Plum to collect the $300 he owes her. He says he’s not going to leave town without her. Ben advises Jack to take some drastic action to bring his poll numbers back up. Ben suggests that they throw around hypothetical rumors about Nikki to stir up controversy about her candidacy. Phyllis later suggests that they start a rumor that Nikki isn’t bothered by legalized prostitution.

THIS WEEK: William tells Gloria that he has solved the Jabot case. J.T. accidentally knocks over Victoria’s purse, exposing prenatal pills.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – While at work, Bridget notices that Brooke’s eggs were send to the fertility lab instead of the research lab, and furthermore, that they were sent out the same day that the donor’s eggs for Taylor were fertilized. Brooke visits Ridge in prison and offers her support, but does not think it will help to get him out. Before Taylor starts to experience morning sickness, Nick shows her some designs for a new maternity line. Brooke tells Ridge she has a plan to get his sentence reduced, and rushes over to Taylor’s house, where she suggests finding a way to make Rick remember that he was the person who actually killed Grant Chambers.

THIS WEEK: Bridget decides that she must tell the truth to Nick and Taylor. Brooke notices that something is off about Bridget.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – At the hospital, Sami and Lucas learn the baby is fine, but Sami has to stay overnight for observation. Lucas begs Sami not to put herself in the line of fire anymore but she explains she has to get to the bottom of the DiMera/ Brady feud. Dr. Rolf sneaks a dinner tray into Sami’s room. EJ shows up at the hospital just in time to slap the fork out of Sami’s hand and order her to spit the food out! EJ prevents Sami from eating the food that was just brought to her, insisting it was poisoned. He says he’s going to break into the DiMera mansion and present Sami’s deal to Stefano face-toface. Sami wants to go with him. EJ distracts the guard posted outside Sami’s door so she can sneak out of the room.

THIS WEEK: Lucas forbids Sami to go anywhere near Stefano again. Philip gets a call from a man who claims to have spotted Claire the night she disappeared.

PASSIONS – Before Tabitha and Endora have a chance to leave Harmony, the witches committee stops them. They have come to a unanimous decision, and declare Tabitha a “good witch”! Julian threatens Theresa that he’ll reveal the truth about Little Ethan’s paternity to Ethan if she doesn’t turn control of Crane industries over to him. Two bad witches kidnap Endora, intent on giving her a proper “evil” education. Kay and Tabitha search for the little witch, but Tabitha soon realizes they could be anywhere in the universe. Noah tries to convince Jessica to turn herself in for the murders. Meanwhile, Sam and Paloma are at the johns’ mass gravesite as body after body is uncovered.

THIS WEEK: Chad tries to convince Whitney not to leave him. Paloma and Noah try to clear Jessica of murdering the johns.

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