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RECAPS – 12/17-12/21

ALL MY CHILDREN – Aidan and Kendall turned to each other for support and made love. After finding the blueprints for the bomb shelter, Aidan and Kendall came across Zach and Greenlee near death. As Aidan tried to revive Greenlee, Kendall went to Zach’s side, only for the shelter roof to collapse around them. Joe shocked Kendall and Ryan with the news that Spike’s deafness was the result of a preexisting medical condition. Janet created a diversion to allow Richie the chance to escape from the psychiatric ward. Annie told Ryan she wanted to go ahead and kill Richie. JR’s memory flooded back while visiting Dixie’s grave.

THIS WEEK: JR completely washes his hands of Adam.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Sofie had the baby and Gwen could not keep her feelings about the child from showing. Sofie flipped out when the nurse asked her to breastfeed the baby. Gwen and Will tried to make things easy for Sofie to keep the baby, but she finally offered to let them adopt the infant. Craig bought a drug meant to cause Meg to miscarry, then changed his mind about using it. Katie failed a home pregnancy test. Brad was ready to give up on Katie, but she wasn’t ready to let him go. Emily suspected that Chris might be up to no good where Bob is concerned.

THIS WEEK: Bonnie is falling more and more in love with Holden.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge caught Donna in a sexy get-up intended for Eric. Stephanie had memories of past Christmas times with Eric, feeling bad that he’s now with Donna. Stephen refused to confess to shooting Stephanie, even when she offered to get the DA to go easy on him. Ridge arranged for the Forresters to spend the holiday together as a family. Donna was forced to let Eric be with his children or look like a selfish shrew. Brooke figured out who really shot Stephanie and got the culprit to reveal himself. She convinced the shooter to go to the police.

THIS WEEK: The Logans come to terms with who shot Stephanie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Cordy was nearly suicidal about Ford’s death. Stephanie admitted to Cordy that Ford had raped her, too. After talking with Nick, Max tried to open up to Stephanie about how he feels about her. Because of the rape, she pushed him away. Stefano was hatching a new diabolical scheme involving an unconscious body in Rolf’s secret lab. Sami told EJ that she wants out of their fake marriage. Shawn advised Chloe not to get involved with Philip. Lucas told Kate that he shot EJ and she urged him to run away rather than go to the cops with the truth.

THIS WEEK: Marlena gets a shocking message from a psychic.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Georgie was found dead, a victim of the text message killer. Felicia tried to explain to a bitter Maxie why she stayed away for so long, but Maxie gave her the cold shoulder. Sonny narrowly avoided being killed by a sniper’s bullet as he jumped to help Kate. Johnny pulled Lulu out of harm’s way when shots ring out. Johnny and Lulu overheard Sonny ordering Jason to kill Johnny. Carly was alarmed by Michael’s behavior and feared he’d someday be just like his father. Sonny got a “Dear John” letter from Kate. Jason and Elizabeth made love and decided to continue seeing each other in secret.

THIS WEEK: Lulu can’t seem to dodge danger!

GUIDING LIGHT – Cassie refused to believe that Will has done anything evil. Josh tried in vain to get though to Will. When Daisy became Will’s babysitter, the boy plotted against her. At the mall, Will bribed a workman to cut off the electricity, trapping RJ, Reva and Josh in a stairwell. Marina used a text message to discover if Cyrus and Harley were romantically involved. Even though he wanted the money, Cyrus told Alan he wouldn’t search for Phillip because it was too upsetting for Harley. Olivia revealed her medical problems to Ava. Dinah manipulated the situation so that she was placed in rehab, where she plans to spy on Billy.

THIS WEEK: Coop is confused about Ashlee’s actions.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Rex postponed his plan to propose to Adriana and instead went to Paris, Texas to search for Marcie. Needing money, Marcie had no choice but to sell her engagement ring. John and Natalie woke up in bed together, but agreed they wouldn’t sleep together again. Having been suspended from the force, Ramsey was hired to find Todd’s son. A mishap by Marcie caused the judge to choke, which resulted in him eliminating Moe and Noelle from the Dallas Bake-Off. Antonio was taken aback to learn that Talia had requested a transfer. Todd decided to name his son Sam in memory of Sam Rappaport.

THIS WEEK: Surprising duos lock lips before the New Year.

PASSIONS – Pilar learned that her mortal enemy killed her sister while trying to find Pilar’s whereabouts. Worried for her children, Pilar revealed her horrible secret to Theresa. Ethan waited outside Little Ethan’s hospital room, wanting to thank the liver donor who saved Jonathan’s life. When he came face-to-face with Little Ethan, Gwen threatened to have Theresa’s entire family killed. Pretty bragged to Sheridan that she was carrying Luis’ baby. Tabitha uses magic to make Fancy forget, then thought about mortals she could torture to get Endora back from the Dark Side. Looking into her magic bowl, she sees Luis and Pretty and gets a bright idea.

THIS WEEK: Santa gives Esme an unforgettable Christmas present.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Sharon told Jack that after Christmas she and Noah were moving out. J.T. was thrilled while Brad was devastated when the DNA tests proved that J.T. was the baby’s father. As J.T. decided to name the baby Reed – Nikki’s maiden name – she informed Victor that she was suing him in response to his calling in her loans. When Victor refused to bend on the issue, Kay joined Nikki in the lawsuit. Cane broke Lily’s heart by saying they could only be friends because of their ages. Maggie told Victor that there was DNA proof that Victor was with Ji Min on the day he died.

pulls out the stops to win Sharon back.

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