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RECAPS – 3/11-15



THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Eric and Taylor feared Pam might do something outrageous because of her jealousy about their relationship. Anthony advised Rick to come clean to Maya regarding his true identity as a fashion heir rather than an impoverished and homeless waiter at Dayzee’s. Meanwhile, Caroline continued her attempt to regain Rick’s attention and became curious as to what, or who, was distracting him. Eric witnessed a not-so pleasant side of Caroline as she vented to him her frustrations regarding Rick’s sudden need to volunteer at Dayzee’s so often. Feeling more comfortable with Rick, Maya opened up to him about her daughter. Rick surprised Maya with a shopping trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Marcus was amused that Carter already had his eye on a couple of local ladies even though he’d been in town just a short time. Still not revealing his true identity, Rick convinced Maya to the Forrester Creations boutique to try on couture dresses for fun. Feelings were mixed when Eric announced to everyone at Forrester that Taylor was moving in with him and that he expected everyone to respect their relationship. In Rick’s absence from work, the board noticed decisions that he’d made which cost the company a lot of money. Thomas took this opportunity to pitch ideas that he hoped would make up for Rick’s mistakes. Taylor felt that she had the upper hand in her ongoing feud with Brooke. Taylor began to assert her newfound power around Forrester Creations, especially towards Brooke. Feeling as though she was owed it for stepping back from Liam, Hope asked Steffy for a considerable favor. Steffy felt as though Hope had an ulterior motive in her request. Rick profusely apologized to a betrayed Maya for hiding his true identity from her.

THIS WEEK: Dayzee warns Maya to stay away from Rick.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . John and Marlena’s reunion didn’t go as well as Marlena had hoped. Later, Kristen warned John he would never take Brady from her… and then left him baffled when she flirted with him. Stefano returned to the DiMera mansion and received a chilly reception from Brady. Chloe learned Jennifer was on her way to see Daniel. Desperate to keep them apart, Chloe drugged Daniel in his hotel room and set up a shocking scene for Jennifer to find. Sami enlisted Lucas’ help to break into the police evidence room and steal anything that might link Will to EJ’s shooting. Jennifer was devastated when Chloe answered Daniel’s door and he was passed out, half-naked in bed. Believing they’d had sex, Jennifer ran off in tears. Stefano asked EJ to move back into the mansion. Later, Kristen confessed to Stefano that she’d flirted with John as part of her revenge plan. She was about to tell him more about her endgame when Brady came down the stairs. Rafe caught Lucas and Sami in the Salem PD evidence room. He assumed they were looking to dig up dirt on Nick, not realizing they were there to destroy any evidence linking Will to EJ’s shooting. As Chloe watched unnoticed, Jennifer slapped Daniel and told him she never wanted to hear from him again. Daniel tried to question her but she rushed off. Chloe covered her tracks with Jennifer, who was left not knowing what to believe. Chloe and Nancy were horrified when they realize Chloe left her mother’s sleeping pills in Daniel’s hotel room, prompting Nancy to go over to retrieve them… Stefano was delighted by Kristen’s diabolical plot – certain John and Marlena would finally be destroyed. John continued to rebuff Marlena’s attempts to reconcile. Later, John surprised Brady by claiming he was willing to try to accept Kristen in his son’s life. John kept his agenda a secret. Will was determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick and set out to speak with her and reveal Nick’s blackmail. Gabi was thrilled when Rafe agreed to attend her wedding. John tried to convince Brady he was willing to accept his relationship with Kristen. Brady was skeptical Brady. Kristen flirtatiously reminded John that the only way to Brady is through her. Sami blew a gasket when EJ told her Stefano was back in Salem, wondering why EJ hadn’t said anything sooner.

THIS WEEK: Kristen happily accepts Brady’s proposal.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Carly was shocked to see Todd again and he pressed her to let him back into her life because he still loved her and believed she loved him. Carly told him she was with someone else. AJ and Ellie figure out that Spinelli was responsible for the missing formula for the relish ingredient. Tracy demanded Spinelli hand over the stolen paper. Elizabeth persuaded Sabrina to admit her feelings to Patrick and Felix backed her up. However just as Sabrina was going to do that, Epiphany announced Sabrina’s test results were in. Shawn went to Sonny with Molly and TJ, having heard Kate was back and hoping Kate would give Molly credit for the book now that Connie was gone. Connie’s book launch became the site of a scandal when Molly and TJ showed up with Alexis and Shawn to assert their claim that Connie didn’t write Love In Maine – Molly did. They believed Kate would back them up with the publisher, Agnes Chu. Elsewhere, Sonny went to Steve’s apartment in search of Kate, but found Olivia. Olivia told him there was tension between her and Kate. Sonny had a hunch that Connie had reemerged. Elizabeth arrived at the Metro Court for her date with AJ, but she was too late. In a tactic to keep Todd away from her, Carly forced AJ into pretending to be her boyfriend. Sabrina laid it all on the line when she confessed to Patrick how she felt about him. Todd went to Starr, demanding to know if Carly was really with AJ now. Connie confronted Sonny about sleeping with Kate. AJ demanded to be named the Quartermaine heir. AJ rushed to Liz at the hospital. Lulu and Dante were thrilled when they saw a sonogram of their baby. Maxie was emotional, hit all over again with the fact that she was giving away the baby she and Spinelli created. Ellie and Spinelli were forced to explain to Michael that Spinelli ate the recipe.

THIS WEEK: Laura’s thrown to discover that Scott wants to marry her right away.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor enlisted Abby to plan a series of surprise events for Nikki while she recovered from her treatment in the hospital. Victor told Nikki that he intended to get married in a different way, every day, until she was strong enough to walk down the aisle. Leslie told Avery that the case she was working on would destroy the lives she and Tyler have worked so hard to create. When Avery thought she was being followed, Nick insisted she drop the case. Later, Avery and Nick found her apartment had been ransacked. Later, Nick confronted Wheeler but he denied being involved in Avery’s misfortunes. Nick threatened Wheeler that if anything else happened to Avery, he would personally come after him. Meanwhile, Dylan went to Avery’s apartment and told her his father had passed away. Chloe asked Chelsea if she was going to tell Adam about the baby. Chloe thought it might be easier to pass her baby off as someone else’s. When Chelsea headed to Adam’s to tell him the truth, she found Sharon there and decided to keep the secret. Michael told Lauren he was miserable without her and wanted her to come back home. Michael convinced her to stay and they ended up the bedroom. Lauren received a text from Carmine while she was in bed with Michael. Jack asked Kyle to help him plan a surprise trip for Phyllis. Jack pressed Phyllis to reveal her true feelings for him. When Neil asked Victor what he knew about Congressman Wheeler, Victor didn’t give Neil any insight. Later, Nick stopped by and told Victor about Avery’s apartment being torn apart and that she found a pin that they think belonged to Wheeler. Neil found out that it was Wheeler who told Gus about Leslie and suggested she go see him in Milwaukee.

THIS WEEK: Adam shows up at the Newman wedding with an announcement about Victor.

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