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RECAPS – 3/18-22



THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . While Bill, Brooke and Rick celebrated the successful relaunch of Brooke’s Bedroom, Taylor attempted to burst their bubble by telling them that the collection will fail and cause additional problems for the company. Also unhappy with the surprise presentation, Thomas warned Rick that his days as president of the company were numbered. Like Katie, Donna was unconvinced by Brooke’s platonic relationship with Bill. Caroline took extreme measures to regain Rick’s attention. Taylor blindsided Katie with information regarding Brooke and Bill’s recent business endeavor. Obviously distracted, Rick was confronted by Caroline regarding his seemingly sudden disinterest in her. Maya confided in Dayzee about her day on Rodeo Drive with Rick and how he’d kept his true identity from her. After revealing that she was a Forrester, Dayzee warned Maya to stay away from Rick. During their champagne-filled celebration, Bill and Brooke disclosed to each other private and intimate thoughts. Katie was furious and accusatory when she found Bill and Brooke in a compromising, and inebriated, position.

THIS WEEK: Eric makes an announcement about his and Taylor’s relationship.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Kristen was privately thrilled when Brady told her that John seemed to still have feelings for her. Marlena pressed John to tell her the truth about his approval of Kristen and Brady. Jennifer admitted to Kristen she thought Daniel and Chloe had slept together, but couldn’t be sure because Chloe denied it. Kristen urged Jen to fight for Daniel. Daniel decided to attend a conference in San Francisco. Chloe continued to mislead Daniel about what Jennifer knew. Cameron got a mysterious phone call, and later, allowed Abigail to believe he was busy with double shifts at the hospital. A livid Brady told John and Marlena he was through with them! After he left, John blamed Marlena, leaving them more estranged than ever. Brady returned to Kristen and proposed marriage! Thanks to Chloe’s machinations, Daniel and Jennifer had a huge misunderstanding. Jennifer decided to go to the Horton cabin. At the hospital, Abigail prevented Anne from discovering Cameron doing shady business with a mysterious man. The two women got into a fight, and Cameron defended Abigail. Later, Abigail subtly tried to get answers from Cameron, who shut her down, not knowing what she’d witnessed. When Kristen bluntly asks Daniel if he’d slept with Chloe, he realized why Jennifer was so upset with him. Unaware that Daniel went to find Jen, Chloe thought he was in San Francisco and far away from Jennifer. Kristen happily accepted Brady’s proposal. John pleaded with Brady for another chance. Brady told John about his engagement. Eric and Hope took ex-con Vargas to the pub for lunch. Vargas learned that Gabi was Nick’s bride. Later, Nick gave Gabi shocking news about the baby and Will. Nicole ran into Vargas at the rectory and found herself hot and bothered and in the dark about his being the ex-con Eric took in. Daniel went to the cabin on Smith Island to work things out with Jennifer, explaining that he didn’t have sex with Chloe.

THIS WEEK: Will agrees with Sami that they need Stefano’s help to get rid of Nick.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Todd believed Carly would return to him now that she’d kissed him right on the heels of admitting she had no relationship with AJ. Carly was afraid she can’t afford to put her trust in Todd. McBain and Sam confided in each other skittishness about taking their relationship to the next level. Elsewhere, Michael and Starr obtained the chemical formula for the secret ingredient to Pickle-Lila from Ellie. They informed AJ of their success and cap off the evening by making love. AJ begged Liz for a second chance, informing her decision with background information about the real reason she saw him kissing Carly. Elizabeth had one condition – he must perform with her at the Nurse’s Ball. Lucy advised Scott to convince Laura to have a quickie marriage. Lucy used her wiles – and potentially damning information she held over Mayor Lomax – to help secure a marriage license. Scott proposed to Laura that they marry immediately. At Dante’s loft, Luke doubted Lulu’s mysterious gift was from Bobbie, especially when an ominous ticking was heard from inside the box. Dante took Olivia to the hospital to get checked out as calmer nerves prevailed. Lulu prompted Laura to confirm she only just learned Luke was no longer with Laura. Lulu told Luke she thought Laura decided to marry Scott because she believed she had no future with Luke. Laura was thrown to discover that Scott wanted to marry her that night. She admitted that she found out Luke wasn’t really with Anna. Lulu made it crystal clear to Luke that Laura wouldn’t be marrying Scott if she’d known Luke was available. Scott called, asking Lulu to go to the wedding. Olivia, at Dante’s insistence, was at the hospital. They told Patrick about her fainting episode. While Patrick ran tests and Dante was busy with work, Olivia saw the bearclock in the room. Patrick chalked up Olivia’s faint to low blood sugar and dehydration. Olivia urged Dante to go home and check out the bear. Kevin urged Mac to talk to Felicia about Frisco. Lucy demanded that Kevin go to Laura and Scott’s wedding and stand up as Scott’s best man. Mac called Felicia, wanting to talk about Frisco. Lulu was missing. Luke and Laura quickly headed to the loft to aid in the search for their daughter. Dante called Luke and told him what had happened. He also called Anna, who showed up at the loft. Previously, Duke and Mac discussed their respective relationship troubles, while Anna and Felicia did the same. While Mac mentioned his concerns about Frisco to Duke, Felicia confided in Anna that she’d been thinking about Frisco, and had dug out their old wedding photo.

THIS WEEK: Tracy breaks into the lab intent on stealing the formula for the relish.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victoria promised Nikki her wedding day will be perfect even though Nikki thought there was too much to do on such a short notice. Later at the GCAC, Victoria met with the catering manager to finalize details for the wedding. Adam overheard Nick and Victoria discussing Congressman Wheeler’s deceased daughter Stephanie. Victor asked Adam why he kept bringing up Wheeler’s daughter since he was the one who dumped her body in the alley. Adam didn’t think Victor had any evidence to link him to Stephanie’s death. Later, Adam hired a private investigator and learned that Victor has a witness that saw Adam dump Stephanie’s body in the alley. Chelsea ran into Dylan at the coffeehouse and learned he was moving back to Chicago. Chloe saw the smile on Chelsea’s face and asked her about Dylan. Chloe continued to suggest that Chelsea find someone to pass off as the father of her baby. Avery and Neil accompanied Leslie to the prison to see her father. An overwhelmed Leslie asked Gus why he killed her mother. Later, Avery told Nick that Leslie had decided to help her in Gus’ case. Nick told Avery he overheard Wheeler talking about having had an alibi. When Leslie told Tyler that she saw their dad, Tyler decided to go see Gus for himself. Ashley returned to Genoa City and surprised Jack at his office. Despite walking away from Newman and all the improvements he’d made with Jabot, Ashley was concerned about his growing relationship with Phyllis. Phyllis walked in on them talking and asked if Ashley had a problem with her being involved with Jack. Jack tried to cover but Ashley thought it was too soon into Jack’s recovery for him to being taking romantic trips with Phyllis. Jack thought that the trip would help prove that Phyllis and he belonged together.

THIS WEEK: A gunshot goes off as tragedy strikes at Nikki and Victor’s wedding.

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