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RECAPS – 3/25-29



THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Katie was less than thrilled by the compromising position in which she found Brooke and Bill. Even with her mind on Rick, Maya agreed to go on a date with a very persistent Carter. Hope advised an extremely confused Rick to be honest with Caroline about his feelings for Maya. Dayzee became upset when she learned that the guy that Maya was interested in was Rick. She let Caroline know that something was going on between Rick and Maya. When Bill walked in on a personal conversation, he berated Taylor for giving Katie unnecessary reasons for concern about him and Brooke. This interaction lead to Bill and Katie hashing out all of the problems they were currently having in their marriage. Donna was disappointed in her sister when Brooke confessed about what had been going on between her and Bill. Dayzee felt too close for comfort when Maya arrived at Eric’s dinner party with Carter. Rick was stunned to find Maya in his father’s home and on a date with Carter. Brooke attempted to keep her thoughts and her feelings for Bill suppressed even when he turned to her with his concerns regarding Katie. After a heart-to-heart talk with Danielle, Caroline set out to show Rick what he was missing. The guests at Eric’s dinner party were tense and confused by the earlier interaction between Maya and Rick. Maya was heartbroken when she witnessed a private moment between Rick and Caroline. Following another failed attempt to regain Rick’s attention, Caroline sought out Maya to warn her to stay away from her man. Taylor and Brooke didn’t mince words as they exchanged damning accusations about each other’s personal lives.

THIS WEEK: Katie is furious when Brooke calls her to say that Bill isn’t going to make it home.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Nick opened up to Gabi about his horrific time in prison. Pushed to the limit, Will finally agreed with Sami that they needed to ask Stefano to get rid of Nick. Stefano greeted them with open arms. Stefano’s warm welcome set off alarm bells with Sami, who worried EJ may suffer at the hands of his father if they stayed under his roof. Kate received a text from Stefano, which alerted a protective Rafe. Kate downplayed it, but then called Stefano and told him to buzz off because she’d moved on! Later, Kate overheard startling news from Sonny and Adrienne which caused her to slap Rafe’s face! Abigail and Cameron started to take thing to the next level… A misunderstanding between Kate and Rafe over Will pulled the two apart, but when each realized they were wrong, they came together. Sonny was shocked to see Rafe and Katie in a romantic moment. Sonny prepared to blab to Will. Sami gloated to Rafe and Kate that she’d moved into the DiMera mansion with EJ. Brady lowered the boom on Marlena that he was getting married. John arrived and they all argued. Kristen later manipulated John and Marlena, further destroying their relationship with Brady. Cameron and Abigail got hot and heavy, but when she once again pulled back from making love, Cameron wasn’t pleased. Just as Kristen believed everything with Brady was perfect, one of her schemes came back to haunt her in a big way. Chloe made a mysterious call to Nancy. She asked her mother to be sure to get things ready. Chloe then had a heated run-in with Nicole. Daniel and Jennifer returned from their blissful reunion on Smith Island. While Daniel went to lay down the law with Chloe, Jennifer went home and was confronted by a frosty Chloe. Kate intercepted Sonny and urged him to keep quiet about her and Rafe. Later, she regretfully broke things off with Rafe. Victor had a strong reaction when Brady told him about his upcoming wedding. Sy visited Kristen, the thug she hired to beat up Brady.

THIS WEEK: Kate and Rafe encounter Stefano and his new girlfriend.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Anna spied Britt with Obrecht. Meanwhile, Dante caught the shooter. Patrick started to tell Sabrina how he felt about her, but they were interrupted. Felix did a slow burn over Milo and Sabrina. TJ assumed it was because Felix wanted Sabrina for himself. Milo figured that he interrupted something between Sabrina and Patrick. Britt and Obrecht make it clear that they have big plans to surprise Patrick at the Nurses Ball. Scott blamed Bobbie for the fact that Laura was with Luke at the hospital instead of Scott, reminding her that years ago she brought her brother to town to try to break up Scott and Laura so she could have Scott for herself. Bobbie revealed that she was happy in Seattle but wished her son, Lucas, would meet someone. After giving her a bit of a hard time about Rafe, TJ asked Molly to the Nurses Ball. They worried when Shawn and Alexis failed to show up for a planned dinner. Carly debuted the retrofitted Metro Court Ballroom to an elated Lucy. Carly worried that Todd hadn’t reached out to her yet. Felix let Sabrina know that he was not pleased that she went on a date with Milo. Sabrina thought Felix was being ridiculous because Milo wasn’t gay. Felix stormed off, leaving Sabrina to consider placing her friendship with Felix over Milo. At the hospital, Milo offered to back off from Sabrina if Patrick had feelings for her. Felix arranged for Milo and Sabrina to attended the ball together. Alexis took a discharged Shawn back to her home to recuperate. TJ admitted to Shawn that he’d begun to see him as a father figure while Sam confided in Alexis that she was planning on giving John the space he needed. Sam offered to drive TJ and Molly to the Nurses Ball rehearsal. Lucy held a rehearsal for the opening number of the Nurses Ball. Sam, TJ, Molly, and Milo were there to volunteer, and Sabrina and Felix made up after the dust-up over Sabrina dating Milo. Lucy announced a special guest choreographer.

THIS WEEK: The Drakes are surprised by the arrival of Noah at the Ball.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Tyler accused Gus of killing his mother because she was having an affair. Gus denied it and insisted that their marriage may not have been perfect but that he loved Belinda. Later, Lily found Tyler sitting alone in Neil’s office. Tyler reluctantly opened up to Lily and talked to her about his rocky relationship with his father. Leslie told Congressman Wheeler she thought her father was innocent. Based on the way Wheeler talked about her mother and went on about Gus, Leslie suspected that Marcus knew a lot more than he was willing to let on. At the Athletic Club, Carmine slipped a room key to Lauren and told her where she could find him. Lauren went to return the key but lust overcame her and she ended up in bed with Carmine once again. Later, Michael pressed Lauren to be completely honest with him. A frustrated Lauren shot down the idea of marriage counseling and tried to dodge Michael’s questions. Michael blasted Lauren and said that he felt like he was the only one fighting for their marriage. When Summer headed to Jabot to look for Kyle, she ran into Phyllis. Summer told a suspicious Phyllis that she was going to get started on some filing Jack wanted her to do. Summer texted Kyle and asked him to meet her in Jack’s office for a coffee break as she plotted to surprise him. Phyllis walked in on an uncomfortable moment between Kyle and Summer. Later, Phyllis told Jack she has to cancel their trip and focus on Summer. When Jack offered to talk to Kyle about Summer’s growing crush, Phyllis told him that she thought it would be best if Summer interned for the Jabot fashion line with Neil. The Newman family continued to celebrate the wedding reception. Adam arrived and suggested everyone at the reception grab a drink so he could make a toast to the happy couple. Billy tried to interrupt before Adam could out Victor and his involvement in Stephanie Wheeler’s death. Nick recognized Bob who was posing as one of the waiters. Nick was unable to recall where he’s seen him before. The guests were shocked when Bob pulled a gun. Victor walked in the living room to ask what the commotion was as Bob aimed his gun and fired. The gun went off and the wedding guests screamed and fell to the floor to take cover.

THIS WEEK: Jack and Victor decide to work together to bring down Marcus.

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