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RECAPS – 4/1-4/5



THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . While meeting with Danielle, Katie’s gut intuition told her that something was wrong with someone that she cares about. She confessed to Danielle that she thinks that there was something going on between Bill and Brooke. The police became suspicious when they came across a single-car crash scene and no passengers anywhere to be found. Brooke did everything in her power to protect Bill from being incriminated in any way about the car accident. Brooke downplayed the seriousness of the situation as Lt. Baker grilled her about the details surrounding the car crash. Taylor stirred the pot as she voiced to Rick, Thomas, and Eric her concern regarding Bill and Brooke’s association and how it might affect Forrester Creations. Donna attempted to calm a flustered Katie down as she talked about her suspicion that Brooke and Bill were having an affair behind her back. Katie was furious when Brooke called her to inform her that Bill would not be home tonight. As they babysat Will, Hope and Liam fondly discussed the life and family that they could have had together if outside forces hadn’t gotten in the way. Katie felt that her suspicions were confirmed when she again found Bill and Brooke in a compromising position. Brooke and Bill attempted to justify what Katie saw, but it just might not be enough to save the marriage. During her lunch with Dayzee, Caroline was green with envy when she witnessed Rick on a date with Maya. She concocted a devious plan that she was certain would get Maya out of Rick’s life forever.

THIS WEEK: Donna confronts Bill and Brooke about their association.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Per Chloe’s orders, a pained Jennifer was forced to break up with Daniel, but he didn’t understand this sudden turnaround and questioned if this has anything to do with Chloe. Kate’s discovery threatened to expose Chloe’s plan. Vargas confronted Nick, who was shocked to learn he was free and in Salem. Vargas reminded Nick of how he protected him in prison and cryptically refers to their “deal.” Sami ripped into Nicole, who later received comfort from Vargas. Eric received upsetting news. Sami and Will took their first step in reestablishing a bond with Stefano, hoping to lay the groundwork before asking him to take care of Nick. Kate and Rafe encountered Stefano and his new girlfriend. Kate worried Stefano might suspect she was involved with Rafe. Reluctant Jennifer pulled out all the stops to convince Daniel that Jack was the great love of her life, and he could not be replaced. Later, a hurt and confused Daniel lashed out at Chloe, demanding to know if she’d done something to upset Jennifer. Sy approached Kristen again. He asked her for hush money. She was unnerved when he revealed he had a picture of her paying him for Brady’s mugging. Kristen brushed him off again and was later horrified when she saw Marlena meeting with her new patient – Sy! John asked Sami for a favor involving his son. Will realized Nick was rattled and pressed him to find out what was going on. Sonny confessed to Will that he was keeping a secret. Chloe warned Jennifer that Daniel was still holding out hope. Having no choice, Jennifer went to the hospital to confront him, but before she could a word, Daniel pulled her into a passionate kiss. Vengeful Sy was determined to speak with Marlena about Kristen. Panicked Kristen enlisted EJ’s help to deal with Sy – though she kept her brother in the dark about exactly why she was in a tizzy about this man. Sonny stunned Will with the news that Rafe and Kate was an item. Will was upset, and Kate and Rafe tried to smooth things over.

THIS WEEK: Vargas manipulates Nicole.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Monica comforted Elizabeth. Sonny was leaving a message for Connie/Kate’s doctor, wondering when he might expect her to come home. Michael arrived and Sonny revealed that Connie/ Kate was in intensive integration therapy. Michael was surprised to hear that Sonny was in love with both personalities. After Michael left, someone rang Sonny’s doorbell. Bobbie visited Carly and had a gift for Josslyn. Carly poured out her heart to her mother about her fake relationship with AJ and her real one with Todd. Bobbie urged her to have faith in herself and in the man she loves. After Bobbie left, Carly’s doorbell rang. AJ launched an attack on smug Tracy for having stolen the relish recipe from him and Michael. Monica arrived and Tracy informed her that she’d hired a new cook. She urged her to sample the creations. As Epiphany gave new interns a tour, the town received visitors from the past. Luke stood in front of Laura to protect her when her life is threatened. As Sonny absorbed the news that Brenda shared, Carly was left confused and unsure about where she stood. Meanwhile, an angry and suspicious Sonny questioned whether Brenda planned to come to him in order to get revenge for all that happened between them last time they connected. Preparations for the Nurses Ball continued. Lucy approved the new opening number. Milo admitted to TJ that he’d been feeling rotten about having deleted the phone message from Patrick to Sabrina. Sabrina walked in on this conversation but they were interrupted by Lucy calling rehearsal to order. Meanwhile, Elizabeth learned Patrick had called Sabrina and she never called him back. Later, Elizabeth asked Sabrina why she hadn’t called Patrick back. It was the day of the Nurses Ball. Patrick was perturbed by Emma’s news that Sabrina had a “boyfriend” who was at the center of some drama regarding Felix. The Drakes were surprised by the arrival of Noah who had come to attend the Ball in honor of Robin.

THIS WEEK: Brenda asks to meet with Sonny.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jack and Victor decided to work together to bring down Congressman Wheeler. When Wheeler went to the ranch, Jack and Victor accused him of sending the shooter to Victor and Nikki’s wedding. Michael surprised Lauren and suggested they get a formal separation. Later, Lauren told him she was ready to do whatever it took to save their marriage. Michael told Kevin that Lauren was ready to give their marriage another shot. Later, Lauren met Carmine at the Athletic Club. Cane became worried after Katherine continuously showed severe signs of forgetfulness. When Katherine told Cane that she knew what was wrong with her, Cane was shocked to learn that she had diagnosed herself with Alzheimer’s and urged her to go see a doctor. Later, Katherine grew more concerned when she tested herself and struggled with her memories. Alex and Paul questioned Wheeler about his relationship with Victor. When Paul asked Alex to do a little digging, Alex found a family photo of Wheeler and recognized his daughter Stephanie as the woman from New Year’s Eve that he saw leaving with Jack. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to tell Adam about their baby. Later, Billy and Victoria continued to plan for their future and discuss having another child. Later, they ran into Chloe at the hospital after their appointment with the fertility doctor and Billy asked Chloe for more time with Delia. Victoria asked Chelsea if things were really over for Adam and Chelsea since he was a different, happier person when they were together. Lily forced Tyler to face his true emotions about his father and his murder trial. Tyler opened up and reveals his real name to Lily.

THIS WEEK: Jack and Victor set up Marcus for murder.

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