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RECAPS – 4/8-12



THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Brooke and Bill learned that there was collateral damage that immediately followed their fallout with Katie. Maya was excited about her movie role offer and hoped it would be her big break. She soon learned that the role wasn’t what she’d expected. While following up on her business arrangement, Caroline found herself in an awkward situation. Donna confronted Bill and Brooke about their association with each other. Donna was suspicious of Brooke and Bill and blamed them for Katie’s condition. Brooke pleaded with Donna not to tell anyone about what happened the evening before with Bill. Taylor was unhappy when found finds Liam and Hope spending time together with Will. When Taylor learned about Katie’s current state, she immediately knew whom to blame. Tired of Taylor’s damning accusations about him and Brooke having caused Katie’s ailment, Bill set her straight. Donna was worried that Taylor might have overheard an incriminating conversation with Brooke. Bill and Brooke begged Katie forgive them for the fight they’d had the night before. Hope and Liam shared their feelings with each other about Steffy’s pregnancy. Caroline and Dayzee conspired about what they could do to get Maya out of Rick’s and their lives for good. Confused by his recent interactions with Maya, Hope confronted Rick about whether or not he was still dating Caroline.

THIS WEEK: Maya holds her own when Caroline warns her to stay away from Rick.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Daniel was reunited with his son when Nancy and Parker returned from Brazil – and Chloe struggled to keep up the lie that they were in New York. Her deception might not last long as Daniel stumbled upon Nancy’s passport. Emotional Jennifer made mysterious travel plans. Victor was intrigued when he got a call from Sy, who anonymously claimed to have information on Brady and Kristen. Kristen freaked out when Hope told Brady they’d arrested the man who mugged him! Vargas manipulated Nicole, who continued to find herself drawn to the ex-con. Nancy unwittingly prevented Daniel from discovering Chloe’s secret. However, Daniel’s suspicions were raised, and he went to Rafe for help. Later, Rafe returned to Daniel with stunning information. Nicole learned about Jennifer dumping Daniel in front of the entire hospital. Twigged, she confronted Chloe, accusing her of somehow getting Jennifer to break up with Daniel! Gabi was stunned when Kate presented her with legal papers to ensure Will’s place in his daughter’s life. Kristen tried to keep calm as Brady sees a mug shot of Sy and identified him as the mugger. Hope put out an APB. Kristen got on the phone with Sy to warn him, and he slyly assured he wouldn’t bother her again. Earlier, Sy had called Victor and to try to tell him the information he had on Kristen. But Maggie interrupted and a panicked Sy hung up. Sy then decided to mail Victor the photo of Kristen paying him off, placing it in an envelope marked as an art proposal for Titan. Thanks to stunning information from Rafe and Nicole, Daniel figured out Chloe’s deception! Jennifer sought comfort from her mother, Laura. Sonny visited EJ and offered to spy on Nick to help protect Will. Sami confronted EJ about having an ulterior motive in moving back into the mansion. Kate pressured Gabi to sign papers giving Will certain rights to the baby. Nick arrived in time to stop Gabi, pointing out the papers went much further than Kate indicated. Rafe also showed up and was furious with Kate’s stunt. Daniel confronted Chloe – he knew she used Parker to blackmail Jennifer into breaking up with him. Cornered, Chloe made a stunning threat. Jennifer admitted to Laura that she was forced to give up Daniel.

THIS WEEK: Rafe and Kate attempt to reconcile.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . The Nurses Ball continued with songs, dances and deceptions. Felicia gave Frisco an answer to his proposal. Lucy fought off the choreographer who returned with a vengeance, furious that Lucy rejected his opening number. His retaliation threw a wrench in Duke’s planned tango with her. Anna filled in and they did their iconic tango. Patrick paid tribute to Robin, but Britt stormed the stage with an announcement. The Nurses Ball concluded. Britt shocked Port Charles with her news but Patrick refused to let her ruin the event. Everyone united as Lucy drew the evening to a close with a song sung by all. Olivia took the stage with a comedic act entitled “Bensonhurst Medium.” Molly and TJ sang a duet. Epiphany led “The Revelations” in a showstopper. Ellie questioned Maxie about her baby-related secret, but Maxie was on the defensive. Later, Ellie discussed her concerns with Spinelli. AJ and Liz shared a kiss. Luke and Laura woke up to an unexpected situation. They were poised for another surprise. Nikolas woke suddenly and had something he had to tell Alexis. Bobbie consoled Scott over Laura going missing with Luke. AJ and Liz continued growing closer following the Nurses Ball. Mac shared good news with Anna. Carly was shocked to find Brenda in bed with someone. Nikolas revealed horrifying news as Luke and Laura faced their nightmare. Meanwhile, Dante had another plan, but at the end of the day, he discovered a body and got the shock of his life.

THIS WEEK: Ellie enlists Spinelli to help her investigate the truth about Dante and Lulu’s baby.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Lauren tells Michael that she had been running from their problems and realized that she wanted to be at home with her family. Later, Carmine texted Lauren to say he missed her. Leslie vowed to find new grounds for her father’s appeal. Later, Paul and Alex told Leslie they had new evidence that proved Congressman Wheeler’s involvement in her mother’s murder and that an arrest warrant had been issued. Paul let Victor know that the DNA results might take some time to come in but that he and Jack had been given full immunity for their involvement in Stephanie Wheeler’s death. Chelsea was reassured at the hospital that her baby was healthy. Chelsea checked in on Adam who said he’d been thinking a lot about the second chance he’d been given. Later, Chelsea ran into her doctor in the hallway and was given a sonogram of the baby. Avery learned that Nick had given Dylan his bartending job back at The Underground. Nick offered to use his influence as a Newman to get the charges dropped so Dylan could leave town sooner. Dylan declined the offer and told Nick that Avery wouldn’t want him to go above the law to fix Dylan’s legal problems. Later, Avery came back to The Underground and found that Nick had set up a romantic evening for her. Nick proposed to Avery. Meanwhile, Dylan ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights and let her know he was going to be staying in Genoa City longer than he planned. At the Abbott mansion, Abby questioned Kyle about Summer’s feelings for him. Kyle said that her crush should fade since she’d be away from him and interning in Jabot’s fashion division. Kyle went upstairs as Abby left and Summer dropped by. When Summer claimed that she needed information about Phyllis and Jack’s vacation plans, Abby saw through her lies and told Summer that Kyle wasn’t home. After Abby left, Summer sneaked inside and went upstairs to see Kyle. Summer tried to coax a shocked Kyle into bed with her. Kyle told Summer he was interested in someone else and tried to let Summer down gently. Later, Summer researched how to get the attention of an older man.

THIS WEEK: Victor announces that he plans on running Newman Enterprises with Adam.

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