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RECAPS – 4/15-19



THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Steffy and Liam began to make wedding plans by working on a dress design and choosing the maid-of-honor. Bill and Brooke went back and forth about whether or not they acted too soon on believing that Katie was ready to end her marriage. Dr. Meade was concerned about Katie’s prognosis and conferred with Bill and Brooke about what steps to take if her condition does not improve. Donna was forced to defend Brooke when Taylor incessantly probed her about what she knew regarding the cause of Katie’s latest heart issue. When Katie regained consciousness, Bill and Brooke were shocked by the question she asked. As Liam and Steffy were making preparations for their wedding, an unlikely candidate emerged to be their Justice of the Peace. Bill submitted to Katie’s requests but had reservations about recommitting his life to her after their last exchange of words. Katie explained to Bill and Brooke unknown details about the night of their fallout. Caroline’s previous moment of weakness and lack of judgment came back to haunt her. Knowing that Liam and Steffy will be getting married the following day, Hope began to concoct a plan to stop the wedding. Liam went to Hope to tell her firsthand about the wedding. Caroline schemed with Carter to ensure that Maya stayed as far away from Rick as possible. Bill and Brooke agreed to put their feelings for each other on hold as they concentrated on helping Katie recover.

THIS WEEK: Carter deals with meeting Marcus’ biological father, Justin, for the first time.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Daniel tricked Jennifer into coming home and revealed he knows all about Chloe’s blackmail. Later, Chloe arrived and told them she’s made a decision that will affect them all. Kristen and Victor had a tense exchange as they worked with Brady to select artwork for the Titan offices. They prepared to open the envelope anonymously sent from Sy, not realizing the picture of Kristen paying him off was inside. Rafe and Kate attempted to reconcile but he inadvertently insulted her, and she stormed off. Vargas and Nicole grew closer and came close to kissing – just as Sami arrived outside. Chloe, full of regret, informed Daniel and Jennifer she was leaving town to get her head straight. She apologized for her actions and then went. Anne was sorry to see her friend leave and was still determined to bring down Jennifer. Meanwhile, Daniel told Jennifer he wanted to pick up where they left off. Victor, Brady and Kristen were about to open the envelope from Sy but were interrupted. Brady later took the envelope – along with other proposals – to the coffee house, where he asked Marlena to help him go through the selections. Stefano informed Kristen that Sy was still in town and offered to take care of him. John asked to meet with a hopeful Marlena, who was then disappointed by his request. Later, John showed up on Kristen’s doorstep with a gift. Nicole told Vargas she thought pursuing a relationship with him while they were both working at the church was a bad idea. EJ proposed to Sami! Sami gave EJ an answer to his proposal. Kate was inwardly irked when Lucas noted Rafe will never find another love like Sami. Gabi figured out Rafe and Kate are an item. Rafe corrected her – they are no longer together. Gabi encouraged him to find love, and he later offered Kate a peace offering. Vargas put more pressure on Nick. John gave Kristen a symbolic gift from their past. Brady and Marlena came close to discovering the incriminating photo of Kristen.

THIS WEEK: Abigail is in damage control mode after learning Anne is one step closer to getting Cameron fired.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The situation seemed to be dire for Lulu. A drunk Scott ended up kissing Bobbie. Patrick promised Sabrina that Britt’s pregnancy would not come between them. Felix was doubtful of Britt’s intentions. Noah gave Patrick extra support in his new relationship with Sabrina, and we saw Noah spark one of his own as well at the airport. Meanwhile, a stranger told Patrick how moved she was by his speech about Robin. Michael told Sonny about his tryst with Brenda. Connie/Kate arrived at Sonny’s door. AJ taunted Carly with his knowledge of what happened between Michael and Brenda. Their argument heated up. Michael came home but wouldn’t give Carly the time of day. Dante tried to get through to Lulu, but she stunned them by with a surprising announcement! Sabrina and Felix took a moment to discuss the latest developments in her relationship with Patrick. Meanwhile, Britt floored Patrick. Patrick told Sabrina as Felix kept a wary eye on Britt and her plans. Ellie apologized for spying on Maxie and she made the assumption that Maxie was really talking about Britt’s baby. But Ellie’s suspicions were piqued. Sonny and Carly discussed Brenda and Michael’s tryst, Brenda arrived to see Michael. AJ and Michael strategized over ELQ. Later, Spinelli had news about the Quartermaine heir. Lucy’s hope to adopt Rafe were dashed despite Alexis’ strong defense. Meanwhile, Shawn reassured TJ who was uncomfortable with Molly’s closeness with Rafe. Lucy suggested Sam be Rafe’s official guardian.

THIS WEEK: Elizabeth and AJ have a confrontation that may benefit Tracy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Michael told Lauren that he thought they should start going to marriage counseling. Hoping to avoid their problems and to get past her indiscretion with Carmine, Lauren suggested that they go on a vacation together. Later, Paul became suspicious of Lauren and Carmine. Tyler had a hard time adjusting to his father being out of prison. Noah and Tyler commiserated over not being able to trust people and they shared a drink at The Underground. Later, Tyler confided in Lily about his conflicted feelings about his father. Things began to heat up between them as Lily comforted him. Katherine received her test results and was shocked by her diagnosis. Katherine told Cane that aside from Lily, no one else can know about her tumor. When Cane tried to convince Katherine to share her results with Murphy and Jill, Katherine refused. Victor and Adam agreed to work together at Newman Enterprises. Victor offered to sell his penthouse to Adam at a reasonable price. Victoria became jealous of their newfound relationship and refused to work with either of them. Jack and Phyllis enjoyed a romantic vacation in Istanbul. Jack got a call from Congressman Wheeler who bragged that he was out on bail. Wheeler was shocked when he was arrested for orchestrating the shooting at the Newman ranch. Victor told Jack that their short lived alliance was over now that Wheeler was taken care of. Later, Jack asked Phyllis to move in with him. When Nick warned Summer that she was not allowed to date Kyle, Summer told Nick that he didn’t have a say in who she dated. Later, Courtney helped Summer devise a plan to win Kyle over. Kyle warned Nick that Summer’s new look will attract a lot of attention from older guys. Things heated up between Neil and Leslie until they were interrupted by Gus who prepared dinner for them. Later, Leslie’s curiosity about her father grew when he quickly stopped her from going through a box of his personal belongings. Nick told Avery he wanted to have more kids with her. She dodged the topic and suggested that they try to set a date for their wedding. When Nick told Noah about his engagement, Noah questioned the timing of the proposal and asked if Nick jumped the gun because Dylan was still in town. Nick explained that he wanted to ask her even before Dylan came back into her life and after the ordeal at the ranch he didn’t want to wait any longer to pop the question. Later, Dylan told Avery that she’d make an excellent mother someday. Chloe tried to convince Chelsea to find a guy she could pass off as her baby’s father. Chloe figured out that Chelsea’s mystery one night stand was Dylan.

THIS WEEK: Victor and Adam finalize plans to run Newman Enterprises together with or without his other children.

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