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RECAPS – 4/22-26



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam and Steffy’s wedding began with family and friends looking on and wishing the best for this young couple. Hope had her mind set on crashing the wedding and winning Liam back. Brooke, Rick, and Oliver banned together in support of Hope. Katie received a good prognosis and was told she might be released from the hospital pending further test results. Donna confronted Brooke about what happened between her and Bill the night of the accident. Caroline divulged to Carter about her plan for a future with her and Rick. Brooke presented Katie with sound advice on how to reignite the spark in her marriage with Bill. Oliver made an earnest attempt to assist Hope in getting her mind off of her heartbreak and offered her a happy future with him. Now that Katie had returned home, Bill proved to her that he was recommitting to their marriage. Brooke planned to permanently suppress her loving feelings for Bill for the sake of her sister’s marriage and health. Caroline was not very successful when she attempted to regain Rick’s attention from Maya. She recruited Carter to assist her with keeping Maya away from Rick. Bill and Katie tried to find way to make up for lost time and for their prior unkind actions towards each other. A third spokesperson for Hope for the Future was named. Katie was pleasantly surprised by the gesture that Bill presented her with as a token of his recommitment to their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Taylor is left with questions of her own after overhearing Lt. Baker interrogate Brooke about her car accident. Brooke goes to bat for Oliver with Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer and Maggie made amends. An incensed Eric caught Nicole and Vargas about to break a commandment in the rectory office. The priest tore into defiant Nicole, who quit. She later hooked back up with Vargas – and as things heated up, she called out Eric’s name! A mischievous Kristen purposely orchestrated an awkward moment for Rafe and Sami. Cameron pulled Abigail into a searing kiss for saving his career. Nicole and Vargas got into a heated argument over her scandalous slip of the tongue. Eric confided in Father Matt about Nicole. Kristen tried to return John’s gift but they ended up in a close, physical moment. Ciara was about to show her mom the picture of Kristen and Sy but she was interrupted when Hope got bad news – Bo’s return had been delayed. Ciara threw a temper tantrum, which Brady came upon. He managed to calm her, and Ciara told her cousin she knew something about his girlfriend. Daniel and Jennifer related surprising information to Eric about Nicole. Eric later asked Nicole not to quit and she happily agreed – though she remained concerned about her feelings for the priest. Jennifer succeeded in getting her job back at the hospital – much to Anne’s chagrin. The two women face off, and it was clear Anne was not giving up on destroying Jennifer. Brady interrupted a moment of sexual tension between John and Kristen. He nearly came to blows with his father. Ciara continued to hold the key to unraveling Kristen’s deception. Sami and Will spent time with Stefano, hoping to ingratiate themselves enough to ask for his help regarding Nick.

THIS WEEK: Daniel performs a strip tease. Brady nearly comes to blows with his father.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sabrina updated Felix about Britt’s planned abortion. Felix encouraged Sabrina to take charge and ask Patrick on a date. Meanwhile, Connie and Milo exchanged stories about their lonely hearts. Laura reunited with Scott. Scott and Luke exchanged heated words. Dante pressured Lulu to remember their life together. Overwhelmed, Lulu ran away. EOD, Lulu came to the Floating Rib and found Milo. Brenda asked Sonny to run away with her to Italy. Liz and Nikolas shared a close moment, and he spilled that AJ threatened him. Spinelli left town in pursuit of the Quartermaine heir, unaware that Ellie was continuing to try to uncover Maxie’s secret about the baby. Felicia nearly ingested a wedding ring at the Floating Rib. Milo hid Lulu from her loved ones in his apartment. Milo came face to face with Dante in search of his wife. As AJ and Michael tried to troubleshoot the original relish recipe, Tracy hit obstacles in selling her version. But she might have found a new business partner. Britt insisted on ending her pregnancy on her own, but later she called Patrick and asked him to accompany her just as he was about to go on his first date with Sabrina. Emma wondered about her new baby brother or sister, catching Felix completely off guard. Britt found Ellie about to open Maxie’s medical records. Milo covered while Dante enlisted Max’s help to find Lulu. Patrick and Britt checked in at the clinic. Ellie refused to give up on Maxie’s suspicious behavior, and tricked Spinelli.

THIS WEEK: AJ’s actions lead to an unexpected kiss. Lulu’s actions lead Dante to punch someone.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Carmine showed up at Lauren and Michael’s apartment, narrowly avoiding Fen exiting. Lauren told Carmine that she didn’t want to lose her marriage and that he needed to leave. After winning On The Boulevard in a high stakes poker game, Billy shocked Victoria with the news that he bought the restaurant. Victoria questioned why he wouldn’t have consulted her on such an important decision. Billy took her to the restaurant and told her that he hoped to make some big improvements and turn it into a successful business. Later, they ran into Barry and Victoria picked up on the awkwardness between them and sensed that something was up. Nick and Avery made up after their argument about Dylan. When they started to talk about wedding plans, Avery realized that she needed to tell Phyllis about their engagement. Sharon dropped by Newman Enterprises to clear out her desk. Adam told her he went to see Chelsea to ask if she thought he could fix things between them. After some prodding from Adam, Sharon revealed that Chelsea was pregnant. Later, Adam found Chelsea with Dylan at Crimson Lights and demanded to know who the father of her baby was. A shocked Dylan listened as Chelsea considered her options. Meanwhile, Sharon was surprised to hear about Nick and Avery’s engagement. Nikki told Victor that Billy and Victoria were trying to have another child. Later, Victor asked Victoria if working at Newman Enterprises was going to interfere with her plans to have another baby. Leslie told her father that she knew how hard it must be for him to be back in the real world after spending 12 years in prison. Later, Gus had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Gus woke up in the hospital in a confused state and mentioned a woman’s name that Leslie was unfamiliar with. Leslie questioned who the woman was and what her relationship to Gus was. Chloe and Kevin agreed that their marriage was in a funk and needed spicing up. They vowed to stop stealing to get a quick fix and realized that they could easily end up in prison. As Phyllis packed her things to move into Jack’s house, Avery came by tell to Phyllis that she accepted Nick’s proposal. A shocked Phyllis had a heated discussion with Avery and told her that she was a rebound for Nick. Later, Jack came by and found Phyllis struggling to process the news of Nick’s engagement. Leslie urged Tyler to make peace with Gus. Later, Leslie asked Gus who the woman was that he mentioned when he was in the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Nick worries that Dylan is staying in town because of his feelings for Avery. Leslie blames herself for adding any stress that may have caused Gus’ heart attack.

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