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RECAPS – 4/29 – 5/3



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — An outraged Taylor and Brooke angrily went after each other. Eric had to separate Brooke and Taylor, but he stunned Taylor when he appeared to defend Brooke’s actions. Like Brooke, Eric and Ridge were suspicious of Amber’s motives with Rick. Taylor felt betrayed and upset wondering if she could count on Eric’s loyalty any longer. Brooke leaned on Eric for comfort and support when she got bad news from the doctor. She was stunned because the news seemed to come out of left field without warning. Liam and Steffy felt as if they were being unfairly maligned by so called friends and family in their immediate circle who were openly critical of the state of their marriage. They turned away from all the negativity and tried to concentrate on coming up with a name for their new little bundle of joy. Hope and Steffy ran into each other by chance and it proved to be extremely awkward for both of them. Rick gave Maya a heads up about his plans for the Future campaign. Caroline’s plan to lure Rick back prompted her to recruit a bunch of sexy guys.

THIS WEEK: Liam contemplates an important question. A newcomer poses a threat to Maya’s happiness.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen and Brady were thrown when they opened Ciara’s “special” envelope. Brady later made a mysterious request. John confided his master plan to Victor. Meanwhile, Kristen did the same with Stefano. Sonny’s quick thinking stopped Nick from discovering him and Sami. Once Nick left his room, Sami grabbed what she needed to save Will – and as a bonus, she stole $30,000 (not knowing it belongs to Vargas). An explosive encounter with Nick left Rafe wondering what exactly was going on with his brother-in-law. Later, Nick was horrified when he realized Vargas’ money was missing. Kate bought Sami a very unusual engagement gift. Nicole realized Vargas was up to no good. She threatened to tell Eric but Vargas warned if she tried to disparage him in any way, he’d blab that she has feelings for the priest. Daniel planned a special date with Jennifer but when he realized Cameron was too broke to take out Abigail, he sacrificed his and Jennifer’s night for the young couple. Nick angrily confronted Sami about what she stole from him. Gabi threatened to leave Nick if he didn’t come clean with her. Rafe made his feelings about Sami clear to a skeptical EJ. Kate feared Stefano might know about her affair with Rafe, so she broke up with Rafe to protect him. Nicole tried to outmaneuver Vargas. Brady asked Eric to attend his wedding to Kristen. Cameron and Abigail shared a romantic dinner – and later, a sweet kiss. Sami was furious when she overheard Stefano planning to double cross her and Will. EJ had a stunning proposition for Justin – he wanted his help to take down Stefano. Rafe questioned Will about Nick’s motives.

THIS WEEK: Daniel makes a heartwarming sacrifice. Brady has stunning news for Kristen

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny left town to see what was going on with his son. Carly delivered AJ back to the Quartermaine house. AJ decided to call Liz only to hear Nikolas pick up the phone which ultimately led him to the bottle. Nikolas admitted to Liz that he wanted her back permanently in his life. Max gave Milo an ultimatum bring Lulu home, or he would rat them out to Sonny. Ellie managed to convince Maxie she was not snooping only to snoop. Ellie read through her medical files. Monica was determined to find out who AJ was spending time with. Nikolas remained determined to win Liz back. Lulu was furious at Dante’s behavior and refused to leave Milo’s place. So did Dante. Ellie called Spinelli determined what she had read in Maxie’s files. Spinelli’s discovery led to information on Lauren’s location. Determined to find out who was in her son’s room, Monica drummed out Carly while AJ distracted Liz, who told him she was ready to give him a second chance. Laura and Nikolas discussed his situation with Liz. Refusing to leave, Dante made himself at home in Milo’s apartment. Lulu took off. Maxie grabbed the phone away, informing Spinelli of Ellie’s illegal activity, then she hung up. Sonny and Shawn forced their way into Morgan’s dorm room and faced the barrel of a gun. Meanwhile, Olivia got more information from Johnny. AJ and Carly realized they swapped phones by accident and Carly learned she had missed urgent calls from Sonny. Later, AJ asked Liz to travel with him. Sabrina confronted Britt after Felix suspected her of foul play with her morning sickness, just as Patrick overheard them. Nikolas kept mum about his travel plans, but then changed his hotel plans to be the same as Liz and AJ’s. Lulu had a momentary flashback when Nikolas visited her.

THIS WEEK: Luke and Laura talk about their relationship. Sam is unhappy to find Rafe with a black eye.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — While in the hospital, Katherine got upset with Cane when she learned that he told Jill and Murphy about her diagnosis. Katherine shocked Cane when she asked him to take over Chancellor Industries in the event she was unable to come back to work. Lily, Devon, Cane, Murphy, and Jill waited as Katherine underwent surgery. Later, Jill was infuriated when she found out that Katherine had asked Cane to take over Chancellor. When Faith got upset upon learning about Nick and Avery’s engagement, Sharon and Nick assured her that they’ll always love her and will still be a family. Later, Victoria told Nick that he might have rushed the proposal to Avery. Meanwhile, Avery found out that Dylan was staying in town because Chelsea was pregnant. Sharon told Avery that if she had any doubts about her relationship with Nick that she should end it immediately. Chelsea tried to get Anita to back off of Dylan when she questioned his intentions and plans for the future. Anita blasted Chelsea and told her that her lies will catch up with her. Adam got upset when he learned that Victor closed a deal without him. Later, they discussed how to best work together and Victor gave Adam the keys to the penthouse. Later, when Sharon and Adam spent the night together, he was adamant in telling her that there were no strings attached. Sharon questioned Adam’s intentions and told him he couldn’t go through life without feeling anything.

THIS WEEK: Michael calls Lauren and is surprised when he hears a man’s voice in the background. Later, Summer tries to act sexy during her photo-shoot with Mason in hopes of getting Kyle’s attention

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