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RECAPS – 5/6-5/10



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Caroline orchestrated a charity fashion show and the proceeds were designated to benefit cancer victims. The show was a success and was great eye candy as well when Carter, Marcus, Oliver, Thomas and Rick modeled intimate men’s fashions designed for the bedroom. Maya was unnerved and visibly upset by the way Rick behaved, and she leaned on Carter for emotional support and to help her sort out her feelings. Carter sympathized and tried to comfort her. Brooke was still reeling from the emotional and physical turmoil she was in, and had a panic attack when guilt set in as well. After Caroline went to Bill seeking his help, Bill enlisted Justin to investigate Maya’s background. When Bill thought he had damning news about her, he told Maya she was going to do what he wanted her to do – or else. Thomas and Oliver saw that Hope was bummed out and decided to throw her a party, but Steffy’s arrival put a damper on things. Donna was getting more and more fed up with Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Bill tries to reassure Caroline. Liam has big plans for the night.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen and Eric had a tense encounter. Later, Kristen was stunned and emotional when Brady revealed he’d started paperwork, so they can adopt. Roman called John out on the way he’s been treating Marlena. John gave him a cryptic warning. Daniel warned Anne to back off Jennifer. A conflicted Kristen went down to what used to be the secret room to confront her past. She’s taken aback when John showed up, and Brady nearly caught the two together, but she managed to cover. Daniel and Jennifer spent a romantic afternoon together, unaware a mysterious figure had broken into her house. Later, Jennifer returned home alone and was greeted by an unexpected visitor. Sami intercepted Stefano’s dirty cop, Bernardi, and tried to trick, bribe, beg and finally steal the evidence against Will from Bernardi before he gives it to Stefano. She’s later accosted by a mysterious figure. Justin gave EJ an answer as to whether he’d help him bring down Stefano. Ciara hid important information from Hope. Kristen and John nearly kiss after a game of cat and mouse. Gabi caught Nick and Vargas in a tense moment. Later, Eric warned John not to make another mistake that could ruin everyone’s lives. Nick dragged Sami into an alley and demanded she give back the money she stole from him. She threatened to shoot him, but Nick had a secret weapon of his own.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer has an unexpected visitor. Nicole and Vargas have a tense encounter.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nikolas kept mum about his travel plans but changed his hotel plans to be the same as Liz and AJ’s. Lulu had a flashback of when Nikolas visited her and remembered something when Maxie arrived. Lulu agreed to go to a check-up with Maxie. Scott tried to pin Laura down about their nuptials as Luke arrived. Spinelli told AJ about his discovery just as Luke surprised Tracy with news about the Quartermaine heir. Ellie had a fantasy of what would happen if she revealed the truth about Maxie’s baby to Spinelli. TJ asked Molly to the prom, and later TJ tricked Rafe into coming by Kelly’s. Spinelli and Luke traveled to separate locations in search of Lauren. Dante tried to connect with Lulu and her lost memory. Luke and Laura took stock of their relationship. Lucy bolstered up Scott’s confidence in his relationship with Laura. Sam and Rafe visited a church and discussed his developing feelings for Molly. Sam and Danny wondered who else was there. Sam realized it was Alexis, and they talked about Jason. But when the family left, someone was watching Sam. Tracy and Nik arrived ready to surprise AJ with Pickle-Eddie on “The Chew.” They all mixed in the NYC hotel – Tracy with AJ as Liz found an unclothed Nik in her room. Luke met an art dealer. Spinelli spoke with a woman claiming to be Lauren. Sonny, Carly and Michael discussed potential whereabouts for Morgan and used Spinelli’s network to help.

THIS WEEK: Michael must act fast to try to find Morgan. Laura is surprised by someone from her past.

ALL MY CHILDREN — Adam proposed to Brooke and it turned out to be a two-fer. He also wanted her to run his new magazine. Celia rebelled against her overbearing mother, and continued to be the object of Peter’s attention and fascination. Jesse’s worst nightmare was confirmed when Cassandra was snatched before she could come back to Pine Valley and surprise Angie.

THIS WEEK: Angie is stunned by news. Miranda helps a friend. Opal meddles – yet again. David plans a reinvention. Angie learns the unthinkable. Miranda lends a hand to a friend. Opal does what she does best – meddles. David plots a reinvention.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Tea tried to keep things together, but she was plagued by sorrow over the the self-destructive nature of one child loss and the loss of another. Todd tried to get through to Blair and repair their relationship, but they couldn’t keep from snipping at each other. Clint had a serious talk with his family about his future with Viki. They were planning a wedding for June and Bo agreed to be Clint’s best man. Matthew tried to protect Dani by taking away her drugs, but she had another stash and wound up in the hospital from overdosing. Bo and Nora realized that an empty nest was not such a bad thing. In fact it was justy what the doctor ordered for their relationship. Todd was attacked by a hooded figure with the same tattoo that Victor had. A shady art dealer came to the new club Shelter to confront Cutter. Dorian was still having trouble trying to clear her name after Viki published a story that accused her of releasing classified information. She vowed to get even with her old rival. Clint lectured Matthew urging him to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. Meanwhile, he had no intention of taking on the responsibility of being a father for Drew, the child that he fathered with Destiny. Cutter and Rama commiserated when Shelter, Blair’s new club, got off to a rocky start.

THIS WEEK: Todd tries to convince Viki that he’s changed. A fight breaks out with serious consequences. Jeffrey, Matthew, and Dani play a dangerous game at the apartment. Tea comes to a startling revelation. Clint talks to Viki about taking the next step.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Detective Sheryl Gordon met with Neil to discuss the robbery. Neil was unnerved when he realized his flash drive was stolen. Sheryl questioned Kevin and Chloe about the break in. Michael demanded answers from Lauren but was cut short when Paul called to tell them about Fen’s arrest. Paul asked Carmine what is going on between him and Lauren. Victor questioned if Adam had moved on from Sharon and if he’s considered that he could be the father of Chelsea’s baby. Adam shot the idea down. Summer reminded Nick to let her make her own decisions. Nick informed Jack and Phyllis that he doesn’t want Summer hanging around Kyle. When Jack and Phyllis asked Kyle to keep an eye on Summer and Courtney, Kyle agreed. Avery considered her past with Dylan and wrote a letter to Nick. Billy confronted Carmine about lying to skip work. Carmine offered to play him in a game of cards for his job. Billy won while Carmine had to agree to work for free for two weeks, but Billy left a poker chip on the floor. Victoria told Victor that she wants Adam out of Newman Enterprises. When Victor said no, Victoria told Billy that she will make sure Adam doesn’t maintain control of the company.

THIS WEEK: Traci puts down roots. Katherine adjusts to being back home.

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