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RECAPS – 5/13-5/17



ALL MY CHILDREN — Dixie freaked out when she found David in JR’s hospital room and accused him of trying to strangle JR. David defended himself by saying he saw something that made him believe JR was responsive and was just taking his pulse. Later, JR’s eyes fluttered open. Jesse was upset and called in the FBI to find out where Cassandra was. Zach tried to get information about Kendall from Bianca, but she wasn’t cooperative. Miranda lashed out at her mother after being bullied in school. Bianca blamed herself for what happened to Miranda. Celia fessed up to Brooke that she slipped out to be with Pete. Later, Celia overheard Pete say that he could sweet talk Celia into bed without much trouble. Cassandra was drugged by human traffickers who wanted her hooked on drugs before they sold her to the highest bidder. Pete was stood up by Celia and came up with an elaborate scheme to put things right.

THIS WEEK: Cara doesn’t control her own destiny, JR does. Celia and Pete take a chance and take an unconventional path.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam made final preparations to have a romantic evening alone with his wife. Heartbroken from her conversation with Steffy, Hope was comforted by Brooke who encouraged her to find love again. Hope acknowledged that Oliver would be a great guy to move on with, but she isn’t ready yet. Not letting on about his plan of attack, Bill assured Caroline that there is a future for her and Rick. With his mind set on pursuing a relationship with Maya, Rick invited her on a date to a club that evening. Knowing that Maya will be at the club, Bill arranged with Alison for Maya to bump into her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Jesse. Alison bribed Jesse to make contact with Maya that night. Hearing about Rick’s date, Caroline arranged for herself to be there, as well, to ensure that nothing happens between him and Maya. Hope explained to Thomas her feelings regarding Steffy and Liam’s marriage. Bill gave Alison instructions on what to do when she saw Jesse and Maya interacting at the club. Othello interrogated Rick on whether or not he had made a decision about which lady that he wants to be with. Caroline went to great lengths to keep Rick and Maya apart. Maya was blindsided when she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Jesse. Unaware that their child is deceased, Jesse made an offer to Maya to run away with him, their daughter, and his newly acquired money.

THIS WEEK: Bill gives Liam advice on his marriage. Taylor expresses her gratitude to Eric for being such a supportive and loving person to her and her family.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe was brutally attacked by an unknown assailant and left for dead. Kate was horrified when she found his lifeless body in the alley.

At the hospital, Gabi was distraught over Rafe, who was barely hanging on. Will and Sonny cornered Nick, demanding to know where he was earlier. Meanwhile, Kate believed Stefano was behind the attack and stormed over to the mansion to confront him. She made a stunning confession to Stefano, EJ and Sami. Abigail told JJ she doesn’t buy the story he told his mom about what happened in London – she wanted to know what’s really going on. Gabi was horrified when Rafe took a turn for the worse. Kayla and Cameron presented Gabi with a difficult decision regarding her brother. Sonny and Will continued to suspect Nick was behind Rafe’s attack while Hope found evidence that may implicate EJ. Kate realized she’d made a huge mistake when it became clear Stefano did not know about her affair with Rafe. Sami reacted in disbelief to the news as Stefano stormed out.

THIS WEEK: Rafe takes a turn for the worse. Nick’s past catches up to him as he and Gabi are held at gunpoint.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — AJ and Tracy faced off on the segment “Clash of The Condiments” on “The Chew” with Mario, Carly, Daphne and Michael all tasting the opposing relish. Michael found a beaten up Morgan and rushed him to the NYC hospital. Carly and Sam arrived, but only after Morgan had already fled. The gambling mob sent danger to Connie and Olivia’s doorstep. Sonny and Shawn arrived in time, and Sonny got more info about Morgan. Relish continued to break lose at “The Chew,” and AJ and Tracy were quick to point the finger at each other. The mysterious girl invited college boys over to play a new game with Morgan, so he could win the $50K he already owes. Rafe admitted to Molly that he is in love with her, but that he does not want to jeopardize their friendship. Molly hugged Rafe – just as TJ arrived to apologize. Tracy blackmailed AJ – he must take responsibility for the relish debacle or else Tracy will tell Liz the truth about him and Carly. Morgan and his girlfriend took on the college boys – only for them to be called cheaters. Gambling mob enforcers arrived again to collect Morgan’s debt, and it looked like they are all in trouble. With Olivia and Connie’s help, Sonny located the right address for Morgan. The Corinthos boys returned to Port Charles. Connie wondered if she will ever be able to stay out of Sonny’s orbit.

THIS WEEK: Sam has an unexpected person show up at her door. Lulu is torn between two worlds.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Victor did some research on how to commit murder using poison. Dani attacked Tea saying that she felt neglected by her, but later she apologized to her. Clint gave Matthew a job s his personal assistant, hoping he’ll head up the family business, eventually. Blair told Todd she wanted nothing to do with him, but he insisted that he loves her and always will. Someone was stalking Tea, Dani and Jack. Todd tried to make Viki believe that he was a changed man. Victor tampered with Todd’s bottle of booze, and when Todd later had a drink or two he collapsed. Clint and Nora reached out to Natalie, but she didn’t want their help. Vimal was concerned that he was losing Rama. Tea confronted Dani for going to Shelter so soon after winding up in the hospital for substance abuse.

THIS WEEK: Tea seeks out Bo to help her get to the bottom of things. Natalie and Destiny find some common ground.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam called Victor to tell him that he found the money to buy out the public investors. When Victor questioned where he is getting the money, Adam told him not to worry. Chelsea told Chloe that she’s going to tell Dylan that he’s not the baby’s father. Dylan showed Chelsea the drawing of the cradle he wanted to make for the baby, and they shared an intense kiss. Phyllis overheard Traci tell Jack her concerns about their relationship. Phyllis used work as an excuse to cancel her dinner with Jack. Jack told Traci that he won’t allow her to stick around if she’s going to pose a problem to his relationship with Phyllis. Phyllis made a strong effort to get along with Traci but struggled to feel at ease as she watched the Abbott family bond. Michael and Lauren argued, and she asked if he’d blame her for having an affair. Michael went out for a drink and bumped into Carmine at On the Blvd. After a tense discussion, Michael headed home to confront Lauren. Lauren told him they can fix things. Later, Lauren told Carmine she’ll do anything to get Michael back. Summer asks Kyle to take her to the prom, but he said anyone over the age of 21 isn’t allowed to attend. Nick told Kyle that he told him to stay away from Summer. Jack told Nick to stop blaming Kyle for Summer’s behavior, Nick apologized and left.

THIS WEEK: Victor asks Billy why he’s lying to Victoria. Leslie determines to learn more about Rose and how she was connected to her family.

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