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By Allison J. Walderman

RECAPS – 12/24-12/28

ALL MY CHILDREN – JR confronted Adam, then severed all ties with him when he learned his father had the DVD that could exonerate him. Haunted by his crimes, Adam decided to tell Tad the truth about Kathy. But when he arrived at Tad and Krystal’s, Adam was blindsided when Tad announced that he and Krystal got married the night before. Greenlee broke down in sobs when Kendall told her she wasn’t responsible for causing Spike’s deafness. Kendall worried to Zach about what to do about Greenlee, as she didn’t want Greenlee to go to prison but also didn’t want to incriminate herself by telling the truth.

THIS WEEK: Richie makes a move to destroy Annie!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Sofie gave her baby girl to Will and Gwen. They named her Hallie Jennifer, after Will’s father and sister. Late with Aaron, Sofie showed how broken up she truly is about the baby. Katie warned Brad not to muck up their arrangement to make a baby, nothing more. At midnight on New Year’s, Brad and Katie kissed. Lucinda urged Lily not to trust Dusty. Meanwhile, Dusty nearly made love to Emily. Bob regained consciousness and when Dusty questioned him about what happened before the stroke, Bob said, “Chris.” Dallas warned Bonnie not to get involved with Holden. Will refused to let Barbara see his new daughter.

THIS WEEK: Katie is confused about her feelings for Brad and Jack.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Stephanie was determined to cancel Christmas, but at church, she had a moment of truth and wound up spending the holiday with her clan. Stephanie and Brooke put aside their differences for Christmas. Later, Brooke offered Stephanie a chance at forgiveness, but Stephanie wasn’t interested in anything that would free Stephen. Eric told Ridge that he wants Donna. He then showed Ridge the divorce papers he has had prepared. Taylor confessed to Nick that she had doubted herself when it came to mothering Jack. Katie visited Stephen in jail and told him how she really feels about him.

THIS WEEK: Nick and Brooke continue to keep their secret dates.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Lucas was ready to run to Switzerland to avoid arrest. Sami blasted EJ for lying about his paralysis. Hope was furious with Belle for having an affair with Philip. Bo convinced Hope to let Shawn and Belle deal with their marriage without their interference. Marlena was lured to a meeting with a psychic, who told her that John is still alive. Philip rejected Chloe’s advances. It turned out that Chloe is a fugitive from justice. Stefano and Rolf were concerned when the mystery man in their secret lab escaped. The mystery man watched Marlena and Hope at Chez Rouge, then returned to the lab.

THIS WEEK: Shawn makes Belle aware of his feelings.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Luke envisioned his version of heaven while undergoing bypass surgery. Felicia returned to Port Charles, and an emotional, angry Maxie gave her mother a Christmas present from Georgie. A crushed Spinelli learned how Georgie really felt about him. Warren offered Kate her job back at Couture Magazine. When Kate insisted her life was in Manhattan now, Sonny surprised her with his reaction. Jason arranged for a safehouse where he could have some alone time with Liz. Carly panicked when Michael said he was going to grow up to be just like Sonny. Kelly gave Carly some disturbing news. Nikolas revealed the seriousness of his medical condition to his family.

THIS WEEK: It’s judgment day in purgatory for Luke!

GUIDING LIGHT – While trapped in the mall, Beth began having contractions. Alan was with her at the time and she was ticked that he’s trying to make a play for Natalia. Reva and Josh shared a close moment reminiscing about Christmas. Later, when he gets out of the mall, Josh accused Will of causing everyone to get trapped in the mall. A weak Edmund tried to reveal that it was Will who pushed him from the choir loft. Dinah went into rehab to spy on Billy. Lizzie fought her attraction to Bill, even after he fired her. With Dylan’s help, Billy doublecrossed Bill. Nat found Gus and Olivia in a compromising position. While drunk, Cyrus climbed into Harley’s bed.

THIS WEEK: Buzz and the Coopers go to his inauguration.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Viki and Charlie took their relationship to the next step. Rex told Gigi he was going to propose to his girlfriend and bought “her” ring, unaware that it was really Marcie’s ring. Gigi gave Marcie the money and they said goodbye. Rex remained clueless that he gave Adriana Marcie’s engagement ring and took credit for the touching inscription inside. Jared struggled to rein in his jealousy when Natalie told him she slept with John, and explained she did so to get Jared out of her system. Blair tried to adjust to the changes in the newly independent Addie.

THIS WEEK: Marcie makes a drastic move after encountering Todd!

PASSIONS – Unaware that he was under Tabitha’s spell, Fancy told Luis they were through after finding him making love with Pretty. While Luis reacted to Marty’s homecoming, Fancy told Pretty to get over her fantasy about having a life with Luis. Because Theresa was secretly with Little Ethan while recovering, Ivy tried to convince Ethan that Theresa had another man in her life. Tabitha got a message from the Dark Side – stay away from the Good Side or evil would take Endora from her, this time forever. Kay feared Miguel was losing his mind when he struggled to regain his memory.

THIS WEEK: Miguel realizes there are witches in Harmony!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Jack’s attempt to romance Sharon into changing her mind about their divorce failed. Daniel saw Amber videotaping herself in her “Marina” disguise and practicing to audition for the “Faces of Jabot” contest. Nikki put off answering David’s marriage proposal, but later told him she was falling in love with him. After Jeff said he planned to announce their engagement on New Year’s Eve, Gloria told Michael of her plans to liquidate her assets so Jeff wouldn’t be able to touch her

money. Noah ran out into the blizzard after hearing Sharon tell Jack she was leaving him.

pays Jack a surprising visit.

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