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RECAPS – 5/20-5/24



ALL MY CHILDREN — Miranda gave AJ some unsolicited advice. She told him to figure out a way to make peace with his father. JR had holes in his memory and put Dixie on the spot when he asked about Marissa. He asked her if Marissa was still upset with him, and Dixie couldn’t bring herself to tell him that Marissa was dead. Dixie found out that JR was suffering from retrograde amnesia and that could have caused personality changes. AJ was disappointed when he discovered that JR had no memory of him. David was outraged when Cara told him she had an abortion rather than bring his child – a murderer’s child into the world. Bianca was terrified that Miranda would find out that she was conceived as the result of a rape. David confronted JR in his hospital room and accused him of ruining his life, and of faking his amnesia. Vlad forced Cassandra to dance in a strip club and Zach just missed spotting her there. AJ was tempted to drink, but Miranda encouraged him not to give up trying to connect with his dad.

THIS WEEK: Brooke tries to make a sweet deal with David. Celia is wracked by a vision that she can’t get out of her mind.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric was stunned by Brooke’s unexpected request that he sacrifice so much in order to hide her past relationship with Bill. As much as Brooke pleaded with him to go along with her plan, Eric adamantly refused. Hope and Katie pondered the probable longevity of Steffy and Liam’s marriage. Liam unknowingly made his first mistake as a husband. Steffy let out her anger and frustration. Brooke became uncharacteristically modest when Rick revealed his plan for the Brooke’s Bedroom promotional campaign and mentioned how well she works with Bill on the line. She was overwrought with guilt when Katie attributed her recent happiness to Brooke. Taylor encouraged Steffy and Liam to move on past the recent hurdle in their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Brooke continues to try to get Eric to go along with her plan. Maya is tormented.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Danger arose as Gabi and Nick were abducted and taken to Smith Island. Nick was forced to confront an ugly part of his past. Sonny and Will tried to stage a rescue but not everything went as planned. Gabi went into labor. Hope was horrified when she learned Ciara’s deception may have dire consequences for many people in Salem. Hope turned to Vargas for help. Kate confessed her feelings to a comatose Rafe as an angry

Stefano eavesdropped. Cameron confronted Abigail about her feelings for Chad. With Vargas’ help, Hope managed to figure out where Jensen might be and headed to Smith Island. Nick and Will banded together to escape from Jensen but one of them got shot! Sonny struggled to help Gabi deliver her baby in a shed! EJ convinced Sami he did not attack Rafe – and then they made passionate love. Later, Sami and Kate had an ugly confrontation about Kate’s relationship with Rafe. Jennifer was troubled by JJ’s behavior but chose to believe in her son. Daniel wasn’t quite as optimistic but kept his doubts to himself.

THISWEEK: Cameron confronts Abigail. Sami attacks Nick.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu was preparing for the wedding and then suddenly took off to the Haunted Star. Tracy, realizing Laura is marrying Scott, slapped Luke for using her as a home base. Family dynamics reemerged over Morgan’s latest antics, and Sonny, Carly and Michael told Morgan his girlfriend is a bad influence. Morgan opted to stay with Michael. After catching Spinelli up on the latest events, Sam opened the door to someone whom she did not expect to be at her door. Sonny checked in on Olivia and Connie, keeping a respectful distance from Connie. She got uncomfortable when she witnessed Olivia and Sonny’s growing closeness. Alexis was surprised to learn Molly and TJ had broken up and mistakenly brought this up with Shawn over their romantic dinner. An argument escalated between Dante and Milo over Lulu. Lulu agreed to rent the Haunted Star to a mysterious man. Sam’s unexpected visitor arrived. Rafe and Molly were startled by the visitor’s resemblance to someone from their past. Michael was upset by his living conditions with Morgan.

THIS WEEK: Luke and Tracy discuss their friendship. Morgan realizes habits are hard to break.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Matthew got into a shouting match with Density about Drew. Jeffrey took Destiny’s side and lashed out at Matthew for abusing her. Viki questioned Todd when he said that he and Victor buried the hatchet. She was skeptical of this. Todd admitted he still didn’t trust or like Victor but said he felt he had to make nice with him for the sake of his kids. Jack, Sam and Dani found out that Victor was leaving town again. Jack took the news hard. Victor urged Jack to make peace with Todd, but he insisted he wouldn’t. Victor told Tea he loved her and would come back to her as soon as could. Blair was upset with Todd for trying to get on Jack’s good side by buying him a new gaming system. Jack hit back at Todd by breaking the gaming system for spite. Matthew and Dani kissed, but both decided it was a bad idea and vowed it wouldn’t happen again.

THIS WEEK: Jeffrey uncovers another major story for The Banner. A mysterious message arrives for Tea.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Michael succeeded in arranging a work release deal for Kevin where he’ll be doing computer work for the GCPD. Chloe asked Kevin how he intends to make things up with her. Later, Chloe worried as she looked over bills. Nick assured Avery that things are great between them. Courtney told Summer to invite Fen to prom so that Nick wouldn’t suspect that she still has feelings for Kyle. Victor told Adam that he wants him to cut Sharon out of his life. Chelsea decided that Dylan will always be the father of her child and that no one will ever know the truth. She brought him a housewarming gift. Chelsea received a warning from a carnival’s fortune teller. Phyllis told Jack that she needs to go back to the penthouse but also assured him they’re not breaking up. Jack got annoyed that Traci feels the need to protect him from Phyllis. When Fen picked Summer up for prom, they instead headed to Phyllis’ penthouse for a party with a few friends, and Fen was dared to kiss Summer. A fortune teller revealed to Kyle that love will find its way to him. Kyle received a text from Summer saying she’s drunk and needed his help. Shortly after Kyle arrived at the party, Phyllis arrived and demanded to know what was going on.

THIS WEEK: Victoria meets with a new P.I. in order to find dirt on Adam. Kyle tells Nick that he needs to ease up on Summer.

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