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RECAPS – 5/27-5/31



ALL MY CHILDREN — Evelyn and Opal got into a fight when Evelyn warned Opal that Pete was out to deflower her dear Celia. Meanwhile, Celia was terrorized by nightmares and Pete was doing his best to comfort and not take advantage of her vulnerable state. Finally, he kissed her. Brooke promised Adam that she would get to the bottom of JR’s so called amnesia. If he’s been faking it, she’ll figure it out. She was not aware that AJ heard the conversation. Miranda tried to establish ground rules with AJ after they shared a kiss. Could they just be friends after that? AJ was tempted to use steroids when he became concerned that he wouldn’t cut it as a starting pitcher on the school team. Brooke banned JR from the company stockholders’ meeting. Cassandra was offered drugs to get through her first “date” with a john, but she wanted no part of it. She let it slip that her father is Pine Valley’s police chief and one of the hookers told Yuri, who was furious with Vlad for snatching someone who could bring all of the Pine Valley police force on them. Jesse and Angie were confronted by an adversary from their past – Billy Clyde Tuggle. They were convinced he took Cassandra. But Billy Clyde threw them a curve when he offered to help them get Cassandra back home, safe and sound.

THIS WEEK: Dr. Martin delivers a setback to David’s plans to relaunch his career. JR serves as a sore point in Miranda’s relationship with Bianca.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke continued to get Eric to go along with her plan by using the method that had always worked for her in the past. Meanwhile, Taylor was reminded how happy that she is being in a relationship where Brooke is not a threat. Alison paid a visit to Maya to remind her of the wrath that she will face if she doesn’t sever all ties with Rick. Mayan was tormented by the love that she has for Rick and the consequences of not abiding by Alison’s threat. Liam confessed to Bill about his meeting with Hope and how he is having second thoughts about his marriage. For the first time since her accident, Steffy returned to work and was welcomed with sympathy and concern by her coworkers. Hope was convinced that Liam will reevaluate his marriage and realized that he wants to be with her instead of Steffy. Hope and Steffy came face to face for the first time since Steffy’s tragedy. Knowing that Hope was ready to pounce, Steffy put her in her place regarding Liam and their marriage. Brooke confronted Taylor about encouraging Steffy to get pregnant again as soon as possible. Brooke arranged for Eric to meet her so that she can remind him of their good times together. Donna stayed mum when Taylor boasted to her about Brooke not being a threat in her relationship with Eric. After Katie admitted that she no longer is suspicious of Bill’s wandering eye, she grilled Taylor about her ongoing interest in all of Brooke’s relationships. Bill knew that Donna was hiding something when she scrambled for an answer when he asked about Brooke’s whereabouts.

THIS WEEK: Brooke keeps her cool when Bill confronts her about her new relationship. Eric grapples with his emotions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen and John’s game of seduction came to a stunning conclusion. Marlena got her hands on proof of Kristen’s deception… but will Brady listen to her? Eric was taken aback when someone unexpected alerted him to Nicole’s true feelings. At the hospital, Gabi panicked when she couldn’t find her baby. A livid Brady confronted Kristen with all her lies. She desperately tried to convince Brady she truly does love him… but has she lost him for good? Now that Kristen had been exposed, Hope asked Marlena where this leaves her and John. An anguished Nick apologized to Will. Later, Maggie urged Nick to come clean with Gabi about everything he’s done. It was an emotional moment as Will met his daughter for the first time. Kristen and Marlena had a major showdown. Kristen shared a stunning piece of information about John that left Marlena reeling. A distraught Brady was approached by a drug dealer – will he fall off the wagon? Nicole was mortified when Eric questions her about her feelings towards him. Nick confessed to Gabi what happened to him in prison and that he’s been blackmailing Will.

THIS WEEK: There is a shocking end to Kristen & John’s game of seduction. Will Brady fall off the wagon?

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Morgan got sucked back into his gambling habit online. Lulu revealed her strongest memory. Luke admitted he has acted unfairly to Tracy, and they discussed their friendship. As the mysterious man visited the Quartermaine crypt, AJ and Monica reminisced and discussed what the mysterious text message could mean. The trauma of Stavros returned to Lulu’s memory. Tracy rushed Luke to the hospital – but Luke took on a laissez-faire attitude. The partygoers were stunned by the identity of their host. Chaos erupted amongst the guests. Tests results revealed Luke’s condition could be very serious. Luke refused to be admitted until he heard Tracy’s plea. Will Luke accept his diagnosis and seek treatment?

THIS WEEK: The custody battle for Rafe heats up in court. Sonny & Carly make a deadly plan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Viki told Clint to butt out when he tried to tell her how to run the Banner so it wouldn’t go out of business. Nora and Bo were concerned that Matthew wasn’t stepping up and taking financial and moral responsibility for his son, Drew. Bo tried to offer Destiny money to help her take care of Drew, but Destiny didn’t want anything from them. Meanwhile Dani was having a tough time hiding her lust for Matthew. Clint didn’t take no for an answer and conspired with Jeffrey to come up with ways to make the Banner a profitable newspaper. Natalie agreed to go out with Cutter when she didn’t hear from John. When Jeffrey presented his plan to take Banner into the world of digital publishing, she knew it came from Clint and blew a gasket.

THIS WEEK: Destiny lashes out at Matthew for his irresponsible behavior. Cutter is having employee problems at Shelter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis moved back into her penthouse and learned that the water and power will be out for several weeks. She discovered that Jack was behind the whole thing, so she would move back in with him. Phyllis said she was not ready to move back in with him. When Billy tried to plan a romantic evening with Victoria, she got stuck in a meeting with Victor and Adam. Adam told Victor that he wants him to stop involving Victoria in business at Newman Enterprises, but Victor maintained they can find common ground. Victoria told Chelsea that she overheard Adam trying to get information from Chelsea’s doctor. Billy told Victoria that he doesn’t want to have a baby if she is fixated on one-up Adam. Michael told Lauren that he can’t help but constantly imagine her being with Carmine. A beaten up Fen assured Michael and Lauren that Carmine chased off his attackers and that it won’t happen again. Later, Michael told Carmine to stay away from Fen. Dylan invited Avery over to the warehouse he bought. When he inquired about needing a lawyer, Avery told him that she’s willing to help him. Kevin learned that Chloe has been looking for a buyer for Crimson Lights. Dylan told Billy that he’s buying his own business. Adam ran into Billy, Nick, and Dylan and mused about interrupting a meeting of the Adam Newman fan club. When Sharon asked about Nick’s relationship with Avery, he assured her that everything is fine.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis confronts Carmine while he’s working at the bar. Nikki tries to encourage Victoria and tell her to focus on what she wants for her future.

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