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RECAPS – 6/3-6/7



ALL MY CHILDREN — Opal tried to brush off David when he came to the house looking for Pete, but he wouldn’t give up. He told her he wanted to work to save Pete’s company from going under. AJ had to come to Miranda’s defense once again when Hunter made a snide remark about Miranda possibly being a lesbian. Miranda stopped AJ from punching Hunter’s lights out. Billy Clyde’s blackmail victim gave him a business card, which he turned over to a mystery man who blindfolded him and took him away to a place where porn was being produced. JR was feeling sorry for himself, wondering if it wouldn’t have been better if he stayed comatose. Cara felt sorry for JR, but Brooke warned her that JR is a master manipulator. Things were getting romantic for Celia and Pete in New York when David’s press conference and Celia’s “vision” killed the mood.

THIS WEEK: David tries to find out if JR’s memory is coming back and he’s not letting on. Jesse accuses Billy Clyde of telling Koslov the police are on his trail.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Seeing Liam interacting with Will made Steffy want to try even harder for another baby. Unwilling to be bullied any longer, Maya stood up to Bill in regards to his blackmail. As expected, Bill didn’t take lightly Maya not adhering to his demands. Rick was dumbfounded as to why Maya ended her relationship with him. Despite being rejected by Rick, Caroline was happy to finally have Maya out of the way. Feeling as though time is against her, Brooke made a desperate plea to Eric to claim paternity of her child. Knowing that her pregnancy will be showing soon, Brooke relinquished her role of being the model for Brooke’s Bedroom. The media was dismayed and curious about Brooke’s decision. Katie became a supportive shoulder when Steffy’s plan for the future hit a roadblock. Bill began to get suspicious of why Brooke suddenly backed out of modeling for Brooke’s Bedroom. Bill advised Liam to forgive Steffy and to comply with his wedding vows. Taylor interrogated Eric about what he knows about Brooke’s recent change in behavior. Brooke went to great lengths to get Eric to agree to help her by recreating an important moment from their past. Brooke used her feminine wiles in an attempt to convince Eric into going along with her plan to hide the true paternity of her child.

THIS WEEK: Katie and Bill share a fun-loving afternoon together with their son. Rick’s suspicions are piqued about what is going on with Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — A desperate Kristen tried to win back Brady. Sami demanded to know why no one was alerted to Jensen’s release. Hope was forced to admit the role Ciara played in that debacle. Stefano was overcome with jealousy when he heard Kate talk about her feelings for Rafe. He later took steps to seek revenge on her lover. Kate angrily accused Sami and EJ of stealing Mad World’s secret formula. Chad questioned Abigail when she fails to mention their upcoming “non-date” to Cameron. Daniel was suspicious of JJ when his car was once again vandalized. Jennifer started to suspect her son as well when Maggie mentioned seeing JJ in the hospital parking lot. EJ wasn’t pleased when he overheard Sami and Kate fight about Rafe. Stefano sent Bernardi out with a shocking plan to exact revenge on a comatose Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Kate makes an angry accusation. Stefano begins his plan for revenge.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Alexis, Molly, Rafe and Sam all prepared for the custody petition and were thrown when Diane arrived representing Silas Clay. Rafe testified that he wants to remain in Port Charles with Sam, but Diane countered that Sam is an unfit guardian. Kiki snapped at Morgan when he made fun of Michael behind his back. AJ and Michael had a heart-to-heart about his past. Sam and Silas butted heads when he alleged her son is sick – a seeming indictment on her parenting. Privately, we saw Sam is very concerned. Patrick did tests as Silas arrived to check on Danny. Rafe gallantly told Molly to give up the ruse and reunite with her boyfriend. Britt wasted no time making Sabrina’s life hell once she moved in. Felix was shocked by the new roommate situation, but came around when Kiki privately explained the plan to expose Britt. Felix added another roommate to the mix: his younger sister, Taylor. Patrick made plans for a date with Sabrina. Unable to celebrate her birthday, Sam broke down to Alexis, Molly and Spinelli. Patrick told them the results for Danny are in. Molly and Rafe fretted about his custody and her situation with TJ. Meanwhile, TJ realized he can’t back out of taking Taylor to the prom. Britt and Taylor were becoming fast friends, to Sabrina and Felix’s chagrin. Later, Britt worried she needed Brad’s help to keep her secrets. Meanwhile, Spinelli pretended to be Brad when he picked up Britt’s phone call as Ellie discovered a hidden medical file on Dr. Westbourne on Brad’s desk.

THIS WEEK: Nik threatens AJ with what he knows. Taylor sets her sights on winning TJ’s affections.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Destiny was furious when she found out that Matthew completely blew off spending time with his son so he could be with Dani. Jeffrey told Destiny that there was nothing wrong with her taking money from Bo and Nora to help raise Drew, but Destiny said she’d rather Matthew be a man and take his father role more seriously than let his family pay up. Later, Destiny blasted Matthew and called him a deadbeat dad. Tea was concerned about the late hours Dani was keeping at Shelter, but Blair promised that she would keep an eye on Dani to make Tea feel more comfortable about it. Rama cautioned Dusky not to get hung up on Cutter – he wasn’t worth the heartache. Tea tried to tell Jack that he is important to Victor. Clint hit the roof when he found out that John was in touch with Natalie, fearful that John would do something to hurt Natalie and Liam.

THIS WEEK: Cutter thinks that Natalie has misjudged him. Todd presses Blair to use her vocal talents at Shelter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis was reluctant to believe Traci when she apologized for being so hard on her. Billy questioned why Traci has been spending so much time in Genoa City. Michael told Paul that he wants to divorce Lauren, but he’s afraid of the repercussions it’ll have on Fen. Michael told Lauren he’ll have divorce papers drawn up, but Lauren wanted 30 days to make amend. Carmine tried to convince Fen that his parents should separate and that they may be hiding something from him. Adam confessed to Victor that he thinks Chelsea’s baby might be his. Phyllis and Nick hoped that being honest with Summer about the ripple effect caused by Cassie’s death will scare some sense into her. Cane told Lily that he’s in Chicago, but he secretly stayed in town to plan a surprise party for her. After Lily had dinner and too much wine with Tyler, he brought her home and she’s stunned to find her family waiting for her at her party. Kevin told Chloe that they don’t need to sell Crimson Lights and that he had another way to make money. Chloe questioned if Kevin is planning to steal again. Later, Chloe got upset at Kevin when he asked Dylan for an unreasonable amount of money for the business. Chloe ripped into Kevin for not being someone that Delia will be able to look up to. Kevin told Alex that he is hot on the trail of whoever is posting Neil’s journal online. Avery accused Adam of pushing her towards Dylan, so he can get Chelsea back. Later, Chelsea told Adam that she knows he paid off the fortune teller. When Adam agreed to give her space, Chelsea was overcome with dizziness, and Adam rushed her to the doctor and called Dylan. Tyler and Noah met up with a couple of girls who were moving out of their apartment. Tyler and Noah agreed to become roommates. Phyllis asked Nick why Avery took off her engagement ring. Phyllis vented about how Traci was causing problems in her relationship with Jack. Chloe tried to cheer up Kevin with all the good things she said will come from her partnership with Chelsea.

THIS WEEK: Lauren tells Carmine that whatever they had is over as her heart will always be with Michael. Chelsea tells Chloe that she is falling in love with Dylan.

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