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RECAPS – 6/10-6/14



ALL MY CHILDREN — Angie was frantic about Cassie and prayed that Jesse would find her and bring her home to them. Colby couldn’t believe that Pete had turned his life around and made something of himself. Upon advice of counsel Pete realized he had to make peace with doing business with David or risk financial ruin. But Pete wanted to box David in by making him sign a contract that would give him no power. David was impatient with Pete’s attitude, but promised him that together they would save Cortlandt Electronics and it would make them a ton of money. Brooke tried to instill a little ambition into Colby by offering her the job of editor of “Teen Tempo,” but Colby was in no mood to put in that much effort. When Colby couldn’t talk Adam and JR into giving her the money she wanted, she tried to talk JR into sabotaging Brooke’s leadership at Chandler Enterprises. Uri insisted that Jesse help him fake his death or he would kill Cassie.

THIS WEEK: Zach’s fingerprints pop up on the murder weapon. Colby is determined to have her way and warns Pete that she won’t give up.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A sudden and unexpected turn of events prevented Brooke from coming clean to Bill and Katie about her pregnancy. Bill confronted Brooke about her intention of revealing the secret to Katie about their night together. Taylor paid a visit to Liam to make sure that he will be abiding by his vows and remaining committed to Steffy. Feeling as though her future with Liam isn’t turning out the way she intended, Steffy began to have second thoughts about her marriage. Steffy did her best to mask from Liam and Taylor her overwhelming emotions and her wavering feelings regarding her marriage. Having changed her tune regarding Steffy and Liam’s relationship, Katie encouraged Hope to allow the couple to work things out. Thomas asserted his role as big brother when he questioned and advised Liam on his commitment to Steffy. Hope was blindsided when Steffy presents her with a sincere gift. Maya and Rick had their first encounter since their breakup while participating in the new Hope for the Future campaign. In order to keep a personal and painful secret, Katie blatantly lied to Liam about what’s going on with Steffy. Hope questioned Steffy’s gift and assumed that she isn’t in any emotional condition to be making such a sacrifice. When Bill made another threat towards Maya, this time, she refused to back down. Steffy was an emotional wreck when she broke the news to Liam that she is going to Paris indefinitely and without him.

THIS WEEK: Caroline finds herself the third wheel when Rick and Maya reunite. Rick begins to concoct a plan to get revenge on Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer was stunned when she found Daniel angrily tearing into JJ over his carelessness with Parker. Kristen had tense encounters with Sami and Eric. Later, a jealous Kristen got in Nicole’s face after spying her with Brady. John’s confession stunned Marlena, leaving her hurt and angry. Sami attempted to save Rafe’s life. Kristen and Nicole got into a huge catfight over Brady. Marlena told John that as far as their relationship is concerned, she is done! EJ came to Sami’s aid when she found herself in a dire situation. After a heated exchange with Marlena, Kristen privately vowed to seek revenge against her rival. Things got even more complicated for Sami when her version of events cannot be verified. Sonny made an unexpected suggestion to Will regarding Gabi and the baby. Sami was arrested! Gabi agreed to move in with Will and Sonny. Jennifer confronted JJ about vandalizing Daniel’s car. Later, she and Daniel had a terrible disagreement about her son. Stefano quietly slipped out of town. Kristen met with a mysterious man to help with her plot against Marlena. Nicole and Eric got into a fight about Sami. Hurting, Nicole sought out Brady and things began to heat up between them.

THIS WEEK: Marlena is done with John. Daniel comes to Jennifer’s rescue.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly had dinner with Shawn at the Metrocourt – and talked about putting a hit out on someone from her past. Alexis voiced some concern over Shawn’s involvement with Sonny’s business. Felix warned Britt he had every intention to prove Britt has been pulling a ruse. Lulu cooked dinner for Dante (with Olivia’s meatball recipe) when Laura arrived home from the honeymoon. Mother and daughter were reunited. Everyone was horrified at who gets shot. Shawn had a fraught encounter with Anna after packing up his rifle then dodged difficult questions with Alexis. Patrick and Sabrina continued their romantic evening, ending up at Patrick’s home. After Anna was called away on PCPD business, Emma made Duke don a tutu and they shared a special family moment together. AJ and Liz shared a warm moment in the ER, but AJ’s hopes were shattered when he ran into Nik. Dante and Lulu made love. Later, Maxie came over, and Lulu affirmed her belief in Maxie as their surrogate. Sonny and Shawn realized Carly played them both and ordered the hit.

THIS WEEK: AJ & Tracy battle it out for ELQ. Shawn comes clean with Alexis.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Matthew and Destiny had disagreements about the fine art of parenting, and he brushed her off when she asked him to have dinner with her and little Drew. Jeffrey clued Viki and Clint in on the fact that a huge fund where Viki has her money might be wrapped up in crime and money laundering. Dorian’s first blog post was a big success – according to David. Todd discovered that the blackout that knocked out power at Shelter was due to a cut power line. Cutter told Blair that the mob could be behind the blackout. Dani and Todd bonded over manicures at the spa. Victor reached out to Tea and tried to tell her how sorry he was for everything, yet he wouldn’t let her know where he was.

THIS WEEK: Rama wants to spend her night off with Vimal, but he has other plans. Nora accuses Bo of trying to sabotage her career.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Michael told Fen that he is trying to work things out with Lauren. Carmine told Fen that a woman he’s been seeing has gone back to her ex but he’ll never give up on her. Devon asked Lily if anything has happened between her and Tyler. When Summer decided to attend GCU, Noah wondered if her staying in town has to do with Kyle. Courtney took Summer to get a prescription for birth control pills. When Phyllis found Summer’s birth control, Summer insisted it’s Courtney’s. Kyle confided to Jack that he’s falling for Summer. Phyllis told Jack that she wants to move back into his house. Adam and Victor finalized the day to privatize Newman Enterprises. Avery sent over a new paralegal named Melanie to finalize the deal. Adam invited Melanie to celebrate with his family at the penthouse. Victoria told Billy that they have to go to Adam’s to be with her family. Billy called Ken to postpone their card game. Victoria overheard and worried that Billy is keeping something from her. At the penthouse, Victor delivered the news that their family owns the company again. Nick announced that he and Avery are engaged. Victoria confronted Billy and questioned if he is having an affair. Alex and Kevin continued their hunt for the blogger. Alex considered recommending Kevin for a job as a computer specialist. Alex asked Kevin if he knows anything about a recent robbery, which he vehemently denied.

THIS WEEK: Sharon goes to On the Blvd and is approached by a businessman who hits on her. Tyler offers Noah a job.

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