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RECAPS – 6/17-6/21



ALL MY CHILDREN — Dimitri Marick talked about business matters with Brooke, including her designs for an online media division. He seemed to support those plans. Brooke was happy that and told him that what she needed to make this fly was a top notch division director who could keep JR in line. Meanwhile, JR was becoming more and more self-destructive and was way into steroids. Cara tried to clue in JR about the dangers of steroids, but it didn’t make an impression. Colby was shameless when it came to her plan to seduce Pete. And it paid off because he fell for it hook, line and sinker. They made love all night long. Zach was arrested over the protests of Jesse. But later Lea agreed to assume responsibility for Zach when he was placed on bail.

THIS WEEK: Lea asks how Zach is connected to Kendall. Cassandra is lying on the floor knocked out.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — While comforting Liam, Hope reminded him that he can now have the life that he wanted before Steffy announced that she was pregnant. Caroline confronted Bill about blackmailing Maya and informed him that Rick dumped her. With the intent of getting revenge for the misdeed against Maya, Rick summoned Bill to meet him at Forrester Creations. Caroline assured Maya that she has not given up on Rick. Rick locked Bill down on an agreement to drop his blackmail against Maya and to add an apology to the pact. Brooke made an emotional admission to Donna and Eric and begged for them to keep the matter confidential. Caroline told Carter her intent to win back Rick and encouraged him to continue his pursuit of Maya. Rick and Maya celebrated the fact that there is no longer anything, or anyone, standing in the way of their relationship. During a conversation regarding Steffy, Thomas became defensive of his sister and a bit accusatory against Liam. Brooke arranged for Liam and Hope to spend private time together in an attempt to get their relationship back on track.

THIS WEEK: Hope takes a long walk that is quickly interrupted by a scantily clad handsome stranger. Pam offers Rick her assistance in getting the word out about his relationship with Maya.


Dr. Chyka provided Kristen with the means to exact her revenge on Marlena. Nicole and Brady made love! In her jail cell, Sami was attacked by a mysterious assailant! Marlena was furious when she overheard Adrienne urging Sonny to end things with Will. Chad was stunned when he realized he has vital evidence in his possession. Brady and Nicole struggled to keep their secret from Eric. Kristen’s mysterious plan became a little clearer. Marlena hypnotized Sami to help her daughter get some answers. Chad and Abigail shared their shocking discovery with EJ. Justin and EJ prepared Sami for her bail hearing. Sonny was horrified when he discovered damning evidence against Sami. Abigail was unsure she and Chad were doing the right thing by keeping certain information from the police.

THIS WEEK: JJ visits Cameron with an ulterior motive. Sonny tells Will the truth about Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Kiki backpedaled and headed to the Quartermaines, where she found Morgan, already having connected the dots. AJ and Tracy jousted for Franco’s support in their ongoing war for ELQ. AJ summoned Michael over to talk to his newfound cousin. Alexis and Shawn had it out over his questionable line of work. Shawn finally admitted he fired the bullet intended for Franco. Realizing TJ only feels sorry for her, Taylor was determined to still have a good time. She got drunk in the limo, then by chance saw Rafe giving Molly a sweet goodbye kiss in the park. Taylor made sure TJ witnessed it. Reeling from the news, Michael and Kiki realized all their difficult family connections. Morgan was stunned to hear about Michael’s rape in prison – but was confused when he learned Kiki already knew about it. Sonny spelled out just how angry he was with Carly over having called the hit on Franco behind his back. Later, Dante pressed Sonny for more information as Lulu tried to draw out the truth from Carly. Alexis decided not to turn in Shawn, but she couldn’t stay together with a killer. The argument escalated – and Shawn slammed out. TJ was upset seeing Molly kiss Rafe – and Taylor used this to her advantage.

THIS WEEK: Carly demands Morgan leave the Quartermaine house. Luke collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Natalie was stunned when she was served with legal papers from John. He accused her of keeping him from seeing Liam. Tea told Natalie not to worry; they would get through this together. Bo and Nora tried to play matchmaker with Matthew and Destiny for the sake of their grandchild, Drew. It all went terribly wrong when Matthew and Destiny felt as if they were being ambushed and Matthew criticized Destiny’s raising of Drew. Later, Matthew dumped Destiny after dinner when he got a phone call from Michelle. Nora was nervous about her first radio program even though Bo did everything to help her set things up and offered his support. Viki agreed to spice things up with the Banner by hiring a prominent blogger as a contributor. Todd told Blair that he believed Victor was the one who cut the power at Shelter. Todd implored Blair to trust his word and his judgment or someone could get hurt. Someone fired shots at Blair and Todd outside the club.

THIS WEEK: Todd makes Blair feel better. Bo I amused when Nora navigates her way through her first day on the job.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Sharon confronted Adam about his seeing other women, he accused her of being jealous. When Chelsea felt the baby kick for the first time, she told Dylan that she loves him, and he later told her that he loves her too. Anita ordered flowers to send to Chelsea in Adam’s name. Chloe told Kevin that she is done living with a thief and covering for him. When Kevin asked if she is thinking of turning him in, Chloe said she has Delia to think about. Chloe took off her wedding ring and told Chelsea that her marriage to Kevin is over. When Billy checked the results of a horse race on his phone, Victoria accused Billy of having an affair with Chloe. Billy denied this and admitted that he has started gambling again, but Victoria refused to believe him. Leslie told Avery that she needed access to a safe deposit box her father left behind. The mysterious blogger continued to post more journal entries. Neil got tired of waiting for the police to find the blogger, but when Leslie read over the letter that Neil wants to post to the blogger, she made a connection to a phrase the blogger used and something that she’s read before. Nikki questioned if Victor is comfortable leaving Adam in charge of the company while they go on their honeymoon, but later she figured out that Victor is testing Adam. Adam made a mysterious phone call and said that his father is headed out of town.

THIS WEEK: Avery questions what’s bothering Nick and wonders if he doesn’t want a big wedding. Nick tells Avery that nothing will stand in their way of getting married.

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