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RECAPS – 6/24-6/28



ALL MY CHILDREN — Cassandra was back with family and friends in Pine Valley, but faced a long road of recovery as she started her withdrawal from drugs. Dr. Anders denied Dixie’s request to be her counselor through the process even though Angie put in a good word for her. David scored points with both Angie and Jesse by making sure Cassandra didn’t die. Dixie questioned Dr. Anders’ judgment of her, but he assured her that he had confidence in her. Lea and Zach went to visit Cassandra at the hospital. Opal was offered a great price for Cortlandt Manor, but turned it down. Opal and Pete squared off when he insisted that the only way she would let him live his own life is to find a place of his own. She appealed to him to stay, but he was determined to leave. That’s when Opal told the realtor she wanted to accept the offer on the manor. Celia became the new intern for Dimitri on Talk Tempo.

THIS WEEK: Opal’s decision to accept Billy Clyde’s offer angers Pete. Colby and David are forming an unholy alliance.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Caroline used her connections with Rafael to assist her with her latest plan to get Maya away from Rick. Brooke interrogated Liam on why his getaway with Hope didn’t go as planned. Liam questioned the real reason why Steffy left him and was determined to get an answer. Hope became better acquainted with the mystery man that she met in the woods. Maya got her big break in the entertainment industry. Unhappy with how much pain his son is in, Bill encouraged Liam to go after Steffy to either win her back or find out why she really left. Donna was overwhelmed with guilt when Katie waxed on about how supportive Bill and Brooke have been with her. Hope had an unexpected reunion with her mystery man when he showed up at her home with something that she left behind. Katie walked in on a private conversation between Brooke and Donna and enquired as to what they were talking about. Taylor attempted to be civil with Brooke when she asked about the new man in her life and apologized to Brooke for assuming that she had an inappropriate relationship with Bill. While planning a special night for Eric, Taylor gained information that led her to believe that Brooke has her sights set on Eric.

THIS WEEK: Taylor tells Thomas of all of the information that she has learned about Brooke. Eric squirms when asked personal questions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —Kristen carried out her devious plot but as she tried to escape, she ran into a roadblock. Despite Sonny, Sami and EJ’s protests, Will was determined to take responsibility for his mother’s situation and confessed all to Abe. Sami was taken aback when she finally realized how much Rafe meant to Kate. Abigail and Chad grew close after a day at the amusement park. Cameron confronted Abigail about the future of their relationship. Kristen was furious when Dr. Chyka revealed a tiny hitch in her plan. Chad admitted to Abigail that he’s been manipulating her. Will, Sonny, Gabi and little Arianna settled into their new living arrangement. Nick dropped by, and he and Gabi tried to figure out where they stand. Nicole came to Eric’s rescue. Eric struggled to remember what happened to him. Brady and Nicole reacted to Daniel’s theory about Eric. Chad made it clear to Abigail and Cameron that he wanted to be with Abigail. Sonny firmly warned Adrienne that if she’s going to make him choose between her and Will, he’s choosing Will. Eric was grateful when Nicole found a way to save the school project. Kristen and Marlena had a scratchy encounter. Jennifer was horrified when she learned JJ has been arrested! Cameron questioned Abigail about the secret she shared with Chad.

THIS WEEK: Kristen’s plan hits a roadblock. Chad makes his feeling known.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lucy proposed to Laura to run holistic spa Deception as a team. Scott wasn’t sure about his current and ex-wife being in business together. Carly prevented Shawn from confessing to the crime. Ava put the screws to Franco, demanding they make a deal while Morgan overheard. Franco’s condition: Ava must help him win over Kiki. Michael and Kiki vowed to avoid each other. Liz reeled from AJ’s confession that he slept with Carly. Nik explained how he came across the proof, sharing he never intended to use it or hurt her. AJ got more than he bargained for when Liz arrived for their date. Shawn updated Sonny on the latest mystery of who actually shot Olivia. Ava plotted with Franco to seize ELQ and return to their daughter’s good graces. Alexis confided in Nik about her conflict with Shawn. Connie and Olivia had a frank conversation about each other’s feelings for Sonny. AJ tried to shift the blame to Nik, but Liz won’t hear it. AJ dragged Carly into the fray, and AJ begged Liz for understanding – but she couldn’t promise that. Luke deflected Laura’s comments about his health but later collapsed. Maxie almost spilled the beans when Spinelli caught her in a mother moment. Felicia and Mac asked Anna and Duke to be their maid of honor and best man, respectively.

THIS WEEK: Shawn and Alexis confront their issues. Luke and Tracy get into a heated argument.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Bo was stunned by the news that Dani could have died from a drug overdose because the drug she took was so strong, he started to put two and two together. Jeffrey confided to Destiny that Viki was headed for financial ruin because of a poor investment. Jack was still railing against Todd, and Dani was there to listen. Bo made Dani realize someone was out to kill her and persuaded her to name Brianna Marland as her drug dealer. Natalie lashed out at Clint accusing him of being responsible for the legal mess she’s in with John. Clint couldn’t deny it, and Natalie told Clint he crossed the line and she wouldn’t forgive him for it. Viki was rocked when she heard her fund went belly up, but told Jeffrey to post a story on it.

THIS WEEK: Cutter reacts when Bo says that Brianna is dead. Viki lashes out at Clint in dramatic fashion.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lauren and Michael’s date was interrupted by the waiter bringing over Champagne. Michael suspected that Carmine ordered the Champagne. When Kevin returned everything he’s stolen and asked Chloe to come back home, she told him that she’s not ready yet. When Chloe denied Abby’s accusation that she is involved with Billy, Kevin wondered if something might be going on. Chloe was shocked to learn that Victoria thinks she’s having an affair with Billy. Leslie found Gus’s will and a photo of Rose inside the safe deposit box. Adam flirted with Melanie until he was distracted by Chelsea. Melanie complimented Chelsea on her designs, and congratulated her on the baby. Later, Adam informed Melanie that Chelsea is his ex. Billy tried to prove to Victoria that he’s not having an affair and that he’s started gambling again. Billy brought Victoria to see Adam so he could confirm that he’s been gambling. Adam reveled in the opportunity to mess with Billy as he said that Billy must have really screwed up if he was willing to use gambling as an excuse. Chelsea arrived at Dylan’s and noticed a freshly painted wall hidden behind a sheet. After their dinner, Dylan pulled down the sheet to reveal the painted words, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Later, Chelsea painted the word ‘Yes’. Leslie and Neil informed Avery that Gus left half of his estate to his children and the other half to Rose Turner. Leslie made a connection to something that Rose wrote on one of her photos and what the blogger recently posted.

THIS WEEK: Chloe tells Kevin that their marriage is over. Sharon visits Cassie’s grave and tells her how much she misses her.

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