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ALL MY CHILDREN — Colby bailed on David after they made love. Zach had to depend on Jesse when he was faced with charges that he murdered Uri. Hunter tormented Miranda by drawing a cartoon of her with Heather. Miranda was very upset. When AJ found out about Hunter’s treatment of Miranda, he feared the worst and rushed off to find Miranda. Angie was rocked when she found out that Cassandra was forced to be in a porn film, and was even more upset that Cassandra had a seizure and Dr. Anders didn’t seem particularly alarmed. Dixie was concerned that David was cooking up a scheme. Once AJ calmed down Miranda, he went off to confront him, but he got ambushed. Billy Clyde came on the scene and scared Hunter and his friends away, rescuing AJ. Colby balked at working for Dimitri, but Brooke convinced her to join the company and work her way up the ladder there.

THIS WEEK: Jesse pushes Uri and things get tense. Angie is stunned by what Cassandra tells her.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Taylor put a major damper on the birthday party that Katie was throwing for Brooke when she announced that the guest of honor had an affair with Bill. Thinking that Taylor was trying to stir up problems, Katie refused to believe that her sister and her husband would betray her. Unimpressed with Maya and Carter’s interaction on-screen, Caroline coaxed Rafael into allowing her to make some changes that she hoped would benefit her. When Katie confronted them about Taylor’s accusations, Bill attempted to justify his and Brooke’s actions. Hope and Rick differed in their opinions about whether or not Brooke is at fault for another scandal. Meanwhile, Brooke exuded immense regret and shame for what she and Bill did. With the new changes to the web series’ script, Maya became concerned about what Rick might think. When Bill attempted to restore Katie’s faith in their relationship, she worried that his feelings for Brooke would get in the way. Caroline was excited about the potential of Maya becoming a big star, thinking that Rick would not put up with being second to her career. Upset that he assisted Brooke with hiding her betrayal of Katie, Taylor and Eric had their first argument as a couple. Rick threw a large holiday party at the Bikini where many of the Forrester Creations employees were in attendance. Bill encouraged Liam to contact Steffy to find out the real reason why she left. When Liam reached out to Steffy, he didn’t get the answer from her that he was hoping for. While Hope was at the party waiting for Liam, Wyatt was more than happy to fill his shoes.

THIS WEEK: Rick pulls Maya aside and voices his disapproval of her actions. Caroline waits for the right moment to implement the next phase of her plan to break up Rick and Maya.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami was shaken after an emotional run-in with Marge. Later, Sami nervously waited as the grand jury made their decision on whether to indict her or not for murder. Abigail confessed to Chad she’s beginning to have second thoughts about keeping Sami’s secret. Justin informed EJ there is a hitch in his plan to steal DiMera Enterprises from Stefano. JJ guilt tripped Jennifer after catching his mother and Daniel kissing. Later, JJ put Daniel on notice. Sami’s fate was decided. Eric unwittingly got his hands on proof of what happened to him. Things grew tense between Gabi, Sonny and Will. Sonny was visited by an old friend, who wonders if Sonny regrets getting tied down with a baby that’s not even his. Will was concerned when he overheard. Nick and Gabi made a decision about their marriage. Nicole and Victor butted heads when he questioned her motives for working at the church. Kristen narrowly avoided disaster. She later gave Brady a cryptic warning. Jennifer laid down the law with JJ.

THIS WEEK: Kristen avoids disaster. JJ flirts with trouble.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly sparred with Franco and Ava over whether Morgan will live at the Quartermaine house with Kiki. Franco threatened Carly with murder exposure, and she relented. Franco revealed he knows that Ava was the second shooter. Michael asked AJ to send him out of town to avoid Kiki. Shawn realized the only way to keep Alexis is to agree to her terms. Liz got angry with Nik for hiding some key details about AJ/Carly, and Nik reminded her that he wants her. Luke and Tracy fight over whether she will join him on his travels. After sharing the good news about the sex of the baby with Laura, Lulu pointed out Luke’s peculiar behavior lately – and they went to confront him but only found Tracy. Sonny and Carly had a reckoning over his recent vow. Though Sonny didn’t take back his statement, he did apologize, as did Carly, for her betrayal. They discussed what to do about Franco. Despite Ava’s innocent claims, Franco remained unconvinced, but they came to a truce. Connie was surprised to hear Olivia is moving in with Sonny. Tracy maintained the fiction that she was the subject of the GH tests not Luke. Laura pulled Tracy aside for a private word.

THIS WEEK: Michael is being blackmailed. Franco tries to spark his relationship with Kiki.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd raced to a Willow Lake motel when he found out that Victor was spotted there. Dani came home to tell Tea that Brianna was dead and that Brianna was the one who dealt drugs to Dani. Brianna’s death was a wake-up call for Dani who realized she could have overdosed and died. Blair let Tea know that they’ve discovered Victor’s whereabouts, but later Victor sent Tea a text message asking her to leave him alone, or they’d both be in danger. Bo was puzzled when Arturo Bandini showed up inquiring about Brianna’s death. Admitting he was Brianna’s lover and financial benefactor, Arturo rejected the notion that Brianna was a drug pusher. Arturo approached Blair to lease out Shelter for a memorial service. Jeffrey insisted that Michelle do something to patch things up with Matthew, and arranged for them to meet at the coffeehouse.

THIS WEEK: Tea blames Todd for what happened to Victor. Clint looks to Viki for gratitude.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS —Billy told Carmine that Victoria kicked him out for gambling. Carmine handed Billy a business card of a guy looking for a game. Fen told Carmine to stop texting him. Tyler accused Devon of getting him fired, and Billy broke things up between them. Abby and Alex got into an argument. Abby offered to buy Tyler a drink when she heard that he lost his job. Alex noticed Tyler flirting with Abby. Michael and Lauren shared a sweet kiss and worked on rebuilding their relationship. Jill offered Hilary double her pay to divert projects to her instead of Cane. Lily told Cane that Tyler was the reason she left the campaign and that she doesn’t have feelings for him. Chloe and Kevin informed Delia that they are getting a divorce and assured her that it has nothing to do with her. Chloe told Billy that she has made a lot of bad decisions but choosing him to be Delia’s dad was a good one. Abby told Victoria that she hopes she can work things out with Billy. Victoria took Johnny over to the ranch and told Nikki and Victor about Billy’s gambling and that she and Johnny are going to visit Reed for the fourth of July. Billy confided to Jack about Victoria leaving and his inability to quit gambling. Adam told Melanie that it was his idea to privatize Newman.

THIS WEEK: Summer leaves town. Paul warns Carmine to stay away from the Baldwin family.

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