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RECAPS – JULY 8 – 12



ALL MY CHILDREN — Cassandra was plagued with bad dreams and Jesse did his best to comfort her. Dr. Anders and Angie got into a professional fight. She wanted him to clean up his act when it comes to handling patients. Zach suspected that there was something fishy about Vladimir’s death. Lean concurred and they hoped Jesse would be able to help them with dental records. Cara was drawn to JR, but felt guilty because he was one of her patients and it was very unprofessional. Brooke was in the position of trying to polish David’s bad reputation when she interviewed him on her show. David claimed he was a changed man and talked about his new medical device. He also pushed his new partnership with Cortlandt Electronics, saying it would bring much needed money and jobs to Pine Valley. Brooke tarnished David’s image a bit when she told him his fingerprints were found on the gun that was used to shoot Marissa.

THIS WEEK: Angie is devastated by what Cassandra tells her. Zach and Lea make some progress in their investigation.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke sat down with Hope and Rick in an attempt to justify her recent actions and asked for forgiveness. When Katie proclaimed that her marriage is over, Donna insisted that she give Bill another chance. With the intent to salvage his tarnished marriage, Bill planned to show Katie that she is the queen in his life. With his heart and a present in-hand, Bill asked Katie to take him back. Unable to trust her husband and her sister any longer, Katie told Bill that she wants to end their marriage. Liam was still confused as to why Steffy left and is having a difficult time moving on with his life because of it. As Hope gushed to Rick about Wyatt, she wavered on whether or not to wait around for Liam to be ready for a relationship. With divorce papers awaiting her signature, Katie fondly reminisced on her happier times with Bill. Katie surprisingly gained an unlikely ally in her battle against Bill, his sister Karen. Bill turned to Brooke to assist him in trying to get Katie to come to her senses about giving their marriage another chance. Knowing that his obsession about not knowing why Steffy left him is affecting his relationship with Hope, Liam set out to find answers. Unsuccessful in his search for the truth, Liam was determined to find it by going to the source, Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Quinn and Hope become suspicious of each other. Liam tracks downs Steffi for an explanation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe was brought out of his coma – and immediately had a strange reaction to seeing Sami. Jennifer was stunned when she met her new assistant. EJ and Justin worked frantically at the last minute to steal DiMera Enterprises from Stefano. A triumphant EJ kicked his father out of the mansion. But Stefano had a strong warning for his son. Sami defied doctor’s orders once again. Jennifer kept her promise to Kayla to hire Theresa as her assistant – though she suspected the girl will be trouble. She doesn’t realize how correct she was as Theresa mixed things up with JJ. Eric suffered another attack. Kristen angrily confronted Dr. Chyka, fearing her secret was about to be exposed. Kristen tried her best to prevent Daniel from uncovering her secret. Brady made an insightful confession to Maggie.

THIS WEEK: Rafe is brought out of his coma. Things heat up between Sami and EJ

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam awakened from a nightmare that Danny has no bone marrow match. Connie checked in on Olivia, fishing for news of Sonny. Connie confided in Maxie about her conflicting feelings, and Maxie advised she go after her man. Olivia and Sonny realized nothing is standing in the way of their renewing romance after their July 4th kiss. Kiki dreamed about Michael. At the hospital as she was tested as a potential bone marrow donor, she ran into Michael. Morgan confided in Ava that he fears losing Kiki to his brother, and she gave him (sketchy) advice. As Maxie imagined herself as a mother, Ellie had a guilty conscience nightmare. Lulu woke up from a nightmare that her baby has been taken, but Dante calmed her down. They decided to discuss baby names and went to Maxie for help. As Sonny plotted with Shawn to take down Franco, Franco tried to spark a relationship with Kiki. Sam and Alexis planned to ask Franco to get tested as a potential donor. But Alexis arrived only to see Shawn and Sonny beating up Franco to a pulp. Alexis and Sam discussed her recent breakup with Shawn. Carly Spinelli, Anna and Duke were all curious about Ava and her background. Silas and Ava shared a tense reunion, and they decided to meet for coffee. Kiki and Michael broke from their kiss when Brad arrived, catching them in the act. He offered to stay silent but attempted to blackmail them. Silas paid Sam a visit ostensibly to visit Danny – but there’s more to the story. Ava revealed her relationship with Silas to Tracy.

THIS WEEK: A medical condition shocks everyone in Port Charles. Scott & Laura have a huge blowout argument.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Matthew wanted to do all he could to keep Dani and Michelle apart. Michelle wanted Dani to know how sorry she was for the way she behaved with Matthew. Dani was gracious about it, but couldn’t stand any more when Matthew and Michelle begin to dance. Arturo talked Dani into staying at Shelter, when he started to talk about Brianna. Nikki worried that Cutter was in trouble when she found out that Cutter slept with Brianna. She was concerned that the police would implicate him in Brianna’s murder and make Shelter the center of a scandal. Cutter got upset at Nikki’s assumption and completely denied that he slept with Brianna. He also lashed out at Nikki and warned her to stop meddling in his life.

THIS WEEK: Viki asks Clint if he’s keeping anything from her. Jeffrey reads a note. Matthew wonders what it says.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam baited Melanie by asking her to look into a company that Victor already passed on and to keep it between them. Melanie told Victor about Adam’s plan to pursue the business deal he passed on. Melanie realized that Adam’s been playing her but concluded that if she tells Victor, she’ll lose her law career. Leslie told Neil that Rose died six years ago of a stroke and that she had a daughter named Ann who left the country after her mother died. Neil received another notice on his phone from the blogger who called him a coward. Leslie told Neil that Rose died in Evanston, Illinois. Chloe rushed Delia to the hospital when she’s running a high fever. Billy comforted Chloe and recreated the 4th of July holiday for Delia. Alex wanted Kevin to take him up on his offer to work for the police. Chloe eventually called Kevin and told him about Delia. Nikki told Billy that she wants him to beat his gambling addiction. Billy begged Nikki to ask Victoria to give him one more chance. Victor told Billy that he is an addict, and that’s all he’ll ever be. Cane and Lily took the twins to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. When they went back home, Cane set up a romantic evening for Lily. Sharon talked with Jack about how she feels like she’s still trapped in the past. Sharon determined that she can help Nick while he deals with losing Summer. Kyle admitted to Abby that he shouldn’t have ended things with Summer but doesn’t think calling her is a good idea.

THIS WEEK: Victor gets Melanie to admit that she has been working with Adam. Chloe talks to Billy about his addiction and says that she is on his side.

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