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RECAPS – JULY 15 – 19



ALL MY CHILDREN — Lea let Jesse know that it she knows that it was actually Vlad who was killed and not Uri. The dental record identification was faked. Jesse told David to stay away from Angie when he took her side against him. Angie told Jesse he had no reason to be jealous because David was just trying to be her supportive friend. Jesse alerted Uri that the authorities knew he was alive. Uri threatened Jesse’s family unless he helped him evade the cops. Cara was grateful when JR got her mother hired as the mansion’s cook. Bianca was holding her breath hoping that new medication will help Kendall’s heart. AJ was not happy when JR and Oliver seemed to hit it off until Miranda pushed JR to apologize to AJ for being insensitive. JR made amends with AJ by getting them front row seats to a Rolling Stones concert.

THIS WEEK: Jesse is pushed by Joe to straighten things out. Angie’s heart is breaking over Cassandra.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill was blindsided by Katie and Karen when they fired him as CEO of Spencer Publications. Katie revealed to Bill that she will now be the person running his family’s company. As Hope got to know Wyatt and Quinn better, questions popped up in her mind regarding their past. Uneasy with Hope’s interrogation, Quinn expressed her concern for Wyatt regarding the recent company that he is keeping. Liam confronted Katie vindictiveness about firing Bill and taking over the company. He suggested that Katie rethink her decision for a divorce and to give Bill another chance. Rick confessed to Hope his discomfort regarding the nature of Maya and Carter’s working relationship. Knowing that Rick had his concerns, Caroline gave Rick more of a reason to worry about losing Maya to Carter. Carter took an opportune moment to tell Maya how he feels about her and is willing to show her just how much. Caroline attempted to get Rick worked up about the possibility of Maya leaving him for Carter. Quinn dodged the truth when Wyatt pried her about why she dislikes Hope. Fresh from Paris, Liam revealed to Hope the true reason why Steffy left Los Angeles. Hope insisted that she will no longer share Liam with Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Quinn warns Wyatt to stay away from Hope. Brooke goes to confront Katie about running Bill out of Spencer Publications.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen was stunned when Brady admitted he still has feelings for her and hopes they can try to reconcile. Nicole blasted EJ for intimating to Eric that she’s in love with the priest. The reception for the new school was interrupted by a huge scandal – much to Eric and Sami’s horror. Adrienne made a major decision to protect her son, which has far-reaching consequences. Sami’s world came crashing down when she realized she’s in a lot more trouble than she originally thought. Eric and Nicole had a huge fight about Sami. Justin and Sonny were stunned by Adrienne’s actions. Kristen couldn’t help but wonder if Brady is somehow playing her. She’s stuck for an answer when he asked a very crucial question. Will made a confession to Justin, fearing his mother’s legal woes are all his fault. Justin angrily ripped into Adrienne for what she has done. Chad promised Abigail he will protect her from any repercussions stemming from Sami’s case. Kristen lied to Brady once again. Abigail questioned JJ’s involvement with Theresa.

THIS WEEK: Will makes a confession. Jennifer gives Theresa a stern warning.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — After Ava concealed her child and reasons for visiting Franco, Silas told her there’s no use in them discussing their romantic past. Meanwhile, Spinelli visited Ava’s art gallery for more information. In response to Connie, Olivia moved out of Sonny’s home and broke down to Dante. Sonny admitted to Connie that there are unfinished feelings with Olivia, but he still loves Connie. Sonny made Connie dinner. About to confess the truth, Maxie was interrupted by arriving Olivia. Carly and AJ discussed their suspicions of Ava. Meanwhile, Ava interrupted Silas interrogating Franco. When Dante was called away by PCPD, Spinelli filled in as Maxie’s birthing coach. Meanwhile, Olivia had a terrifying vision of Maxie stabbing

Lulu to death. Sabrina couldn’t help but be disappointed when Patrick agreed to take Britt to birthing class. Meanwhile, Nik witnessed a close moment between AJ and Liz. Michael tried to avoid any business with ELQ that requires interfacing with Kiki. Silas encountered Kiki for the first time, who introduced herself as Franco’s daughter. Morgan and Sonny had a heart to heart. Dante confronted Sonny for hurting and misleading Olivia. Meanwhile, Connie wanted to make sure Olivia is OK – and got a blasting.

THIS WEEK: Ava is confronted about her ELQ takeover scheme. Laura demands answers from Tracy.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Dorian checked up on Viki’s cover story with Frank. He told Dorian that Viki lost big bucks when the fund went under, even though she was telling everyone just the opposite. Viki was having her doubts about her money as well. When Jeffrey confirmed to her that her money was lost, she lashed out at Clint for lying to her about it. Clint made things worse by admitting that he secretly reimbursed her for the money she lost. Viki then broke her engagement to Clint. Todd and Blair got one step closer to reconciling their differences. Natalie and Destiny went on a double date with Jeffrey and Cutter. Natalie made a play for Cutter who made a quick exit to answer a call for help from Rama, which turned out to be a problem with the ice machine.

THIS WEEK: David tries to rebuild his life and reputation. Viki is conflicted and needs counseling.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Stitch encouraged Dylan to tell Chelsea about his time in Afghanistan. Avery told Chelsea that Dylan’s entire unit was killed and he was presumed dead. Summer told Phyllis that she doesn’t belong to anyone anymore. Phyllis promised Summer that she will be there for her every step of the way. When Victor revealed the truth about Summer’s paternity to Victor. Victor concluded that Summer is Jack’s daughter. Nick finally told Sharon that Summer is not his daughter. Later, Avery found a note from Sharon telling Nick she understands what he did and to call her anytime. Traci told Jack that there’s still time for him to be a father to Summer. Later, Jack admitted to Phyllis that he is tempted to fall off the wagon. Kyle asked for Billy’s help in turning the restaurant into a romantic night for Summer. Summer walked into the romantic set up Kyle has created, burst into tears, and told Kyle they cannot ever date. Neil saw Jill at On The Blvd, and invited her to have dinner with him. Lily greeted them, and then went to sit with Cane and Hilary while they went over contracts. Neil recalled being in a bar in Evanston in 2007. Tyler surprised Abby with a kiss. Lauren told Gloria about Carmine giving Fen drugs. Michael got angry that Carmine hasn’t been charged yet. When Carmine hired Leslie to defend him, she was able to get Paul to release him.

THIS WEEK: Victor tells Adam that Melanie should be his guest at the gala. Nick tells Kyle that he still considers Summer to be his daughter.

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