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RECAPS – JULY 22 – 26



ALL MY CHILDREN — Cassandra had trouble coping with the reality that she is pregnant. She hated the fact that this baby will do nothing but remind her of all the times she was used by men while she was in captivity. Jesse had to confess to Angie and the police that Uri was still alive. He was arrested for letting him get away even though he did it to protect his family. Dr. Peterson urged Angie to level with Cassandra so she can find some peace with whatever she decided to do about the baby. Lea and Zach confessed that there was an electricity between them. Colby conned Celia into believing that she and Pete were lovers. Later, however, Jane let Celia know that Pete was not turned on by Colby. Pete told Opal that she had to become less possessive toward him and get a life.

THIS WEEK: Dimitri won’t give up on Brooke. Colby goes into fund-raising mode for the Miranda Center.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — When Bill confronted Karen about her lack of family loyalty, she warned him that he will not win against Katie. Liam anxiously awaited Hope’s delayed answer to his proposal of marriage. Brooke’s presence and opinion was unwelcome when she attempted to change Katie’s mind about divorcing Bill. Refusing to give up on his marriage, Bill made an emotional plea to Katie asking her to rethink putting an end to their marriage. Not everyone was ecstatic to hear the news regarding Liam and Hope’s engagement. Donna advised Brooke to apologize and to stop defending Bill if she wants to save her relationship with Katie. With an attempt to gain the truth about Wyatt’s past, he and Hope devised a plan for an intentional run-in between Bill and Quinn. Wyatt and Hope put their plan into effect to ensure that Bill and Quinn bump into each other. Unhappy that her ploy to get Maya and Carter together wasn’t working quickly enough, Caroline pressed Rafael to make the script even steamier. Suspicious of the sudden and drastic change in direction of the web series, Maya went searching for the person responsible.

THIS WEEK: Bill and Liam follow Wyatt to his place of business. Eric reveals to Brooke the current state of his and Taylor’s relationship.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen was stunned when Brady admitted he still has feelings for her and hopes they can try to reconcile. Nicole blasted EJ for intimating to Eric that she’s in love with the priest. The reception for the new school was interrupted by a huge scandal – much to Eric and Sami’s horror. Adrienne made a major decision to protect her son, which has far-reaching consequences. Sami’s world came crashing down when she realized she’s in a lot more trouble than she originally thought. Eric and Nicole had a huge fight about Sami. Justin and Sonny were stunned by Adrienne’s actions. Kristen couldn’t help but wonder if Brady is somehow playing her. She’s stuck for an answer when he asked a very crucial question. Will made a confession to Justin, fearing his mother’s legal woes are all his fault. Justin angrily ripped into Adrienne for what she has done. Chad promised Abigail he will protect her from any repercussions stemming from Sami’s case. Kristen lied to Brady once again.

THIS WEEK: Will makes a confession. Jennifer gives Theresa a stern warning.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam, Carly and Silas realized that Franco has kidnapped Danny. Dante arrived to head the official search, as Carly got an idea where “Jason” may have gone with Danny. AJ and Tracy confronted Ava on her scheme to take over ELQ – but were interrupted by Morgan and Kiki announcing their engagement. Michael attempted to romance a girl at the Floating Rib but could only think of Kiki. Armed with Lesley’s reveal of Luke’s condition, Laura demanded answers from Tracy who caved. The women discussed how they will find Luke and how Scotty would feel about it. Molly and Rafe brainstormed just who “J” might stand for. TJ told Taylor he just wants to be friends, and she broke down. TJ hugged her just as Molly and Rafe arrived. Franco awakened confused about what happened and asked Carly why she saved his life. They discussed his brain tumor condition, and Patrick prepared him for surgery. Sam and Silas had a bonding moment, and they got the news that Franco might be a match for Danny. Kiki was mortified to find Michael with another woman. Carly found out that Morgan and Kiki are getting married. In bed, Patrick and Sabrina talked about the impending Franco surgery. Felix confronted Brad about his attempted blackmail of Michael, but Brad leveled back that he has dish on Michael of his own. Stonewalled, Felix asked Michael for help. Carly confronted Ava for supporting Morgan and Kiki’s engagement and swore to uncover Ava’s ELQ maneuverings and her ulterior motive. Michael agreed to help expose Britt and Brad by pretending to seduce him. Britt warned Brad not to fall for Michael’s scheme. Brad and Michael’s game of chicken began as Felix hoped for the truth.

THIS WEEK: Carly and Sam have a heart to heart about Franco. Britt reveals the truth about her baby.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Bo played a prank on Nora by calling into her radio show to talk about his experiences at Woodstock. Natalie was caught by surprise when Cutter dropped by her place, but she made up for lost time when they started to make love. Destiny demanded to know if Dani slept with Matthew and then lashed out at her for double-crossing her. Michelle and Matthew drank bubbling and Matthew was all prepared for them to have sex. Michelle told Matthew that she was a virgin, but after they made love Matthew suspected she knew a lot more about lovemaking than she was admitting. Dorian told David she didn’t want him to move out, she just wanted an apology and a promise never to sleep around again. That’s the only way their marriage will work. When David got a network deal for his show, he told Dorian they needed a time out from each other, and moved out of the mansion. Things heated up between Todd and Blair.

THIS WEEK: Dorian tries to get Viki’s goat by teasing her about her engagement. Dani is concerned that Tea needs her, but won’t ask for her help.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam took Melanie up on her earlier offer of exploring her other talents, but she turned him down. Adam said she’s going to regret it. Victoria arranged a visit between Billy and Johnny. Victoria told Billy it’s going to take a lot more than one meeting of Gamblers Anonymous to prove to her that he has changed. Victoria asked Chelsea to get Chloe to stop hanging around Billy. At the police station, Kevin tried to remove the sex tape of Lauren and Carmine from the internet. Lauren told Paul about the tape, and he agreed to bring Carmine in for questioning. Alex gave Kevin the phone number of a nice girl he should call. Kevin told him that won’t make him feel better. Michael pulled a gun on Carmine outside On the Blvd. As Michael pulled back the hammer on the gun, Lauren arrived and stopped Michael from shooting him. After Michael and Lauren went back home, Paul showed up to arrest Michael for aggravated assault. Cane and Lily stopped to chat with Tyler and Abby on their date. When Cane and Lily headed out to be alone, Tyler told Abby that Cane doesn’t want Lily spending extra time with him. Cane and Hilary discussed his upcoming business trip to NY. Cane and Lily enjoyed an evening with Charlie and Maddie and celebrated their happiness as a family. Summer told Nick and Sharon that they could tell Faith whatever they want about her paternity, but she wasn’t going to say she isn’t her sister. When Phyllis asked Summer if Sharon will be at the Gala, Summer told her that Sharon planned on visiting Cassie’s grave.

THIS WEEK: Billy explains to Melanie what Adam has done to his family in the past. Melanie finally agrees to Billy’s plan to fight back against Adam.

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