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RECAPS – 12/31-1/4

ALL MY CHILDREN – Tad and Krystal were willing to try and have a real marriage…sex and all! Hannah gave Adam the information he needed to buy back the pieces of Chandler Enterprises out from under Zach’s nose. Jack told Kendall and Zach that he secured a deal with the District Attorney for Kendall to avoid jail time if at her trial she would plead diminished capacity. Kendall surprised everyone when she went against Jack’s advice and made a full confession to the judge. Richie fantasized about framing Annie for his own murder and lured her to the hospital by making her believe he was at death’s door.

THIS WEEK: JR puts the romantic moves on Babe.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Meg was suspicious of Craig’s strange attitude about the baby, and then learned about the miscarriage drug found in his infected cut. Barbara receives a dire diagnosis from Dr. Hearn, but doesn’t want her children to know. Sofie had a difficult time watching Gwen and Will becoming her daughter’s adopted parents. Lily was ticked off when Dusty ended their relationship. She lashed out at Emily for sleeping with Dusty. When Lily took a pill and missed picking up Faith, Holden was concerned. Dusty tried to find out if Chris drugged Bob, even after Tom threatened Dusty with a harassment suit.

THIS WEEK: Meg winds up in the hospital.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Stephanie wouldn’t go to the police to get Stephen released no matter what Brooke said to convince her. However, when Eric brought her divorce papers, Stephanie came up with a new scheme involving Brooke getting Donna to dump Eric in exchange for Storm not being revealed as the real shooter and Stephen getting out of jail. Eric proposed to Donna and she said yes. Felicia told her father how disappointed she is in his treatment of Stephanie. When Brooke told her about Stephanie’s deal, Donna refused to break up with Eric. Stephanie visited Stephen, urging him to get Donna to do the right thing.

THIS WEEK: Taylor finds herself tempted to take a drink.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – His escape to Mexico thwarted, Lucas was jailed for EJ’s shooting. EJ warned the cops that Lucas was going to be attacked in his jail cell. When Shawn learned from Belle that she slept with Philip, he threw her out of their home and said he wants a divorce. Chloe told Philip that Brady was abducted in Vienna and she needed his help to find him. Roman informed Marlena that there’s a Celtic symbol meaning woman warrior in a photo of John’s mother. Despite Belle’s apprehensions, Marlena met with psychic Crystal again, but brought a gun with her…just in case.

THIS WEEK: Philip will help Chloe, but she needs to do something for him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny was out of his element at an art gallery opening in Manhattan, where he ended up getting arrested after assaulting a man he overheard badmouthing Kate. Elizabeth’s plans to spend a romantic New Year’s Eve with Jason were dashed when he was called away on business. Alexis and Diane were both nominated for the Litigator of the Year award by the Women Attorneys Association. Sam confided in Lucky that Nikolas’ brain tumor was genetic and remained uncertain about getting herself tested for the potentially deadly condition. After collapsing, Luke found himself in purgatory court. Epiphany learned that Stan was murdered.

THIS WEEK: Sam’s got shocking news for Carly.

GUIDING LIGHT – Harley woke up in bed with a naked Cyrus. Buzz overheard her with Cyrus and confronted his daughter about her actions. When Harley had another anxiety attack, she called for Marina, not Cyrus. Buzz learned that Ashlee was the one responsible for getting Einstein to fix the election. Buzz could not go through with the inauguration, but would not implicate Ashlee. Doris announced that she would prosecute the culprit who fixed the election, unaware that she’ll be going after her own daughter. Angry and drunk, Coop burned Bill’s plans to renovate Main Street. He threw the fiery plans into the trailer, not knowing Bill was inside.

THIS WEEK: Natalia believes that Olivia is faking her illness to steal Gus from her.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – An angry Talia questioned Antonio’s sincerity when he claimed he wanted to give things a try with her. Miles tried to let Roxy down gently when she declared her love for him. Todd and Ramsey held Gigi hostage and used the threat of her never seeing Shane again unless she lured Marcie to her apartment. John and Michael found proof that Marcie had been staying at the motel and then headed to the cafĂ©, where they found Marcie’s bag. Todd was horrified when he saw Ramsey pulling his gun on Marcie. Lindsay learned her fate in court. Jessica put her risky plan against Jared in motion.

THIS WEEK: Viki’s secret Parisian life is no longer a secret!

PASSIONS – Fancy worried that with Marty back; Luis would rekindle his relationship with Sheridan. Her fears were realized when Sheridan used Marty to tear Luis and Fancy apart as Alistair requested of her. Miguel was stricken by the realization that Kay and Tabitha were witches. They tried to cover by suggesting that Miguel was having a nightmare, but he had memories of being in the Dark Side with Endora. As all her lovers were getting killed, Esme decided to do Harmony a favor and seduce Alistair. Sam arrived to arrest Alistair for Chad’s murder and instead found the old man with a knife in his back.

THIS WEEK: Tabitha intends to turn Miguel into an animal.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Jack misinterpreted when he saw Sharon with Brad, unaware that she was telling him she was staying with Jack after all. Victor offered Nikki a proposition – break up with David and he’d forget about all of the loans she owed him. Heather learned that the portion of the tapes which showed that Victor was the last person with Ji Min before his death was erased. Later, Maggie took Victor into custody for the murder of Ji Min Kim. Jeff told Gloria to schedule a family dinner so he could propose, and then he demanded $50,000 to buy her an engagement ring.

plant evidence to implicate Victor?

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