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RECAPS – 7- 29 – 8 - 2



ALL MY CHILDREN — Colby is told by David not to get too carried away because they slept together. To him it’s just a fling and nothing serious. Joe is stunned when he finds out that Billy Clyde is the new owner of Cortlandt Manor and doesn’t buy the idea that Billy Clyde has turned over a new leaf. Opal gets an exciting new job opportunity when Brooke asks her to work the red carpet the night of the gala as an audition of a permanent gig. Cassandra is on the ragged edge emotionally, and not even a makeover can lift her spirits. She still wants an abortion. Angie cries on David’s shoulder and she says she’s grateful that she has him to lean on. Dimitri gives Adam the wrong idea when he answers Brooke’s phone. Dixie is starting to buy into Billy Clyde’s story that he has found religion and wants to change his life for the better. Billy Clyde is grateful and emotional when it appears that Dixie has reached out to him.

THIS WEEK: Pete is the object of ridicule and scorn because he’s been chosen as one of Pine Valley’s most eligible bachelors. David clues Angie in about the fact that Cassandra wants an abortion.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Feeling as though his mother has betrayed him, Wyatt packs up his belongings and moves out of the home that he shares with Quinn. Bill invites Wyatt to come and live with him and Liam in the cliff house. Katie confers with Donna about how she doesn’t know how to ever trust Bill and Brooke again. Brooke calls Katie to tell her about the recent addition to the Spencer family. Brooke makes a gallant effort to apologize to Katie and attempts to mend their broken relationship. Over a family dinner, Bill learns that he and Wyatt have a lot of common interests. Liam becomes suspicious of Wyatt’s intentions of becoming a member of the Spencer family. Katie concocts a plan to find out whether or not Bill and Brooke’s affair is over, and if they really do want redemption for their indiscretion. Albeit intrigued by Wyatt’s charm, Hope gives him guidelines to adhere to while living under the Spencers’ roof. Bill and Brooke are put to the ultimate test of loyalty as they are unknowingly watched by Katie. During an impromptu visit to her sister, Donna stumbles across Katie in the midst of her Machiavellian act. Wyatt searches online for any information that he can obtain about Hope and Liam’s relationship. Unaware of the exchange between Wyatt and Hope the night before, Liam welcomes his new brother into the family.

THIS WEEK: Caroline decides to change her method of winning Rick back by being less manipulative. Maya becomes concerned about her relationship when she learns how closely Rick will be working with Caroline at Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ visits Sami in prison and tries to lift her spirits before her bail hearing. Meanwhile, Sonny pleads with Justin to help Will’s mom. Adrienne tries to make Sonny and Will understand why she came forward with the video, but they refuse to forgive her. A desperate Marge begs for Rafe’s help to convict Sami. Chad makes a confession to Justin and protects Abigail at the same time. Later, Chad suffers a headache. Maggie expresses concern that Nick isn’t dealing with all that’s happened to him. Sami and EJ are optimistic she will make bail – until Melinda brings in a surprise witness. Abe and Kayla come up with startling new information that might help Sami. Cameron runs a CT scan for Chad – and is concerned with the results. Meanwhile, Stefano offers Chad a unique opportunity. Kate privately asks Kayla for a special request regarding Rafe. Sami is touched when Lucas and Will show their support. Later, EJ gives Sami some potentially good news. Chad is thrown when Stefano gives his word as a DiMera that he did not send Bernardi in to kill Rafe. Cameron consults Kayla about Chad’s CT scan.

THIS WEEK: Chad makes a confession. Nicole and JJ have a heated exchange.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A.J. remains the CEO of ELQ once votes are tallied, thanks to Alice and Kiki. Morgan witnesses a close moment between Kiki and Michael. He confides later to Sonny about his concerns. Connie learns that Crimson is on the brink of ruin and must turnaround Port Charles Press with whatever breaking news she can find. Carly and Sam have a heart to heart about Franco when they learn he has survived his surgery and may save Danny as his bone marrow match. But Patrick devastates Sam with news that despite the match, Franco may not be a viable donor. Sabrina meets Obrecht, unaware she is Britt’s mother. Britt vents to her mother, admitting she wants to tell Patrick the truth. Sabrina and Felix discuss Brad’s tip about Britt’s mom and wonder who she could be. AJ and Liz get romantic in celebration of his ELQ triumph. Morgan begs Sonny to keep the Q secret as proof of their father-son relationship. Sonny agrees with misgivings. After getting pressure from her boss, Derek Wells, Connie questions Sonny about the Quartermaine drama, and Sonny hides the truth from her. Michael and Kiki discuss how they can be friends now that she is marrying Morgan.

THIS WEEK: Connie makes a bold move that shakes up Port Charles. Alexis tells Sam the name of her father.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — David is excited about his television show until Jo confides to him that she finds Dorian so interesting. He worries that Dorian will overshadow him, but Jo says that won’t happen. When she asks David if he and Dorian will get back together, he insists they won’t. Viki is still smarting over how she lost everything and Clint lied to her about it. Natalie is sympathetic, but decides to bust out for the evening and have a little fun. Matthew asks Michelle out for a beer and she accepts. Arturo meets Dani at Shelter and is very charming. When Tea arrives, Dani hides and leaves Shelter with Arturo. Later, Arturo asks Dani to accompany him to the Veteran’s Gala and gives her a pair of beautiful earrings. Dani agrees to go out with Arturo. Blair clues in Todd about the plot to murder Victor. Rama gets the cold shoulder when Dorian arrives at Shelter.

THIS WEEK: Destiny and Jeffrey share a kiss. Clint get upset at being frozen out by Viki and reacts.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Summer feels guilty for not going to the benefit with Phyllis, Jack tries to reassure her as she breaks down in his arms. Summer pleads with Phyllis to fight. Jack tries to keep it together, and tells Billy the minute Phyllis wakes up, he plans to put an engagement ring on her finger. Jack sits with Phyllis and says they have an amazing daughter. Phyllis squeezes his hand and opens her eyes. Abby reads the GC Buzz post that says Cane was spotted boarding a plane with a beautiful woman who is not his wife. Lily explains that Cane went on a business trip to NY alone, and whoever is writing this is just trying to get to her. Lily calls Cane and is stunned that a woman answered Cane’s phone. Hilary reveals that she is answering Cane’s phone while he’s in a meeting. Abby doesn’t understand why Cane didn’t tell Lily that he took Hilary with him. Abby finds it ironic that Cane didn’t want Lily working with Tyler, but now he’s off in NY with Hilary. Lily insists that she and Cane trust each other and nothing can come between them. Meanwhile, Leslie tells Neil that the blogger must be watching them to get new information on the Winters family. Jill tells Michael that Lauren didn’t come home all night. Paul tells them that he will send a patrol car around. Kevin is able to track Lauren’s phone and finds out that it is in a landfill. Michael worries that Carmine has Lauren. Kevin hacks into the police station computer system and puts it on lockdown and helps Michael escape.

THIS WEEK: Fen receives another text message from a bully. At the hospital, he sees a nurse with a medicine cart and contemplates taking some pills off of it.

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