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ALL MY CHILDREN — The gala event featured Opal doing interviews on the red carpet. Billy Clyde fantasized about being in the limelight there. Colby bragged about herself and David tried to get some positive press for his new bio-sensor. There was sexual tension between Brooke and Dimitri, but a gift from Adam to Brooke broke the mood. Lea held Zach at gunpoint after he broke into Jane’s to get Miranda’s shoes. Lea apologized to Zach for not trusting him, and for messing things up with Jesse. After the misunderstanding, Lea let Zach go so he can bring Miranda her shoes as she was about to walk the red carpet. Hunter gets under Miranda’s skin, taunting her about her sexuality. Dixie made Billy Clyde’s day when she praised him for his donation for the gala.

THIS WEEK: Brooke thinks that JR is working against her. Colby gives Pete a hard time.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya was heartbroken that Rick was nowhere to be found on the biggest night of her life; at the premiere of Room8. Brooke took in the sites of Monte Carlo, unaware that shortly she would receive a big surprise. When Rick arrived late to the premiere, he learned that Maya had already left the party. Rafael made a conniving move to help Caroline with her plan to win Rick back. Knowing that Maya was down, Carter lent an ear, a shoulder, and a bottle of wine. Rafael really played it up to Rick about how upset Maya was when she left the party with Carter. Bill made a grand gesture to Brooke about how he felt about his future with Katie. Liam assured Katie that Bill would ultimately make the right decision about their marriage. Carter used his charm and a lot of vino to help Maya ease the pain of her heartbreak. Brooke confronted Donna about why she chose not to reveal Katie’s plan to spy on her and Bill. Maya began to immediately regret her night with Carter after she read the several apologetic texts from Rick. Faced with the harsh reality of what she had done, Katie knew that she was now suffering the consequences. As Carter awaited another romantic evening with Maya, she and Rick reconciled. Maya began to worry that Rick would find out about her evening with Carter when he questioned her about her whereabouts.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt extends an olive branch to Liam in hopes of starting fresh in their relationship. Brooke attempts to plays mediator to Bill and Katie’s marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — In jail, Sami’s life was threatened. Meanwhile, EJ played dirty to clear his fiancée’s name. Jennifer, Hope, Julie, Kayla, Adrienne and Nicole gathered for a book club meeting, unaware the donuts they were about to eat belong to JJ – who added a little something extra to the treats. Theresa tried to make further inroads with Daniel but was interrupted by Kayla, who reminded her niece exactly why it’s so important that she keep her job here in Salem. JJ freaked out when he realized his “special” donuts got switched with the ones for his mother’s book club. Meanwhile, the women – not realizing they’re high – had a very interesting afternoon, and Julie ended up in handcuffs. EJ was stunned when his plan went awry, and he fumed when he realized who may have derailed him. Sami was touched when she received a video from Rafe. Meanwhile, Kate told Rafe she actually believed Stefano. As Kristen began to work with Eric on the scholarship program, she worried he’ll remember what she did to him. Later, Kristen realized there may be unexpected consequences stemming from that night at the hotel. Daniel was torn about whether he’s willing to carry on a secret relationship with Jennifer. After much consideration, he finally gave her an answer. Will’s insecurities about Brent boiled over, and he finally confronted him. Sami received both good and bad news at her new bail hearing. Eric saw Kristen in a new light.

THIS WEEK: JJ’s “special” doughnuts get misplaced. Jennifer, JJ and Abigail come together in memory of Jack.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael delivered the news that he and Kiki are not related. Morgan played dumb. Luke was hot on the trail of Jerry. Spinelli told Felix and Sabrina what he’s been able to dig up on Britt’s mother. Duke and Anna reflected on Robert’s absence and mulled the whereabouts of Dr. Obrecht. Dante & Lulu attended childbirth class with Maxie, and Patrick with Britt. The two groups found themselves in emotional moments when they realized the arrivals of the babies were right around the corner. Everyone attended a surprise wedding party for Mac and Felicia. Champagne and karaoke filled the room, although someone’s champagne may have a deadly additional shot in it. Toasts began, and the disguised culprit wondered who will drink the deadly glass of champagne. Karaoke tributes to the bride and groom were sung by many party guests. Duke felt woozy and walked outside to get some air. Anna found Duke passed out. Britt seemed inclined to confess the truth about the baby to Patrick but was stopped by a severe cramp. They rushed to do an ultrasound, and everything was fine. Britt almost confessed and Patrick said he had never felt closer to her than now – as she’s being honest. Sabrina walked up and found him hugging Britt.

THIS WEEK: Maxie has an unexpected complication. Anna & Dante question Britt about her mother.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Destiny and Matthew had to put aside their petty differences when little Drew had a seizure and a high fever. Michelle got pushy and tried to horn her way into the family crisis by asking him if he regretted being a father, but Matthew told her to butt out. That made Michelle very upset. Matthew made a promise to himself that he would be a better father to Drew from now on. Dorian was jealous when Jo showed up at the mansion and was slated to be David’s date for the big gala. That was too much for Dorian and she wanted Jo out of her home. Later, however, Jo convinced Dorian to take a role in David’s reality show, “Anatomy of a Divorce,” to give the show balance. David got under Clint’s skin by reminding him of his drunken rampage and arrest. Rama lobbied to get a role on David’s show and kissed him to seal the deal. Viki tried to do damage control in print about Clint’s arrest. She also promoted Jeffrey to Director of Online Content for The Banner. Todd and Blair made love and it was revealed that they are married.

THIS WEEK: Tea lashes out at Blair. Viki gives Clint a wake-up call by showing him a video.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Hilary stopped by to see Cane, who was home sick. She brought him a few reports and chicken soup. While taking the lid off of the soup, she spilled some on Cane’s shirt. He took it off while she grabbed a towel. Jill walked in and demanded to know what’s going on. When Hilary left, Cane assured Jill that everything was fine between him and Lily. Later, Jill paid Hilary a visit and reminded her that she’s Cane’s assistant and nothing more. Under hypnosis, Neil remembered going to a motel room with Rose where they continued to drink together. Neil recalled Rose passing out while they were together. Later, Leslie informed Neil that Rose died on April 15th, 2007. Neil was horrified when he realized that he unknowingly left Rose to die. Nick invited Sharon to go horseback riding. Later, Summer told Nick that the police gave her Phyllis’s stuff and that the lipstick in the bag didn’t belong to Phyllis. Sharon suggested that Phyllis changed lipstick shades, while Nick questioned if someone else may have been in the stairwell. Meanwhile, Jack and Avery got Phyllis settled in Georgia and discussed plans for her care while she’s there. When Kyle arrived to tell Jack that Summer had closed herself off and needed somebody, Jack decided to go back home to Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Adam asks Sharon to be a character witness for him. Tyler asks Devon to admit that it was a bad move asking Neil to fire him.

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