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ALL MY CHILDREN — Dixie was brimming with confidence when Dr. Anders complimented her on being named director of the Miranda Center, so she took a chance and invited him out to have dinner with her. Brooke was upset when JR messed up the reel for the gala. JR didn’t take criticism very well and got into it with Adam, who said he was a total embarrassment and certainly no businessman. David told Cara that JR has a nasty temper. Later Cara got a taste of JR’s bad temper when she tried to suggest to him that he overreacted to criticism. JR turned on Cara and accused her of being a fair weather friend who was using him to keep her secret. Later, however, JR cooled off and apologized to her. Miranda consoled AJ when he told her how disappointed he was in JR’s behavior, but when AJ tried to get closer to Miranda, so moved away from him.

THIS WEEK: Dimitri makes his move on Brooke and tries to kiss her. Cara fights to save Oliver.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill was taken aback when Katie asked for a second chance and vowed to return to being the woman that she was when they got married. Despite her suppressed feelings for Bill, Brooke encouraged him to accept Katie’s offer. Feeling as though Liam doesn’t deserve the life that he has, Wyatt vowed to change things. Liam asked Hope to move into his house with him and Wyatt. Brooke attempted to refrain from commenting when Katie blamed her for the demise of her marriage to Bill. Unable to contain her opinion any longer, Brooke unleashed blame back upon Katie. Learning that Hope’s moving in with him and Liam, Wyatt was thrilled that he will have many opportunities to get her to fall for him. Brooke was distraught by the decision she made that could affect her relationship with Katie and Hope. Rick and Caroline frantically worked to prepare for the big Hope for the Future rebranding fashion show. Thinking that Rick will not accomplish the hefty goal set for the company, Thorne and Thomas sat back and waited to take over Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Caroline contemplates telling Rick about Maya and Carter. The reaction to the Hope for the Future rebranding fashion show is lackluster.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —Jennifer covered for Kristen when Nicole spied them with a pregnancy test. But she paid a price when Nicole blabbed to Daniel that Jennifer is pregnant! Eric saw Vargas’ true colors. Later, Theresa made a date with the excon. Sami and EJ argued about Rafe. Rafe grew frustrated with his physical therapist. Victor convinced Marlena to work with him to break up Brady and Kristen. Later, Marlena overheard Kristen talking on the phone and learned an incriminating bit of information. Theresa made a move on Daniel. Chad surprised Abigail with a sweet gesture. After throwing Cameron under the bus, he then asked Abigail out on a date. Armed with damning information, Marlena conspired with Victor to destroy Kristen. While Will and Sonny celebrated the grand opening of the newly renovated club, a lonely Gabi sought solace from Nick. The celebration at the club was interrupted when Theresa and Vargas’ date ended in violence. EJ made a bold – and highly illegal – move to help Sami’s case. Cameron was concerned for Chad when he got injured during the brawl at the club. Vargas was sent back to prison – due in large part to Theresa’s shenanigans. Kate angrily confronted Stefano about what he really intended to do to Rafe. Nick and Gabi made love!

THIS WEEK: Theresa makes a date with Vargas. The club celebration ends in violence.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Luke was confronted with what he least expected. Maxie was confronted with many complications that arose all at once – emotional, physical, and mental. Derek started to regain his memory including his liaison with Alexis. Tracy enjoyed tormenting A.J. regarding ELQ. Michael desperately tried to find an enraged AJ before Sonny. Connie was upset at finding Olivia with Sonny. Olivia questioned Sonny’s heart. Connie wanted to speak with Sonny in private, but as Dante told him about Maxie going into labor, Sonny rushed to the hospital instead of talking to Connie. Maxie’s complications on all levels went from bad to worse. The baby was in severe distress. Kiki questioned Morgan if he knew the truth before their rushed wedding. Sonny and Olivia received some unexpected news from Mac and Felicia – Morgan and Kiki were married. Maxie had an unexpected person show up during one of the worst moments of her life – Spinelli at her bedside. Ava walked in on Kiki and Franco. A.J. fell off the wagon and was completely enraged about the story that destroyed his life. Luke & Laura, Sonny & Olivia and Mac & Felicia all met at the hospital to celebrate a new life – however, everything did not go as expected. Maxie had an out of body experience. Alexis and Sam got the good news that a bone marrow match has been found for Danny.

THIS WEEK: Derek starts to remember his past. Sonny reveals his true feelings to Connie.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Jeffrey was up to no good when he secretly broke into Clint’s office and slipped some strange pills into Clint’s bottle of pills. He was almost caught by Matthew. Clint flew into a rage when he found out that the board voted took away his award. Bo was conflicted when he was voted by the board to be their Man of the Year, instead. Nora thought that Clint will not be pleased to hear this news and warned Bo about it. Bo shrugged and said that things were so bad between him and Clint that he wouldn’t matter much. Cutter made Natalie upset when she believed he was guilty of extortion. Jeffrey reported back to Carl, who congratulated himself on a job well done. Then Carl told him that Allison was holding Victor captive so he wouldn’t get in the way.

THIS WEEK: Tea demands some answers from Dani. Nikki lets Natalie know that she and Cutter have been intimate for some time.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The blogger called Neil a murderer and said that they won’t reveal themselves until he has lost more than they have. Cane and Lily refused to believe that Neil killed someone. Sharon received a traffic ticket with a photo of her behind the wheel from the night of Phyllis’ accident at the Gala. When Nick asked about it, Sharon tried to play it cool and said that she needed to renew her driver’s license. Later, Adam asked Sharon to be a character witness for him. Nick cautioned Sharon against supporting Adam even if he’s innocent. Sharon told Adam that she knows he isn’t guilty of hurting Melanie but she can’t be a witness for him. Avery arrived at the tack house looking for Nick. When she went over to Sharon’s house, Avery found Sharon cozied up to Nick on the couch. Avery and Sharon had an awkward encounter that left Avery uneasy. Later, Avery told Nick that she wanted to get married right away. Several of the residents of Genoa City received postcards from Katherine, inviting them to the Chancellor mansion. Nikki told Victor that she looked forward to seeing her dearest friend again. Lily and Cane headed over to the mansion and discussed the postcards with Esther and Jill. Chloe, Devon, and Kevin joined the group as they prepared to welcome Katherine home. Jill got a call from Murphy who apologized for being late and asked everyone to stay put until he arrived.

THIS WEEK: Paul handcuffs Michael to a chair as Lauren tries to talk some sense into him. Sharon assures Cassie that she will stop Nick from marrying Avery.

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