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ALL MY CHILDREN — When Brooke got the diamond necklace from the auction, she assumed that Adam placed the winning bid for them. She was stunned when she discovered that Dimitri actually bought the necklace for her. JR was supportive of Colby when she trashed Adam. AJ was horrified when he discovered JR was still using drugs. JR tried to explain, but AJ wanted nothing to do with him. Angie tried to be supportive of Dixie when she got melancholy and wished that Tad was with her to figure out a way to deal with JR’s problems. Oliver was taken to the hospital when he had a seizure. David and Anders determined that Oliver’s problems stemmed from an allergy to peanuts. Heather tried to talk Celia into giving Pete another chance, but all Heather can think of is the way she felt when she kissed AJ.

THIS WEEK: Celia has a disturbing dream. Brooke feels conflicted about Dimitri.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The decision was left up to Eric when Thorne and Thomas demanded a regime change, ousting Rick as president of Forrester Creations. After reviewing the recent sales numbers, Eric made his decision. Trying to help Caroline with her desire to reunite with Rick, Rafael encouraged Carter to pursue Maya. When Caroline’s request to spend the evening with Rick was denied, she told him about Maya’s night with Carter. Caroline wondered whether or not telling Rick about Maya will work in her favor or backfire on her. In complete disbelief, Rick interrogated Maya about the night that she spent with Carter. When Maya revealed the truth, Rick was unsure if he could continue a relationship with her. Rafael schemed to seal the deal between Maya and Carter. Liam presented Hope with a very special gift to commemorate the rebranding of Hope for the Future. Brooke and Bill made a monumental announcement to Hope and Liam about what the future holds for their families. When Katie and Wyatt met for the first time, she filled him in on her side of the war with Bill. Rick wondered what happened the night before between him and Caroline when he woke up to seeing her wearing his shirt. Maya arrived at Rick’s house to apologize and found that Caroline spent the night.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt goes on offense. Maya seeks out Rick to clear the air.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ eviscerated his mother after finding Jennifer kissing Daniel. He called her a liar – and much worse. Later, Daniel and Jennifer had a heated argument over the way she’s handling her son. Sami went over the special prosecutor’s deal with Justin. He couldn’t believe she’s even considering it, but Sami was sure she and EJ could walk away scot free. Justin warned this could seriously backfire, and she and EJ could both end up in prison. Will and Gabi got into a huge fight when he discovered she’s been hanging out with Nick. Daniel questioned Kristen when she accidentally admitted she has a secret. Meanwhile, Eric had a very disturbing dream. Earlier, Nicole and Eric bonded over a tragic death. Gabi blasted Sonny and Will for trying to run her life. Sami made a decision regarding the special prosecutor’s plea bargain. Eric reeled over his unsettling dream, trying to figure out what it meant. JJ presented Jennifer with a difficult choice. Abigail demanded to know why Cameron was pushing her into Chad’s arms.

THIS WEEK: Daniel and Jennifer have a heated argument. Brady has an important question for Kristen.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Derek started to remember his past. AJ returned home to find Michael who had been trying to find him all night. Dante and Lulu found Spinelli and Ellie arguing, and Spinelli lied to them about the reason for their dispute. Olivia had a vision of Connie shot and dying while she was in the elevator. Sonny found Connie shot and bleeding on the floor. They shared their true feelings about each other in her final moments. Sonny wanted revenge. Franco was up on the roof looking as if he was about to jump off. Ellie went up there for air after her argument with Spinelli. Franco recommended that she actually jump off for what she had done. Morgan learned Michael and Kiki have been talking. Dante told Michael he was looking for AJ because he felt he’s connected to Connie’s murder. They both realized Sonny was probably after AJ as well. They rushed to find Sonny holding a gun pointed at AJ. AJ was interrogated by Dante and Anna. AJ told them he does not own a gun but remembered that Tracy does…AJ wondered if he was responsible for killing Connie – he couldn’t remember, but it did seem to add up. Felix told Sabrina and Patrick that Britt’s missing…however Britt’s with Nikolas who bailed her out of jail. Derek wanted to tell Sam and everyone the truth. Maxie kept having nightmares that her baby’s being taken away from her. TJ, spending the day with Taylor, asked Molly if she wants to get back together. Molly told him she does, leaving Taylor and Rafe looking on plotting.

THIS WEEK: Britt confesses to Patrick – and tells him the name. Felix and Brad have a moment – interrupted by Patrick.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Clint flipped out at the Shelter gala. Viki tried to calm him down, but he was out of control. He finally has to be carried out of there on a stretcher. Natalie was appalled that Clint was humiliated in this way and followed the ambulance to the psych ward to support him. Cutter was furious that Diego was paid off by Clint to crash the gala. Jeffrey had the task of doing a story on the gala and the scene Clint made. Viki questioned Blair about why she was crying. Did it have anything to do with Todd? Jack and Kate shared a kiss. Dani and Arturo fell into bed together. Natalie was horrified when she discovered Allison Perkins in Clint’s room. Matthew was bummed out and Michelle tried to elevate his mood.

THIS WEEK: Blair has a tough time keeping her composure. Michelle is able to get to Matthew on a new level.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The news of Katherine’s death spread throughout Genoa City. Nikki and Jill met up to discuss plans for a fitting memorial to honor Katherine. Later, Nikki received an important letter from Katherine. Meanwhile, Victor told Victoria that he’s going to make sure that Jack’s never a father to Summer. A frustrated Victoria told Victor that she and Billy were back together. Tyler told Devon he would come back to Jabot if he hired Noah as his photographer. Later, Devon asked Summer if she’s ready to come back to work. Billy told Victoria that he wants to start trying again to have a baby. When Victoria told him that she stopped taking the fertility treatments, Billy said they can try the old fashioned way. Neil worked to find Rose’s daughter and learned that she used to call a Wisconsin phone number frequently. Kevin told Neil that he would find out the name and address that went with it. Kevin traced the number to a corporate cell phone registered to Newman Enterprises. Meanwhile, Lily told Devon that Hilary was after something. Esther gave Jill a sealed envelope from Katherine. Esther left Jill alone as she poured over the details of her letter from Katherine. As Jill looked at a photo of Katherine, she got an idea. Jill moved a picture on the wall, revealing a safe.

THIS WEEK: Adam tells Jack that he wonders if it is time to cut his losses and leave Genoa City. Sharon tells Nick that she appreciates his friendship and isn’t asking for anything more.

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