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RECAPS – Sept. 9-13



ALL MY CHILDREN — Season finale – Jesse thought about running his own detective agency with Tad working with him. Dimitri told JR that he caused the investors to jump ship and invest in Cor- Tech. Miranda’s plan to take AJ out was foiled when Heather showed up and whisked him away. Joe told JR that whoever stole Cara’s prescription pads has ruined her career. David made fun of Jesse, and said that Angie was too good for him. JR was guilt-ridden and apologized to Cara for the prescription mess. He promised her that he wouldn’t use drugs again him. Dimitri got aggressive and kissed Brooke. Miranda tried to find a job at Jane’s Addiction. AJ and Heather started to make love, but JR stepped in and spoiled the mood. Brooke told Dimitri she wanted things to be all business with them. Tad told Jesse that Uri may be on his way back to Pine Valley.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Understanding what it’s like to be a man in the middle himself, Rick let Liam off the hook in regards to his waffling between Hope and Steffy. Wyatt anticipated that his new business union with Hope and Forrester Creations could lead to him and Hope becoming closer. Eric gave credit where credit is due for the success of the HFTF re-launch. Liam became upset when he learned from a third party that Hope offered a contract to Wyatt and Quinn’s company. Brooke went behind Bill’s back to pay a visit to Wyatt in an attempt to mend their broken relationship. Wyatt learned that there’s another side to the story behind Bill and Katie’s marital problems. Katie received an unexpected visit from Quinn and soon learned that she has a new ally against Bill. Hope reassured Liam that her new business dealings with Wyatt will not have an effect on their relationship. Still disapproving of her mother’s relationship, Hope confessed that she now has a difficult time confiding in Brooke when Bill is around. Caroline went to Bill to offer her assistance with his family matters and to warn him about how a future with Brooke could turn out. Knowing that Wyatt was waiting in the wings for Hope, Liam made one last attempt to move up his wedding date. Wyatt became very bold with his opinion as Hope spoke to him about her upcoming wedding to Liam. Brooke and Bill agreed to do what they need to do in order to fix their broken family relationships.

THIS WEEK: Brooke profusely apologizes and begs for forgiveness. Bill becomes irate when Katie reveals her plans for her and Will.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami’s trial got off to a rocky start as Chad, Will and Sonny took the stand. Nicole attacked Brady for asking Eric to marry him and Kristen. Kristen considered getting rid of the flash drive containing the sex video of her and Eric just as Nicole happened upon her. Chad was furious when he overheard Cameron advising Abigail not to get too serious with anyone. When Kate took the stand, she inadvertently made things worse for Sami. Justin tried his best to trip up the prosecution. Father Matt gave Nicole a warning about Eric. Eric was later confused by odd Nicole’s behavior. Kristen asked Daniel for a referral to a fertility doctor. Rafe testified at Sami’s trial and did more harm than good. Later, Sami sent EJ a special message. Maggie wondered if Nick’s still in love with Gabi. Cameron pressed Chad to share his prognosis with those who care about him. Abigail confided her conflicted feelings about Cameron and Chad to Gabi. Nicole overheard an incriminating conversation between Kristen and Stefano. Later, she and Marlena teamed up to get the dirt on Kristen, but things didn’t go as planned.

THIS WEEK: Sami’s trial gets off to a rocky start. Jennifer and JJ have a serious showdown.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Olivia found Sonny about to commit suicide. She did everything in her power to convince him that life’s worth living. Complications arose with the birth of Britt’s baby, and the baby’s rushed to GH. Silas did everything possible to save the baby while Sam looked on. Carly and her sons checked in with Sonny after his recent scare. Morgan blamed himself for Connie’s death. Franco, a free man, returned to the Quartermaine Mansion. He promptly kicked Ava out of the house. Ava threatened to retaliate by revealing what she knew about him. He cut her off at the pass, announcing to Tracy that he poisoned the relishes. Sonny continued his downward spiral. Olivia hid the newspaper headlines from him, so he wouldn’t discover AJ’s “not guilty” plea. But when a phalanx of reporters showed up, Sonny found out.

THIS WEEK: Will Duke & Anna recognize Derek? Silas tells Alexis and Sam the news re Daniel’s transplant.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — on hiatus

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack realized that he has to give Summer space but doubted that Victor will do the same. Billy warned him that going to war with Victor’s dangerous. Later, Adam told Jack that Victor bugged his office and was having him followed. Later, Jack worried that Victor might know that he’s Adam’s secret investor. Anita stopped by to see Connor and could tell something’s bothering

Chelsea. Chelsea reluctantly told Anita that Connor inherited Retinitis Pigmentosa from Adam. Anita promised to help Chelsea keep Adam from finding out. Meanwhile, Dylan stopped by On the Blvd to see Billy and told him about Connor’s condition. Adam overheard them talking as Dylan revealed Connor’s diagnosis to Billy. Later, Billy told Victoria the news about Connor. As they discussed Connor’s condition, Billy realized that Victoria knew that Adam’s really the baby’s father. Victoria revealed that she promised Chelsea that she wouldn’t reveal Connor’s true paternity to anyone. When Adam confronted Chelsea about Connor’s paternity, Chelsea insisted that Dylan’s the father. Chelsea tried to get Adam to leave as Dylan came in demanding to know what’s going on. When Adam left in frustration, Dylan returned and questioned Chelsea about what’s going on. Chelsea told Dylan that Adam overheard him telling Billy about Connor possibly losing his sight. When Dylan wondered why Adam would care about Connor, Chelsea admitted that Adam had the same disease. Chelsea reluctantly admitted that Connor’s Adam’s son. Lily and Cane staged a fight for Hilary to see.

THIS WEEK: Jill is unnerved by Katherine’s final wishes. Hilary begins to suspect that Lily and Cane are trying to pull a fast one on her and she plots to turn the tables on them.

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