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RECAPS – SEPT. 16-20



ALL MY CHILDREN – on hiatus

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya was stunned when Carter genuinely poured his heart out to her and proposed marriage. With her breakup with Rick still fresh on her mind, Maya gave Carter an answer. Bill and Brooke went round and round about his anger and her guilt regarding Katie. Unable to get Maya out of his mind, Rick set out to right the wrongs that he made in their relationship. Heartbroken from learning about her engagement to Carter, Rick made one last ditch attempt to win Maya back. Wyatt and Quinn had their first meeting with Forrester Creations regarding their new joint business venture. Liam had a difficult time suppressing his jealousy while seeing Hope and Wyatt working so closely together. Uncomfortable with Hope and Wyatt’s interactions, Liam asked her to end the deal with Quinn Artisan. Quinn paid a visit to the Forrester mansion for an impromptu meeting with Eric to ensure that their companies maintain a long-lasting relationship. Hope went to Brooke for advice regarding Liam’s request for her to end Forrester Creations’ contract with Wyatt’s company. Wyatt extended an olive branch to Liam that’s not received with open arms. Tensions rose between the Spencer brothers when Wyatt made an accusation towards Liam, who in return, hurled back threats. Liam became even more concerned about his relationship when Hope told him that Eric refused to break the contract with Wyatt’s company. Quinn revealed to Wyatt about the private conversation that she overheard between Liam and Hope. Upset that Hope would consider ending relations between Quinn Artisan and Forrester Creations, Wyatt angrily set out to confront her. Quinn paid another visit to Eric to apologize for what she did the night before. Wyatt was convinced that Hope’s feelings for him run deeper than friendship after she rejected the ultimatum that he presented her with the day before.

THIS WEEK: Eric isn’t sure how to respond to Quinn’s apology. Wyatt makes another attempt at peacekeeping.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Justin realized too late that he’s fallen into the prosecutor’s trap – and Sami and EJ feared her fate has been sealed. EJ made a desperate move. JJ returned home – but it’s not for the reason Jennifer thought. After making an emotional plea to her brother, Abigail sought comfort in Chad’s arms, and things quickly heated up. As things looked incredibly bleak for Sami, EJ came to a stunning realization about her case. Gabi pleaded with Sonny to keep her secret from Will. Nick was thrown when he spied Gabi and Cameron together. Chad and Abigail made love for the first time! However, Abigail didn’t realize he’s keeping a major secret. EJ made a huge sacrifice to save Sami. Kate and Jordan had a tense face-off. Later, Rafe was amused when Jordan did something surprising. Cameron was hit by the news that Abigail and Chad made love. He showed up at Chad’s place where his rival had left out incriminating information.

THIS WEEK: Theresa reacts to her termination and not in a good way. The ripple effects of Sami’s trial is felt throughout Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Silas gave Sam and Alexis some news. Silas reminded Sam that now that she knows what’s happening with Danny – they could go out. Derek crossed with Anna and Duke. He’s relieved that neither one of them recognized him. Derek agreed to look at Duke’s resume for a possible position. Ava tried to convince Sonny to host a celebration for Morgan and Kiki’s wedding. Sonny thought this was an inappropriate time: he hadn’t even buried Connie yet! Franco was startled by an unexpected birthday greeting. At Kelly’s Shawn and Max interrogated Vince for the name of his boss. Vince attempted to flee the country. Felix realized that Carly has conflicting feelings for Franco. Sonny was unable to control his temper. He remembered Ava musing about his meds. Ava told Derek about the party for Morgan and Kiki and told him with Sonny in his fragile state – it’s the perfect time to strike. Franco caught Carly and Felix breaking into his room. Franco lied about who’s inside. Alexis didn’t completely trust Silas. Sam urged her mother to take a chance on Derek. Derek arrived. When Alexis asked him how his business meeting went, he’s expansive, declaring that everything’s going his way. It’s the day of Connie’s burial. Kiki and Morgan were evicted from the boat house and have to figure out where they’re going to live next. Anna spoke to Lulu after discovering Maxie had not been holding up well after giving birth.

THIS WEEK: Sonny completely loses control at the party. Liaisons at the party lead to many confrontations.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – on hiatus

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Faith refused to get dressed for the wedding until her doll, Miss Patsy, could be found. Nick let’s her open a gift from Avery, which was the new doll she had been asking for. Faith tossed it aside and said she doesn’t want a new doll. Faith ran to Sharon’s house and declared that she hates Avery. Leslie asked Avery if part of her is still in love with Dylan. Avery gave herself a pep talk and decided against calling Dylan. Avery was about to leave for the wedding, but stopped when she found a heartbroken Dylan sitting outside her door. When Dylan realized that Avery was late for the wedding, he told her to go ahead and get married. Avery rushed to the park and found Nick waiting alone after he’s called off the wedding and sent the other guests home. Avery explained to Nick that she was late to their wedding because of Dylan, which only made Nick angrier. Nick told her that he thinks she’s still in love with Dylan, but Avery denied it. Avery slowly realized that she still has feeling for Dylan. Avery and Nick decided that they have to part ways. Noah continued to get suspicious about Sharon’s intentions with Nick and asked if she has been taking her medication. After Nikki revealed her secret to Paul, she agreed to let him find the baby she gave up so many years earlier. Paul and Nikki set out to locate the church where Nikki gave birth and headed to Chicago to look for answers. When Chloe told Chelsea to fight for her family, Chelsea said she did not know how to without Dylan and that losing Connor to Adam will kill her. Chloe tried to convince her that if the case goes to court, Adam will lose.

THIS WEEK: When Cane passes out, Hilary puts her plan into motion as Mason returns to help her. Lauren, Esther, and Michael convince Jill to try and figure out the mystery behind the music box.

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