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RECAPS – SEPT. 23-27



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Quinn discussed whether or not Wyatt and Hope could possibly have a future together. Liam was once again discouraged by Bill to marry Hope and was accused of having lingering feelings for Steffy. Wyatt expressed his love to Hope and asked her to give him a chance at seeing where their friendship might lead. Hope made a confession to Wyatt about her relationship with Liam. Having received good news from overseas about his marriage to Steffy, Liam immediately made plans for his future. Feeling that Wyatt was running out of time to win Hope’s heart, Quinn came up with a plan to help her son out. Suspicious of Liam’s motives, Brooke confronted him about why he wants to marry Hope so quickly. Wyatt used his charm to convince Hope to go away on an international adventure with him. Unbeknownst to Bill and Brooke, Katie was on her way back from New York to Los Angeles, and she’s still not over their betrayal. While discussing their upcoming wedding, Hope dropped the bomb on Liam that she’s taking a business trip to Mexico with Wyatt. Eric called Wyatt out on whether his trip with Hope’s business or pleasure. Quinn warned Wyatt that more may come out of Wyatt and Hope’s trip than a piece of jewelry. Brooke made an attempt to extend an olive branch to Katie, but the awkward setting prevented it from being successful.

THIS WEEK: Liam comes up with a special way to show his love for Hope. Rick attempts to convince Caroline, and himself, that he is fine with Maya marrying Carter.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Desperate to unlock his memories, Eric reluctantly allowed Marlena to hypnotize him. Kristen issued a veiled threat to Victor. Brady and Nicole continued to clash over her feelings for Eric. JJ broke into Daniel’s apartment. Theresa offered Jennifer a hard-to-resist deal in exchange for her job back. Eric confessed to Father Matt about his crazy theory concerning his dreams. Brady was suspicious when he caught Victor and Marlena conspiring together. Theresa sought help from Caroline, knowing she might be her last chance to stay out of jail. JJ and his friends partied it up in Daniel’s apartment. Daniel and Parker paid a special visit to Chloe. Stefano ordered EJ to meet the rest of his demands. Later, EJ stumbled upon Chad’s secret. Cameron struggled with accepting that Abigail’s now with Chad. Daniel returned home and realized something’s amiss. A desperate Theresa turned to JJ for help. Daniel confronted JJ and tried to make a deal with him. However, they wound up in a heated argument just as Jennifer arrived. Theresa vowed revenge on Jennifer for ruining her life, and later Anne made it clear she’s willing to help.

THIS WEEK: Nicole gets a tantalizing job offer. Sonny plays matchmaker for Gabi and Cameron.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny lost control at the party. Silas had some explaining to do with Sam. Shawn had info on who caused the explosion that he wanted to tell Sonny, but Olivia said it’s not a good time. Sabrina revealed to Patrick that Carlos, her old boyfriend, wants her back. Carly confronted Sonny about his behavior since Connie’s death and accused him of going off his medications. Sam and Silas enjoyed an improvised dinner while Silas told her about his childhood. While hearing about his childhood, Sam wondered about his past with Ava. Danny’s timely interruption saved Silas from having to delve further. Dante and Lulu worked together to survive a tough night with baby Connie. Maxie and Spinelli had another tense encounter. Shawn was uneasy when he witnessed a flirty exchange between Alexis and Derek. Shawn informed Alexis that he has the name of the rival organization’s head. Patrick probed Sabrina about meeting her ex-boyfriend (Carlos). Sabrina assured Patrick that Carlos was out of her life. Olivia helped Dante and Lulu make preparations for Connie’s christening. After filling them in on the wedding reception and shipment hit, Olivia chastised them for not selecting godparents yet. Dante was out with the baby and bumps into Spinelli. Patrick walked in on Sabrina treating the shirtless Carlos. Carlos introduced himself, but Patrick cut through all the niceties and said he knows Carlos is after Sabrina. Carlos affirmed this and accused Patrick of treating Sabrina like a glorified babysitter and of not being over his dead wife, given that he still wears his wedding ring.

THIS WEEK: Luke is told there is a doctor working on a cure. Sabrina questions her relationship with Patrick.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam visited Chelsea and questioned her about a cabin Dylan might have taken Connor too. Avery rushed to the cabin and found Dylan with Connor. Avery tried to calm Dylan when she realized he’s experiencing post-traumatic stress. Lily told Abby that Hilary’s the person behind the posts on GC Buzz. Later, Cane told Lily that he has evidence that Hilary and Mason are working together and conspiring against them. Meanwhile, Hilary told Mason that she’s confident that Cane’s marriage will soon be a distant memory. In Illinois, Sister Clare recognized Nikki from a visit she had made to the convent several years earlier. Nikki and Paul tried to get answers from Sister Clare about the baby Nikki gave up. When Paul urged Nikki to tell Victor about the child she gave up, Nikki admitted that she feels ashamed about her secret. Sharon and Dr. Watkins discussed her issues. She was convinced things with her and Nick are headed in the right direction. When Dr. Watkins questioned how Sharon has been doing and if she’s taking her medication, Sharon insisted that she’s fine and doesn’t need the pills. Later, Sharon tried to comfort Nick as he struggled to determine his next move. Faith and Sharon told Nick that they’ll cheer him up as they all had ice cream together. Jack and Victor met to discuss their next steps with Newman Enterprises. Noah and Courtney bumped into each other in Chancellor Park. Noah enjoyed getting to know her as they started to flirt with each other. Later, Summer told Courtney that she’s thinking about going to Los Angeles. Courtney admitted that it sounds like fun but she doesn’t want to leave Genoa City (or Noah) behind. Avery brought Dylan back to her apartment after his breakdown at the cabin. When Dylan asked about the wedding, Avery revealed that she and Nick separated. Meanwhile, Chelsea convinced Adam that the baby should stay with her. Adam agreed but said that Chelsea and the baby have to move in to his penthouse. Adam told Jack that he’s more determined than ever to hold on to Newman and fight for his son’s legacy.

THIS WEEK: Victor meets with Adam and Jack and delivers shocking news about his plans for Newman Enterprises. Chelsea tells Anita about her concern with Dylan’s flashbacks of the war.

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