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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The power of the rare diamond began to work its magic as Wyatt professed his love for Hope and asked her not marry Liam. Unable to contain her frustration any longer, Donna confessed to Pam that she’s in the middle of a serious Logan Sister dilemma. Brooke began to question what will ultimately make her happy. Word from Steffy made Liam temporarily shift his focus away from Hope. Sparks continued to fly between Quinn and Eric as they discussed the upcoming promotion of their partnered companies. Liam displayed his love and affection to Hope by sending her a tribute video that he created for her. In true Steffy style, she contacted Liam and asked him for a significant favor that he graciously agreed to. Following his trip with Hope, Wyatt felt as though he’ll never be able to win her heart. Quinn attempted to convince Wyatt that Hope’s worth fighting for and will eventually realize that he’s much better for her than Liam. Hope and Liam selected a location and a date for their next wedding. Hope became discouraged when she learned that the date chosen conflicts with the upcoming HFTF/ Quinn Artisan fashion show. Quinn revealed to Hope just how much Wyatt is in love with her. Wyatt wasn’t sure what to do when he learned that Quinn’s the real reason why Hope and Liam have to change their wedding date. Quinn was convinced that Hope and Liam will never make it down the aisle for one reason or another. Liam became extremely upset and suspicious when he learned that their nuptials must be put on hold once again.

THIS WEEK: Donna gives Bill a piece of her mind about his current situation in regards to Katie and Brooke. Excitement builds at the HFTF fashion show as the media awaits a big surprise.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen received an unwelcome shock when she finally decided to get rid of the video of her and Eric having sex. Eric was stunned by Nicole’s unexpected news. Will and Sonny’s fight escalated until an unlikely voice of reason stepped in. Gabi gave Kate romantic advice about Rafe. Kristen realized Marlena poses a greater threat to her happiness than she ever imagined. Eric demanded to know why Nicole wants to quit her job at the church. Sami was blown away when she learned just how much EJ sacrificed for her. Jordan came to Rafe’s rescue when Marge unleashed her anger. Justin told Adrienne he wanted to fight for their marriage. Sami and EJ had a huge fight when she refused to abide by Stefano’s rules. Kayla made a terrible slip when talking to JJ about his father. Theresa flirted with Daniel in front of Jennifer. Abigail demanded to know what Cameron’s keeping from her. Theresa continued to mess with Jennifer’s head when it came to JJ and Daniel. Abigail was horrorstricken when JJ asked what happened between Kayla and their father. Sami made amends with EJ then strongly put Stefano on notice.

THIS WEEK: Eric is stunned by Nicole’s unexpected news. Jordan comes to Rafe’s rescue.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Britt informed her mother that she told Patrick the baby isn’t his and that she’s taking control of her life. Luke came face to face with his nemesis. Luke found out that there’s someone working on the cure but that there will only be enough for one person – not him. Luke was left weak and helpless on the floor. Sabrina told Felix she’s wrestling with Patrick’s connection to Robin. Lulu and Dante left the church in shock over information revealed to them. Maxie, in despair, fell into Spinelli’s arms. Patrick told Sabrina that he hasn’t been able to remove his wedding ring because part of him believes Robin’s still out there, somewhere, inaccessible but there all the same. But Sabrina was not understanding of Patrick’s dilemma. Nikolas found Britt passed out. Alexis told Derek about the coincidence of Sam’s father’s child being named Julian when she’s heard about Julian Jerome recently. Dante and Lulu, reeling from Maxie’s deception, returned home. Olivia realized the true meaning of her constant visions about Maxie. Kiki was still shocked about Morgan. Michael insisted that Kiki move in with him for the time being. Morgan helped Ava move into her new penthouse. Ava thought it’s best if Morgan go home, but he insisted that he doesn’t have one anymore. Carly discovered Franco’s lastditch effort to pay for his room bill.

THIS WEEK: Morgan overhears Derek and Ava making plans. Anna is shocked over information revealed to her.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack confronted Victor after he saw a news story that said Adam’s running Newman Enterprises into the ground. Jack questioned if Victor would rather see Adam running the company or have it destroyed. Later, Jack discovered that Newman Enterprises stock’s plummeting. Jack told Adam that the only solution’s for him and Victor to reach a compromise. Chelsea watched Adam sing to Connor and enjoyed seeing them bond. Meanwhile, Dylan told Stitch that he needs a lawyer because he has to end his marriage to Chelsea. Stitch brought a can of paint to the loft and suggested that paint over the wall with “Will you marry me” written on it. Later, Stitch told Dylan that he’s going to be working at Genoa City Memorial Hospital. When Carmine was transferred to the courthouse jail, he told Kevin to give his regards to the family. Alex tried to reassure a frustrated Kevin who worried that Carmine’s acting like he’ll get away with what he had done to Michael and Lauren. Later, Alex received a phone call that Carmine managed to escape during his transfer! Alex broke the bad news to a horrified Michael and Lauren. Alex assured Michael and Lauren that they’ll find Carmine. Michael insisted that Carmine’s found before Fen came home from rehab. Paul found the file on the family who adopted the child that Nikki gave up so many years earlier. Paul encouraged Nikki to reveal the truth to Victor. Nikki considered the ramifications of revealing the truth to her family. Later, Victor told Nikki about his next plan in business. Meanwhile, Paul went through Nikki’s files and realized there may have been a mix-up in the records. Adam made a phone call to the hospital lab questioning how long it will take to get the paternity results.

THIS WEEK: Carmine lurks around the Athletic Club. Fen surprises Michael and Lauren by coming home early after he is given a day pass out of rehab to come visit them.

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