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RECAPS – OCT. 7- 11



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Once again caught in the middle between her quarreling sisters, Donna became the sole holder of a Spencer/Logan family secret. Knowing that she holds the key to her son’s happiness, Quinn contemplated whether or not to use it. Liam confronted Quinn about her and Wyatt’s attempt to sabotage his and Hope’s wedding plans. Rick and Caroline basked in the success of the HFTF Diamond fashion show. Oliver and Wyatt met at Bikini Bar and commiserated over their mutual unrequited love for Hope. Wyatt learned the torrid history behind Oliver and Hope’s failed relationship. Unable to sit on the ammunition that could blow up Liam and Hope’s relationship, Quinn put her plan into motion. Hope and Liam escaped to Big Bear to plan their upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Hope and Liam’s romantic getaway came to an abrupt halt when Hope received an anonymous email. Liam tried his best to justify himself when Hope confronted him about the contents of the email. Quinn attempted to cover her tracks so that no one could trace her actions back to her. Wyatt drowned his sorrows as he recollected his times with Hope and the future they could have had together. Quinn told Wyatt the good news about Hope and Liam’s fight, yet didn’t fess up that she’s the one responsible for it. Bill confronted Liam about whether or not he still has feelings for Steffy and advised him to get closure on his failed marriage. Hope was shocked when Brooke changed her opinion on the Liam/Wyatt situation. Wyatt contemplated using Hope and Liam’s argument to his advantage. Still reeling from the email that she received, Hope was forced to reevaluate her relationship and possible future with Liam.

THIS WEEK: Touched by Wyatt’s confession, Brooke instructs him of where to find Hope. Liam becomes suspicious of who sent the email to Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ was devastated when he uncovered a dark family secret. Sami and EJ had an ugly confrontation with an emotional Marge. Later, Marge considered a desperate move. Rafe questioned why Kate’s spending so much time at his bedside. Gabi gently broke things off with Nick. JJ exploded in anger and landed in jail once again. He lashed out at his family for keeping him in the dark about his father. Jennifer was devastated. In order to get her flash drive back, Kristen arranged for Marlena to be attacked by a thief. Nicole tried to come to Marlena’s rescue. In pre-cana, Kristen admitted to Brady she’s been keeping something from him. Marlena realized Kristen was behind her attack. Meanwhile, the flash drive fell into the hands of someone unexpected. Eric told Brady and Kristen whether or not he will marry them. Eric was stunned when Daniel provided him with a clue to the person who poisoned him – and it hit very close to home. Jordan had a scratchy encounter with Kate – and later also exchanged words with Sami. Jennifer continued to push Daniel away as she tried to get through to her son. EJ and Sami attended their engagement party, unaware Marge’s actions could impact their happiness. Kristen believed her secret has been destroyed, but Marlena and Nicole were still determined to bring her down. Nicole unknowingly led Eric down the wrong path. Cameron confronted Chad, accusing him of lying about his brain tumor!

THIS WEEK: EJ comes to Chad’s rescue when Cameron hits upon the truth. The party turns into a nightmare as it comes to a bloody end.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Morgan overheard Derek and Ava conspiring against Sonny. Once Derek left, Morgan questioned what they were talking about. Meanwhile, Carly interrupted Sonny and Shawn’s search for the person who hit their shipment. She told Sonny about Morgan’s recent entanglement with Ava. He promised to get on the case. Tracy revealed herself to Luke, having disguised herself as a guard on Cassadine Island. Tracy learned that the cure’s almost complete. Lulu and Dante required legal aid of Alexis, who was confused by their request that she draw up adoption papers for Connie. Spinelli and Maxie received word from Lulu requesting their presence. Sonny called on Ava in an attempt to extract his son from her clutches. Meanwhile, Franco was still beset by an artist’s block. Maxie and Spinelli realized that Lulu and Dante want to keep the baby and vice versa. Derek found Franco outside his door as Derek headed for his dinner date with Carly. Franco vaguely threatened Derek if he pursued Carly, but Derek didn’t bend and went off to dinner. Diane arrived, thinking she and Franco were going to discuss his art show contracts. But instead, scheming Franco took her to dinner. Molly and Rafe celebrated Danny’s return home and were surprised to find Silas at Sam’s penthouse with his shirt off. It’s Robin’s birthday, and Patrick wished Robin a private happy birthday and took off his wedding ring.

THIS WEEK: Is there really a cure for Luke and does it work? Britt confides in Nikolas – will this change their relationship?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Her family looked on as Lauren’s horrified when Carmine ruined her Business Women of the Year award ceremony at the Athletic Club. Fen ran off while Alex searched for Carmine. Michael went looking for Fen while Kevin, Chloe and Gloria tried to reassure Lauren. Lauren got a text from Carmine saying he had Fen and to come behind the alley. On her way out, Lauren dropped her cell phone. Later, Michael found Lauren’s phone and read Carmine’s text. Meanwhile, Kevin and Chloe continued to search for Fen. Nick asked Sharon not to encourage Faith that they’re going to get back together. Later, Nick and Avery discussed their relationship and how things fell apart. Nick asked if she’s looking for his blessing to move on and pursue a relationship with Dylan. Meanwhile, Dylan read a letter from Chelsea in which she apologized and told him she wants to make things right with him. Later, Dylan decided to stay in town. Chelsea and Adam brought Connor to the hospital after they discovered that he’s running a high fever. Adam promised that his son will always know that he’s there for him. Later, Chelsea was surprised to find out that Stitch’s working at the hospital. Stitch told Chelsea that Dylan decided to stay in Genoa City. When Adam came back in the room, he told Stitch to stay away from Connor. Later, Adam told Chelsea that he finally got the paternity results back and had confirmation that he’s Connor’s biological father. Victor overheard Nikki on the phone leaving Paul a message and asked her what it’s about. Nikki covered and told Victor it was a reporter wanting to know about Nick and Avery’s cancelled wedding. Later, Victor told Victoria that he’s proud of all the work she has done to help him in their latest deal. Victoria questioned Victor about Jack losing money as Adam’s silent investor.

THIS WEEK: Chloe shares that things are changing for her and Kevin and they are going on a date together. Sharon breaks down and admits that she’s been struggling and hasn’t been taking her meds.

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