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RECAPS – OCT. 14 - 18



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope heard the words from Wyatt that she always wanted to hear from Liam: that there will never be another girl in his life but her. Brooke advised Liam to take a step back from his relationship to allow Hope time to decide who she wants to be with. While Wyatt and Liam made their pleas about which one of them is better suited for her, Hope made a major decision about where she stands with both of the Spencer brothers. Bill surprised Brooke with a gift and an offer for her to accompany him in achieving a lifelong goal. An uncomfortable run-in with Rick and Caroline cut Maya and Carter’s wedding planning lunch date short. During the setup of the first showing of the HFTF diamond, Wyatt learned that Quinn’s the one who sent the video to Hope. Maya confessed regret for not fighting harder for Rick when Dayzee confronted her on her lingering feelings for him while being engaged to marry Carter. Word of Hope and Liam’s broken engagement got out when she arrived at the event sans her ring. Desperate to find Rick, Maya arrived at the HFTF event ready to express her undying love for him. Maya was well aware that her future with Carter’s at stake if she revealed the truth about where her true feelings lay but was willing to risk it for Rick. Meanwhile, Rick whisked Caroline off to a surprise destination. Knowing that Hope was still hurting over her breakup with Liam, Wyatt offered his love and support. Maya’s heart was broken when she learned from Hope and Wyatt the reason why Rick was not at the HFTF event. Not believing what she’s been told, Maya set out to get the truth straight from Rick. As Hope and Wyatt basked in the success of the event, Liam arrived just in time to witness the closeness between the two.

THIS WEEK: After accusing Wyatt of being the cause of the broken engagement, Liam asks Hope for another chance. Bill tells Katie that she is on her own running Spencer Publications into the ground.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — After having shot Chad, Marge turned her gun on EJ. Chad was rushed into surgery – and his lie about having a brain tumor might have fatal consequences. Sami pointed out to Stefano that if Chad died, it will be on his hands. Daniel and Eric decided to see what’s on the flash drive Parker found in the park. Chad’s family and friends kept vigil at the hospital while Daniel did his best to save his life. While praying for his son to make it through surgery, Stefano made a solemn promise to God. Sami was affected when Roman strongly warned her about marrying into the Di- Mera family. Nicole told Brady a shocking secret about Kristen! Eric contacted someone who may be able to shed light on what really happened the night at the capital hotel. Jennifer and Abigail had an unsettling encounter with a scheming Theresa. JJ finally felt the enormity of his plight as he stood before the judge. Eric came to a horrifying realization about what happened to him. Nicole’s plan backfired, and Brady declared their friendship’s over! Kristen and Marlena faced off when Kristen gleefully revealed Eric has agreed to marry her and Brady. The judge delivered his decision to an anxious JJ, Abigail and Jennifer. EJ was stunned when Sami made an unexpected decision about their wedding. Jennifer feared she’s lost JJ for good. Later, she unleashed all her anger at Theresa and attacked her! Sami and EJ had a serious conversation about their relationship and their future. Realizing Rafe and Jordan were growing closer, Kate decided to check into Jordan’s past.

THIS WEEK: Daniel does his best to save Chad’s life. Kristen and Marlena face off.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A frantic Patrick confided in Sabrina that he heard Robin’s voice. Sabrina was sympathetic but convinced him that it was just his mind playing tricks. Franco warned Derek to stay away from Carly. Silas asked Sam for a do-over of their aborted evening. Kiki and Michael, after having sex, realized that they have to reenter real life and find jobs. Silas told Kiki some shocking information. Morgan learned more about Ava and her past. Sonny started putting things together. Franco tried to tell Carly he was on his “date” with Diane just to make her jealous but Carly didn’t believe him and stormed out and agreed to go on a lunch date with Derek Wells. Morgan made some drastic decisions. Sam caught Alexis telling a lab tech that she (Sam) approved a test. Sonny related his suspicions to Duke about Julian Jerome. Duke assured Sonny that it’s impossible: Julian was killed in a shootout with Jonathan Paget, and Robert Scorpio himself identified his body. Britt worked herself up by watching the ominous video warning from her mother. Robin’s world was rocked with an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Patrick wasn’t able to shake his suspicions about Robin possibly being alive. Robin continued her search for a cure. Jerry stunned Robin with the news that his guinea pig was none other than Luke. Robin told Jerry he still had a slim chance of survival, and it meant finding Luke from whose system a cure can be extracted – but only by her. Patrick told Elizabeth about the strange call and confessed that he can’t let it go.

THIS WEEK: Patrick declares his love for Sabrina. Diane seeks a court order re custody of the baby.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kevin, Chloe, and Billy got Delia and her new dog, Dash, ready for her big performance as the Wicked Witch in the school play. Meanwhile, Victoria was forced to stay back home with Johnny when their babysitter got sick. After the play, Kevin and Chloe congratulated Delia on her amazing performance. When Chloe gave Delia a ring as a present, Delia promised not to lose it. Kevin and Chloe headed out to see a movie together while Billy took Delia out for ice cream. Dylan bumped into Nikki at the coffeehouse and sensed that something’s troubling her. Nikki admitted that she’s been stressed and Dylan questioned if it’s because of him. When Nikki questioned why Dylan thinks that, he admitted that the Newman family probably holds him responsible for what happened between Nick and Avery. Chelsea was elated when Adam told her that he doesn’t intend to try to take Connor away from her. Chelsea hugged Adam but quickly pulled herself away and tried to play it off. As they prepared to head to the hospital for Connor’s appointment, Victor arrived with papers that Adam needed to sign. Chelsea told him they didn’t have time, and he will not go near her son after the way he has treated Adam. Chelsea went off on Victor and told him to forget he has a grandson. Victor advised Adam to go for full custody. Adam told Chelsea to head to the doctor while he finished his discussion with Victor. Later, the doctor informed Chelsea and Adam that the only option for Connor is a corneal transplant, but it has to happen before he’s six weeks old. Victor asked Victoria to head the merger of Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises.

THIS WEEK: Sharon tells Cassie that she wasn’t manipulating Nick and wants to get back to normal. Jack tells Adam that now is the time to strike against Victor.

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