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RECAPS – OCT. 21 - 25



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya’s heart was broken when she learned that she got to Rick too late; he’s now engaged to Caroline. Bill was itching to get out in public with their engagement, but Brooke felt it’s best to avoid any possibilities of ending up on the front page of the gossip magazines. Hope refused to take back her engagement ring from Liam until she was certain that he could fully commit to her. Tensions rose between the Spencer brothers when Liam issued another warning for Wyatt to stay away from Hope. Hope warned Brooke of what their relationship will be like if Bill continued to stay in the picture. Brooke began to question a future with Bill when Hope reminded her of the effect that it would have on Katie. An apology from Bill got Katie to push her resentment towards him temporarily aside for the sake of Will. Brooke’s conversation with Hope intensified her guilt about being engaged to her sister’s husband. Bill attempted to quell Brooke’s guilt with his justifications for their relationship. Knowing that Oliver had firsthand experience in the Hope heartbreak department, Liam divulged his recent woes to him over a few drinks. Now that Hope’s back on the market, Wyatt used any opportunity alone with her to his advantage. Liam was determined to prove that Wyatt was the person who anonymously sent Hope the Steffy tribute video. Using his prior computer expertise, Liam discovered that his initial assumption was incorrect. Hope and Wyatt went to great lengths to secure sales of HFTF in the international markets. Bill became angered by the sudden time restrictions that Katie had placed upon his visitations with Will. Quinn bit back at Liam when he confronted her about sending Hope the video on behalf of Wyatt. Bill and Katie argued over the conditions in which she would allow Bill to spend time with their child.

THIS WEEK: Brooke fears that her recent actions have caused the Logan family to deteriorate. Hope and Wyatt enjoy each other’s company as they entertain international buyers at the Bikini Bar.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer gave JJ a stunning ultimatum. Meanwhile, Daniel paid Theresa a surprise visit. Jordan ripped into Kate for trying to investigate her past. Will received an amazing opportunity related to his writing – but it’s all the way in California. Sonny and Gabi urged him to take it. Nick realized just how interested Gabi is in Cameron. Eric learned an earth-shattering secret when he overheard an argument between Brady and Nicole! He later made a shocking accusation against Nicole. Kristen got the final test results from her fertility specialist. JJ flaunted his drugs in front of his mother. At the end of her rope, Jennifer made a painful decision about her son that could change his life forever. Theresa made a play for Daniel. Despite Abigail’s objections, a desperate Jennifer told Hope that she wants JJ arrested for drug possession. JJ got in over his head with Theresa. Stefano offered to help Daniel make his problems disappear. Nicole was devastated by Eric’s horrible accusation. Kristen was furious after Brady revealed what Nicole has been saying about her. High on drugs, Theresa and JJ started to make love, but something went terribly wrong, and by the end of the night, someone’s life was in danger! Jennifer feared she’s lost both Daniel and her son. Kayla had surprising news about Chad’s recovery. Lucas laid down the law with Sami – he would not allow Allie to continue living in the DiMera mansion! When Theresa overdosed on drugs, a panicked JJ turned to someone unexpected for help. Jennifer was blown away when rumors about Daniel appeared to be confirmed. Chad finally came clean with Abigail!

THIS WEEK: Sami and EJ’s happiness is in jeopardy after Lucas’ ultimatum. Will shares his exciting news with Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Robin had an emotional reunion. Anna and Robert continued their search for Robin. Sabrina still had doubts that Patrick’s able to move on from Robin. The custody battle for Baby Connie got more intense with both sides taking drastic next steps. A tense standoff occurred on Cassadine Island – Anna and Robert found themselves locked in the Cassadine Island lab. They feared that Robin may have been alive – but was now in mortal danger or already dead. Mac visited Maxie at work and told her that Robert’s with Anna and that he came home because of what’s going on with her and her baby. She told him about her plans to get Connie away from Dante and Lulu, and Mac tried to prepare her for how difficult it will be. When Heather dropped off her paintings to Franco, she overheard Franco taking credit for her work. Franco, however, covered and assured her that she misunderstood, so she took him at his word and left. Lucy assisted Scott’s campaign for DA. Diane assured Michael that Scott’s reelection could mean good things for AJ’s trial. Kiki signed her annulment papers. Sam wondered if Julian was Ava’s brother that Kiki and Silas mentioned. Alexis asked Lucy if she knew of any of Victor’s mistresses. Morgan suspected that Ava and Derek are sleeping together. Sonny’s world was attacked, affecting his legit and illegitimate businesses. Derek made it clear to Ava that he’s going to have Morgan taken out. Diane confronted Franco about his paintings and who really painted them. Sam told Silas that they should head to NYC together to look into Sam’s past. Scott’s stunned to see Heather. Morgan witnessed further evidence of the special relationship he perceived Sonny shares with Michael.

THIS WEEK: Sabrina leaves the door open with Carlos? It’s the anniversary of Robin & Patrick’s wedding.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Dylan showed Avery the legal document he received saying his parental rights to Connor have been revoked. While Kevin worked diligently to find the person that hit Delia, Alex urged him to take a break and just spend time with Chloe. Later, a witness told Alex that she saw a black SUV at the time of the accident. Alex told one of the officers to notify all the body shops that they’re looking for a black SUV. After Alex ran the license plate of a SUV he found on a security camera, he went to tell Paul that he made an important discovery in the case. Nikki came to see Paul at the police station and wanted to know if he’s close to finding the driver who hit Delia. Paul assured her that they’re working nonstop. When Chloe returned to the Chancellor mansion, she was forced to tell a heartbroken Esther about what happened to Delia. Meanwhile, Adam ran into Billy and offered his condolences. Billy said that prison’s too good for whoever killed his little girl. Adam got a call from an organ dealer who said that he’ll be able to help Connor. When Chelsea worried if they should go through with it, Adam assured her that the doctor’s an excellent surgeon, and their son’s sight will be saved. Later, the doctor informed Adam and Chelsea that the corneas they bought aren’t viable. Nikki reached out to Avery and hired her to help her update her will. Avery was floored when Nikki revealed that she needs to add her son to her will. Alex told Sheryl that they narrowed down the brand of tires from the marks on the road at the accident site. He also told her about the piece of glass he found that could be from the accident. Chloe started going through the evidence from the police and pulled out Delia’s costume and wondered why her scarf is missing. Christine and Paul discussed the madness surrounding Michael being in prison for killing Carmine. Christine admitted that all she can do is try to get Michael the lightest sentence possible. Lauren and Michael arrived for the hearing as Paul and Christine came by to support their friends. Michael testified how Carmine harassed his family, and the judge admitted that he sympathized with Michael. After considering the evidence, the judge issued his ruling in the case.

THIS WEEK: Jack reaches out to Jill to try and figure out a way that they can help Billy. Devon takes action and decides to offer a reward.

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