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RECAPS – NOV. 11 – 15



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Still respecting Hope’s reasoning for not wanting to get married, Liam makes another attempt to change her mind. Katie is unsure about what to think when Bill explains to her about the epiphany that he had during his horrifying brush with death. Skeptical to Bill’s claim and request, Katie calls Brooke over to verify the story. Bill anxiously awaits Katie’s response to his desire to come home. Donna consoles Brooke as she mourns the loss of her relationships with Bill and Katie. Despite the pain that she is in, Brooke is happy that Katie’s family has been reunited. After much conversation, Hope and Liam come to an understanding about where they stand in each others’ lives. Katie makes a grand gesture to prove that she forgives Bill and wants to put their past behind them. Brooke becomes retrospective and is ashamed of how her life has been such a negative example to her children. Wyatt and Hope flirt as they talk about all that has transpired following the attempted Hope for the Future Diamond heist. When Wyatt and Ricardo discuss the jewelry heist and how they were close to losing the diamond, Liam becomes suspicious about the events that actually occurred. Wyatt and Liam set their differences aside for a moment to reflect on almost losing their father in a climbing accident. They throw down the gauntlet on their competition of Hope. Hope and Caroline acknowledge how close they have become as friends. Brooke makes the ultimate act of loyalty to Katie as Bill anticipates a brighter future ahead. In an attempt to win Hope back, Liam invites her to see the changes that he has made to the home that he plans to share with her.

THIS WEEK: Liam calls Hope out on punishing him for all of the back and forth he did between her and Steffy throughout the years. Bill apologizes profusely to Katie and asks if they can move forward in their marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen desperately tries to convince Brady that she is innocent. Eric unleashes his anger at a remorseful Marlena. Later, Eric and Brady come to blows! Maggie confronts Victor over the cruel way he used an unwitting Marlena. Gabi is ecstatic when she receives a modeling contract – but learns there is a major drawback. Jordan gets a mysterious call. Kristen holds Marlena at gunpoint! Nicole is stunned when she finally learns the truth about what happened to Eric. Rory tries to tempt JJ into returning to drugs. Gabi shares her exciting news with Nick. Eric confronts Kristen. Later, Nicole and Kristen have a major showdown – which ends with both their lives hanging in the balance. Brady has a surprising response to everything Victor has done. Maggie seeks comfort from Daniel over her shaky marriage. EJ worries Sami will find out he knew about Kristen’s plot and said nothing. As Rafe and Jordan bond further, she continues to keep mum about her mysterious calls. Sami explodes when she finds an incriminating text on EJ’s phone. Victor makes a surprising offer to Nicole. Eric learns his job is on the line. Will surprises Sonny and Gabi when he returns home early from his seminar. Sonny accidentally stumbles upon Gabi’s secret. Eric apologizes to Nicole – but she angrily rips into him. Brady’s hopes are dashed. Sami kicks EJ out of her bed! Will and Sonny learn about Gabi’s job offer – but she doesn’t tell them a key piece of information.

THIS WEEK: Eric and Brady duke it out. Victor makes a surprising offer to Nicole

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Silas and Sam marvel over the major revelation from the gallery event. They have a romantic moment and enter as Derek makes his big announcement. Sonny confronts Morgan about the bugged clock. Morgan tears out from the art gallery followed by Michael. Sonny’s announcement leads to a major declaration from someone else. Michael finds Morgan by the docks and laces into him. Morgan gives back leading to a brutal physical fight. Carly tries to get Franco to understand that what she feels for him is not pity. Will the intimate talk lead to a kiss? Derek tells everyone Sonny wants to kill him. Morgan’s punch sends Michael spiraling into great danger. Carly is passing by the docks when she comes across Michael in peril. Sonny is devastated Morgan has crossed over family lines to join Julian and Ava. Sonny breaks down into Olivia’s arms resulting. Will their closeness help to rekindle the passion they once had? Sam is still reeling from the events at the gallery and runs home with Silas to check on Danny’s safety. Olivia tries to let Sonny off easy. Luke and Tracy plan to go to the hospital to check on his medical status when Lulu and Dante arrive with the baby. They hear the whole story about Maxie and Damian being parents. They agree to take the baby with them to get Luke’s blood drawn. Ellie is there at EOD and takes his blood.Patrick and Sabrina tell Emma that they’re getting married next week. Robert and Anna enact a plan to escape Jerry’s clutches. Britt consoles Nikolas.

THIS WEEK: The judge is ready to make a ruling in the custody hearing. Luke learns that Robert, Anna and Duke have all disappeared.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby questions who has been calling Tyler. When Tyler reveals that his ex has been reaching out to him, Abby jumps to conclusions and worries that Tyler may not be as invested in their relationship as she thought. Later, Tyler tells Abby that she is the only woman for him. When Chelsea asks Adam if he has found anything out about Delia’s hit and run, Adam says that they need to wait for a solid lead. Meanwhile, Kevin grows frustrated with how slow the progress in the case is going. Alex assures Kevin that they are doing everything they can and they will catch the driver who ran down Delia. Alex bumps into Adam at the GCAC and they have a heated discussion about the accident. Jack and Jill tell Devon how they want to get Chancellor back from Victor and that if Devon took the job Victor offered him, he could help. Devon tells them he doesn’t want to be a spy and he doesn’t want to work with Hilary. When Victor asks Nikki why she has taken on doing an event for Veteran’s Day, Nikki tells him that they have taken the military for granted and she wants to help, especially after meeting Stitch and knowing that he was able to finish medical school because of the Army. Friends and family gather at The Underground as several veteran’s arrive for the celebration. Victor and Nick are troubled by Dylan’s arrival with Avery. Victoria tells Victor that Dylan has been a good friend to Billy and she doesn’t blame him for Nick and Avery not getting married. Nick tells Avery that no matter what happened between them, Dylan deserves to be at the event.

THIS WEEK: Victor accuses Sharon of using Faith to get Nick back and tells her that she has no business being a parent. Adam interrupts and challenges Victor’s history as a parent.

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