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RECAPS – NOV. 18 – 22



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Katie revel in their shared success. Liam attempts to get Hope’s mind off of Wyatt and on to romance by setting up a picnic at the cliff house. He is less than thrilled when Wyatt arrives unannounced and becomes even more frustrated when Wyatt settles in and makes himself comfortable. The two brothers have a humorous competition for Hope’s affection. Realizing it is about to get out of control, Liam demands that Wyatt leave. Bill’s attempts of obtaining forgiveness seem futile. Bill refuses to give up on the relationship that he holds true to his heart. Hope realizes it is up to her to squash the rivalry between Liam and Wyatt. Aly returns home and reunites with her father and grandfather. Thorne remembers happy times with Darla and Sally Spectra. Eric summons Hope back to the office and then offers Aly a job with Forrester Creations. While Hope is at the office, Liam and Bill discuss their respective love lives at the cliff house. Aly thanks her cousin for mentoring her and asks her point blank about her relationship with both Wyatt and Liam. Brooke and Katie continue to attempt to repair their relationship. Hope makes a straightforward request of Wyatt regarding Liam. Wyatt and Hope have a “steamy” encounter at Forrester Creations. Hope attempts to deny the tension between she and Wyatt in the steam room. Later, Liam shares the news with Hope that Bill has agreed to support their relationship. Thorne and Aly spend time bonding as father and daughter in Thorne’s Forrester Creations office. Wyatt stands up to his father when Bill tells him to back off and allow Liam a chance with Hope.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt interrupts Hope and Liam. Thorne and Eric deliver bad news and then good news to Aly.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Shane and Kimberly pay a surprise visit to Theresa – who is horrified when they tell her why they’re in Salem. EJ has an intriguing offer for Justin. Later, Sami is impressed with EJ’s support for Will… but will it be enough for her to forgive him? Gabi seeks legal advice from Justin. Shane and Kimberly leave Theresa’s fate in Jennifer’s hands. Nick panics when he learns Gabi is leaning towards turning down the modeling job in New York. Sonny receives upsetting news. Kate confronts Jordan about her mysterious past. A devastated Eric is suspended and forced to remove his collar. Gabi has a huge blowup with Will and Sonny when they confront her about moving to New York. Kimberly and Theresa have an emotional discussion about their relationship. EJ delivers a message to Abigail from Chad.Daniel and Nicole kiss! Sami is furious when she hears of Gabi’s plans. Marlena takes Victor to task for destroying Eric – and using her to do it. Maggie tells Victor their marriage might be over. Abigail rips into EJ. Kate figures out Nick’s plan and teams up with Sami to stop him.

THIS WEEK: Shane and Kimberly pay a surprise visit to Theresa. Daniel and Nicole kiss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carlos crosses paths with Robin and recognizes her from somewhere. How long before he realizes her true identity? Anna and Robert break out of the sealed room and overpower Jerry. Faison detains Obrecht after Duke convinced her to flip. Luke is given the all-clear by Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick informs Luke of Robert and Anna’s disappearance and that Duke was last seen looking for them at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Britt share an emotional kiss. Before they can determine if they are taking their relationship to the next level, Faison interrupts them. Robin returns just as Luke arrives looking for answers. Carlos shares his discovery with Sabrina. Diane forces Dante to admit that Lulu perjured herself. Spinelli insists on testifying. The judge makes a ruling in the custody case. Nikolas and Britt hide Robin when Luke shows up at Wyndemere with urgent news. He tells Nikolas that Jerry Jacks is on Cassadine Island with the doctor who saved Luke’s life, and that Anna and Robert are missing. When Luke announces that he’ll go without Nikolas. Someone emerges from the shadows to give Luke quite a shock. Carlos tries to get through to Sabrina with a warning that her wedding to Patrick will come to naught. Brad almost unwittingly gives away that there was a strange woman working in the lab. Brad and Felix have a bonding moment which Patrick witnesses. Felix asks Patrick if he really loves Sabrina with his whole heart, or if he’s still in love with Robin. AJ’s trial begins. Michael, Kiki and Monica are there for him, but Elizabeth isn’t. When she shows up, he’s thrilled but his hopes soon be dashed? Sonny testifies first, recounting AJ’s assault of Connie along with the night he found Connie and she died in his. Everyone’s confused when Scott calls Olivia to the stand.

THIS WEEK: Someone advises Patrick to call of the wedding. As rumors about Robin start to circulate, will anyone believe that they are true?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Neil comes home to find Leslie having set up a romantic night for the two of them. They discuss being able to move on now that Hilary has forgiven him. Meanwhile, Hilary goes to the Abbott mansion to have Jack sign some documents.

Jack introduces Hilary to Kyle who is impressed with her resume. Victor is taken aback when Kyle asks him for a job. Nick tells Sharon that Dylan showed up with Avery to the Veteran’s Day event. When Sharon tells Nick about Victor accusing her of locking them in the freezer together and that Adam came to her defense, Nick tells her not to let Adam back into her life. Avery tells Leslie that Dylan kissed her. While Leslie is happy for her friend, Avery worries that it could lead to disaster since she is keeping the secret about Nikki being Dylan’s mother. Meanwhile, Dylan bumps into Chelsea and Connor in the park. Chelsea tells Dylan that she has decided to continue living with Adam. When Chelsea goes home with Connor and asks Adam if he has heard anything about the hit and run, Adam explodes and says that asking about it every five seconds doesn’t help. Later, Adam apologizes and tells Chelsea that he just wishes he had answers. Billy and Victoria go to a meeting for a bereavement group and meet a woman named Kelly whose son died in an accident. Kelly admits that she and her husband split up after their son died. Nikki tells Paul that she is ready for Dylan to know she is his mother, but first she needs to tell the rest of her family.

THIS WEEK: Abby encourages Jack to ask Summer to spend Thanksgiving with the Abbott’s. Roxy admits that Devon has been spoiling her lately.

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