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RECAPS – NOV. 25 – 29

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke goes to Katie with her heart in her hands and a request that Bill never get between their relationship ever again. Hope comes up with an idea to include an additional celebration to the Thanksgiving festivities which extends the guest list to a few unfavorable attendants. Wyatt is taken aback when Bill asks him for a considerable favor. Unwilling to give up his pursuit of Brooke, Bill makes his best attempt to convince her to come back to him. Knowing that there are a lot of clashing personalities that will be in attendance at Thanksgiving, Eric instructs everyone to be on their best behavior. Anxiety grows amongst the invited guests about what drama may arise. Wyatt and Quinn reminisce about their past and how so much has recently changed in their little family. Guests arrive at the Forrester Mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving and the engagement of Rick and Caroline. At the request of Hope, everyone sets their negative issues aside for the day to give thanks for the positive aspects in their lives. Sparks fly between Pam and Charlie as they experiment with each other’s secret kitchen tricks. Rick presents Caroline with a romantic idea. In a classsic episode from the past, as Hope and Liam’s ceremony begins, Steffy reminisces about her Aspen mountaintop wedding to Liam. Stephanie calls to check in with Steffy to make sure she is coping with Liam marrying Hope.

THIS WEEK: Caroline and Rick talk turkey. Pam and Charlie try to resist temptation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami and Kate vow to stop Gabi and Nick from moving to New York. Gabi is mortified when she learns the truth about Nick’s machinations! Sonny and Will have a huge argument over the Gabi situation, and Sonny storms out. Daniel and Jennifer have an awkward encounter at a Thanksgiving party. JJ decides he needs to somehow make things right. Nicole is stunned when she learns her first assignment as a TV reporter is to interview Eric. Caroline confronts Victor over the way he exposed her grandson. Brady and EJ argue about Kristen. Later, Brady gets a mysterious tip regarding Kristen’s whereabouts. Kate, Sami and Gabi receive a horrifying shock.

Sami and Kate struggle to keep things from spiraling even more out of control.Conflicted Gabi considers telling Sonny and Will about her explosive secret. Hope comes to EJ with a search warrant. Eric realizes EJ knew more than he let on about Kristen. Brady searches for Kristen.

THIS WEEK: Brady becomes frustrated in his quest. Sami and Katie are losing their battle.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — It’s the day of Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding. Ava tells Patrick that Carlos thinks Robin is alive. Britt goes to the lab to get Luke’s percolated blood for the cure, but she runs into Brad. Sabrina’s cousin Juan appears with a wedding gift surprise for Sabrina. Obrecht believes shooting Duke will punish Anna. Robin shows a shocked Anna the invitation she purloined from the lab. She insists that Robin must go to Patrick before the wedding. Robin refuses to leave until she knows that Nikolas is all right. Anna and Robert go to question Faison but when they return, Robin’s hopes plummet as she discovers Faison and Luke are gone and there’s no sign of Nikolas. Patrick’s curiosity gets the best of him when Ava tells him Carlos saw Robin alive. Mac and Felicia try to coax a depressed Maxie into attending Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding. Felix and Emma help Sabrina prepare for the wedding while Patrick receives guests. Anna and Scorpio fi- nally track down Faison and must devise a rescue plan for Luke and Nikolas. Bobbie calls on Luke at Metro Court and is taken aback by what she finds. Maxie tries to see her daughter but Spinelli puts up a roadblock. As Sabrina and Patrick’s wedding begins, will everything go as planned or will there be an unexpected guest? In a classic epidode from the past, it is Halloween in Port Charles. Wyndemere is the scene for a few surprises and an act of rebellion. Robin chafes under Obrecht’s close watch. Nikolas and Britt have a close moment. All is interrupted when an unexpected party of trick-or-treaters arrives on the island. But they’re in for a surprise of their own. Elsewhere, Elizabeth takes her boys trick-or-treating at the Drake house. Duke arrives to question Patrick about Anna’s whereabouts. Back at Wyndemere, Liz comes by with the kids, who invite Spencer to come to the hospital party. Robin makes plans after overhearing news about Patrick and Emma.

THIS WEEK: Emma spots an uninvited guest at Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding. A joyous reunion will surely hold shocking consequences for Patrick and Sabrina.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mason flirts with the barista at Crimson Lights while he slyly uses Devon’s credit card. Later, Devon bumps into Mason and questions if he’s been following him. When Mason plays it cool, Devon offers to buy Mason a drink and tells him they should get something stronger than coffee.

Victor’s P.I. tells him that he should have a list of cars that match the license plate soon. Later, Victoria asks Adam if he has found anything out from his contacts about Delia’s hit and run. Adam tells her that he hasn’t and that he wishes people would stop hounding him. Sharon apologizes to Dylan for the misunderstanding about Faith’s dollhouse and because Nick lashed out at him. Later, Dylan makes plans for him and Avery to have dinner at the club, while Nick tells Sharon that Nikki has planned a family dinner at the club. Nick and Dylan both remain unaware that their dinner planers are on a collision course. When Nick questions Nikki about the dinner and ask if she’s feeling alright, Nikki assures him that she is fine. The Newman family gathers at the club for dinner as Nikki prepares to tell her family her news about Dylan. Tensions rise as the truth is revealed and Dylan and the Newman’s demand answers from Nikki!

Michael worries when a guard refers to Fen as Mouse. Paul visits Michael in prison with good news. When Michael hopes that Paul is having Fen moved to a safer part of the prison, Paul says that Fen isn’t being moved, but there is a good chance they can get a reversal on Michael’s conviction. Michael is worried that if he gets out then Fen won’t be protected. Billy apologizes for shutting Victoria out and says that he is planning to go back to the support group. Later, Billy and Kelly run into each other outside the support group meeting, and they bond over their losses. Noah admits to Sharon that he is upset that Victor hired Kyle. Sharon encourages him not to be upset and that if he believes in himself, Victor will too. Chelsea tells Adam that she is starting to see in him the man that she remembers he can be. Christine gives Michael the news that the judge agreed to reopen the case.

THIS WEEK: Adam warns her not to put him on a pedestal. Noah prepares a romantic evening for Courtney at The Underground.

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