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RECAPS – DEC. 2 – 6



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Everyone in attendance of the Thanksgiving festivities was shocked when Rick and Caroline made a big announcement. The news of Rick and Caroline’s impromptu nuptials brought up memories of Hope and Liam’s failed attempts at marriage. Pam and Charlie shared their first kiss over the ingredients of a wedding cake. Caroline and Rick celebrated their wedding night as most newlyweds do: between the sheets. In front of Hope and Aly, Liam expressed his concern about Wyatt’s recent actions. In return, Wyatt assured Liam that he will not be backing down on his pursuit of Hope. When Wyatt crashed a HFTF photo shoot, witnesses couldn’t help but notice the palpable chemistry between him and Hope. Liam confided in Katie his fear that he’s losing Hope to Wyatt. Aly took it upon herself to let Liam know what Wyatt and Hope were up to. Katie gave Liam advice on how to ensure that Hope will chose. Bill implored Brooke about what he needs to do to win her back. Katie told Hope how Liam felt like he’s being pushed out of her life by Wyatt. Having been stood up by a friend for a day of tennis, Liam accepted Aly’s challenge for a friendly match. Liam soon learned that’s he less than a worthy opponent for Aly on the court. Wyatt assured a worried Quinn that their future at Forrester Creations is very much secure. He decided to make a grand gesture to show Hope how he really feels about her. Aly hit a nerve with Liam when she voiced her opinion about Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. Unhappy with Hope’s recent behavior, Aly’s admiration for her cousin began to falter. Following her conversation with Katie, Hope felt torn between her love for Liam and her attraction to Wyatt.

THIS WEEK: Liam issues Hope an ultimatum about their potential future together. Quinn’s jealous side comes out when she witnesses a tender moment between Eric and Donna.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami panicked when she realized she might have left incriminating evidence at the scene of the crime. Daniel’s concerned when Theresa decided to speak up at his disciplinary meeting. Kate got an unpleasant surprise courtesy of Nick. Rafe and Jordan shared their first kiss! Brady had an emotional meltdown when he received an unexpected video from Kristen. Nicole made a difficult decision about Eric. Meanwhile, Eric was attacked! EJ set out to uncover what Sami’s keeping from him. Gabi continued to unravel and sought help from Rafe. Brady had a relapse and tried to hide his drug use from Nicole. Victor tried to get Maggie to move back home. Daniel came up with a way for Eric to clear his name. Kate tried to stop Gabi from revealing a major secret. The mystery surrounding Jordan deepened. A furious Sami confronted Nicole when she learned she’s doing a story on Eric. Brady ran into Maggie while high. Jennifer questioned Theresa about the night she OD’d. JJ got discouraging news about his upcoming hearing.

THIS WEEK: Eric is attacked. Brady has a relapse.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jerry held Bobbie hostage at the Metro Court. He’ll release her if Luke handed over the cure. After all that has happened, Britt and Nikolas shared a moment of calm and their emotional bonds deepen greatly. Sonny wanted to deliver a violent message to Julian. Anna considered informing Duke of Derek Wells’ true identity. Duke received a surprising call but was wary of who the caller claimed to be. Sonny made Duke an offer he couldn’t refuse. Julian and Carlos bonded over being iced out by Sam and Sabrina respectively. Silas and Sam crossed with them. Sam made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t want a relationship with her father. Carly and Bobbie recovered from the tense situation with Luke and Jerry. Sabrina heard from Felix, who told her that Patrick’s anxious to see her. Mac sought out Maxie at her apartment, but found just Ellie. Maxie was at the end of her rope and was too swallowed up in her grief to sense she had a guardian angel watching after her. Sonny ordered Shawn to look into Carlos’s background. Robin found a desperate Maxie at Georgie’s gravesite, giving her a jolt of reality. Maxie’s shock quickly turned to joy as she realized Robin’s indeed alive. Robin bucked up Maxie about the baby situation, and Maxie bucked up Robin about Patrick/Sabrina.

THIS WEEK: Heather finds Carly in the shower. Sonny and Shawn appear at Carlo’s door. The jury is adjourned.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Noah’s involvement at Newman-Chancellor began to trouble Sharon. Meanwhile, Noah and Kyle pitched ideas to Victor about growing the youth demographics for Newman-Chancellor. Later, Jill and Jack questioned Kyle’s involvement with Victor. When Dylan asked who his father was, Nikki explained that he wasn’t a good man and that Dylan’s nothing like him. Dylan blasted Nikki and told her that he isn’t looking for another family; especially not one like the Newman’s. Victoria ran into Dylan and tried to tell him that she’s glad to welcome him into the family. Later, Victoria told Billy about Dylan and suggested that he might be able to help him understand what it’s like to deal with the Newman’s. After Ashley sprained her ankle during Thanksgiving, Abby took her to the hospital to get it checked. Abby was delighted to find that Stitch was the doctor on call and tried to play matchmaker for her mother. Later, Abby opened up about her relationship with Tyler and how she’s worried about his ex, Mariah. Ashley encouraged Abby to trust her instincts. Nick told Summer about Dylan being a new part of their family. Nick was struck by Summer’s point of view on the awkward situation given her recent discovery about her paternity. Sharon overheard their conversation and pondered the secret she’s keeping from them. Later, Sharon bumped into Dylan and offered to listen if he wanted to talk. Lauren and Michael worried that even though Fen’s drug sentence was almost up, Paul could still figure out that he killed Carmine. Michael plotted to find out exactly what Paul knew. Meanwhile, some prisoners tried and went after Fen but Womack stepped up and told them to leave Fen alone. Chelsea and Adam began to reconnect, and she told him that she wasn’t in a hurry to move out. Chelsea maintained that the stability was good for Connor as long as Adam and she established ground rules and boundaries with each other.

THIS WEEK: Alex goes to look at Billy’s computer and finds that he has been watching a video of Delia. Tyler has an important discussion with Lily about their past.

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