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RECAPS – DEC. 9 – 13



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Torn by the ultimatum that Liam is giving her, Hope must decide whether he is more important to her that Wyatt. Quinn presents Eric with a token of appreciation for allowing her and Wyatt to be a part of the Forrester Creations team. Wyatt prepares a special evening for him and Hope to celebrate the success of HFTF unaware of what is in store for him. Wyatt makes a last ditch effort to save the relationship he has with Hope and begs her not to abide by Liam’s demands. He presents a convincing argument that makes Hope think twice about agreeing to Liam’s ultimatum. Bill continues to prove to Brooke that he will not give up on their relationship. Liam tells Bill of the plans that he has to marry Hope before the holidays. Quinn is blindsided when Wyatt tells her that they are no longer employed at Forrester Creations. Hope tells Liam how she is still unsure about her decision to sever all ties with Wyatt. When Quinn turns to Eric about their companies’ partnership, he agrees to discuss the matter with Hope. Desperate to save Quinn Artisan, Wyatt makes a humble plea to Liam to refocus his vendetta away from the company. Liam is hesitant to trust the promises that Wyatt has made in exchange for Quinn Artesian being spared. Hope realizes that being around Wyatt is too much of a temptation for her to stray from her relationship with Liam. Steffy makes a surprise appearance at Forrester Creations to visit Eric. After meeting Steffy, Quinn comes up with a plan that requires an impromptu trip to Paris. En route to Paris, Quinn proposes an idea to Steffy that would break up Liam and Hope for good.

THIS WEEK: A member of the Forrester family returns to the home that he left over a year ago. Bill reluctantly gives Liam his fatherly approval regarding the ultimatum that was given to Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ comes clean with Jennifer. Theresa has a surprising reaction to JJ’s confession. Sami, Kate and Gabi fear someone has uncovered their secret. Will and Sonny grow concerned over Gabi’s strange behavior. JJ is stunned by Theresa’s revelation. Daniel and Jennifer have an emotionally painful run-in. Will demands to know what Kate, Gabi and Sami are hiding. Meanwhile, Theo unwittingly gives incriminating evidence to Ciara. Abigail is surprised when she sees another side of EJ. Kate is gut-punched by Rafe’s words. Theresa blackmails JJ! EJ and Sami finally have it out over the state of their relationship. EJ warns Sami that if she doesn’t love him anymore, she should move out. Will tells Sonny he knows what Sami, Kate and Gabi are hiding. Kate warns Jordan she won’t allow her to hurt Rafe. Sonny eavesdrops on Sami, Kate and Gabi… and is shocked by what he hears! Brady runs into someone unexpected when he tries to buy more drugs. Eric endures a painful procedure to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Daniel realizes they need to find the expert who provided Kristen with the drug she used on Eric. Abigail is concerned when she spies JJ with his old friends. Sonny is horrified when it appears he’s about to be caught by Kate, Sami and Gabi. Meanwhile, Adrienne and Will bond.

THIS WEEK: Theresa blackmails JJ. Sonny eavesdrops on Sami, Kate and Gabi.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Diane delivers AJ an ultimatum and he makes an emotional statement to the court. During cross, Scott makes AJ look even guiltier. A smug Scott gives his closing argument and the jury is adjourned. When AJ is about to be returned to his cell, stunning news comes that the jury has already reached a verdict. The jury has made their decision so quickly … this can only mean one thing … or can it? Britt and Nikolas receive a package addressed to Faison’s pseudonym, PK Sinclair. Elizabeth arrives to return Spencer and Ben to their parents. Liz presses Nikolas about his intentions toward Britt. Will Nikolas remain committed to Britt? Robert has a clandestine meeting with Anna. Duke takes Robert to task for his role in facilitating Julian’s charade. Anna requires confirmation from Duke that he will keep clear of Julian, but Duke is privately undecided on the matter. Kevin is out looking for Lucy. Scott reminds a conflicted Lucy that she told him her marriage is over. Will Lucy finally tell Kevin the truth about her and Scott? Franco begs Kevin to see him as a patient. Kevin would rather use his time to spend more time with Lucy, but he relents and is shocked by Franco’s revelations. Carly realizes Lulu and Dante lost the baby. Lulu blames Dante for refusing to corroborate her lie during the hearing. Carly urges Lulu to take responsibility and not to blame Dante. An anguished Lulu breaks down about losing the baby. A supportive Sonny urges a grieving Dante to take action and do something to save himself, his marriage and Lulu. Robin and Maxie commiserate over their equally devastating blows lately and both try to life one another’s spirits up. Spinelli shows up and shares a happy reunion with Robin and has some news to share with Maxie regarding Ellie’s new job offer. Lucy tells Scott she needs to confess. Cab Lucy and Scott still be friends if she tells Kevin that they slept together?

THIS WEEK: A hopeful Robin meets Patrick. Sonny holds Carlos captive.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Noah confides in Abby and says that he doesn’t have a problem being challenged by Victor and that working with Kyle is the real issue. Abby demands that Kyle and Noah shake hands and agree to not continue Victor and Jack’s feud. When Adam asks Jack if he believes in redemption, Jack says that there isn’t much that isn’t forgivable, but someone like Victor doesn’t deserve to be happy. Later, Chelsea thanks Adam for standing up for her and appreciates that the complications Victor used to bring to their relationship don’t exist anymore. Later, Chelsea tells Adam that they’re in a good place now and she doesn’t want to mess anything up and that their main focus has to be on Connor. Avery and Nick have a tense discussion about Dylan being a part of the Newman family. Avery questions if Dylan and Nick would have a shot at treating each other like family if she wasn’t in the middle. Dylan opens up to Stitch about his biological father and how he was the leader of a cult. Cane figures out that Jill is still planning on going after Victor. Jill insists that she is only going after what is rightfully hers and what Katherine must have truly wanted for her all along. Later, Jill says that she intends to sell Katherine’s music box. Paul tells Christine about Nikki being Dylan’s mother and how he helped her track him down. Michael and Lauren try to celebrate their anniversary in the midst of worrying about Fen being in prison. Lauren gets another anonymous phone call. When Jack urges Devon to figure out what it is that he really wants to do, Devon admits that he doesn’t know what he wants.

THIS WEEK: Courtney opens up to Summer about Zach. Summer tells Dylan that she knows what he’s going through.

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